Supertest: TS-5

Today, a Premium Tier VIII US tank destroyer makes its debut in closed testing.

This is a well-protected machine designed for close quarters combat. And we mean it, it’s very, very well-protected—the frontal armor of the hull hits 260 millimeters! The weapon is fast-firing and hard-hitting—the DPM is more than 2800 hit points, with single-shot damage of 400 HP and basic shell penetration of 248 mm. As for the mobility, it’s the norm for a heavy machine with a max speed of 26 km/h.

The precision and speed of the shells do limit the effectiveness of the TS-5 over long distances, but it’s not terrible and, if needed, this American can get up close to deal with opponents. After all, this is a hard-shelled tank destroyer, which will feel right at home in defending a line of attack during the battle. It can also help bring out those “entrenched” enemies from their safe positions. Moreover, it can shake off shells from higher tiered opponents when played effectively, especially if you can hide the lower frontal plate, which is its biggest weak spot.

In summary, the TS-5 is a hard-shelled, but a slightly sluggish armored vehicle with a quick-firing, hard-hitting armament perfect for getting up close and brawling.

As always, depending on the test results, the characteristics may change. Follow the news and good luck in your battles!

51 thoughts on “Supertest: TS-5

  1. Honestly? The last thing WoT needs is more overruffed amour in the lower tiers if it doesn’t have viable weak spots for same tier STANDARD ammo.

    1. Let’s at least wait until we see the armor layout before we cry wolf. For all we know the cupola might be 50mm. Or the lower plate is not even 160 effective. On a TD as I’m sure you know the frontal armor listed is only the strongest part, even if it’s just around the gun. Don’t indicate that the rest inc the lower plate will be 260 actual armor. But like most US high tiers. The rear is paper. Even the French wheeled lights on tier 6 and up will be able to bully that rear with 75 HE pen.

          1. On the WG Facebook page they more or less have replied to 90% of the rage comments. And when it comes to the armor. The reply has been more or less the same. The lower plate will be the weakest part head on, not the cupola. If that means the cupola is 220mm and the lower plate 200mm, or 100mm remains to be seen.

      1. if the model represents the real concept the armor should be good but far from OP, the TS-5 was conceptualized as a heavy gun tank to replace the T43/M103, it was not conceptualized as a heavy assault tank like the T28/95
        as a concept it was sort of competing with the TS-31 that would be further developed until it became T110, for that reason the armor SHOULD be something in between a M103 and T110E3 and it should rely on the rather nice angles to bounce shells AT RANGE, for that reason (replacing M103) 26kph seem rather low

        well, in the end it all comes down to how WG sees it, in my opinion 260mm could only be the mantlet/gun shield and even that is too much, even the T110E3 has zones with 250mm and 170mm at Tier 10, let’s just hope they give it a normal armor layout for a Tier 8

    1. Its’s a special tank, specificly build by special people, for special people, to work especialy well with special ammo.

      1. 240mm of pen with standard ammo on a Tier 8 is more than enough to deal with anything from it’s tier and most tier 9’s, at Tier 10 it will be more difficult but that is what is expected from a tier 8

  2. Finaly we get “one of those” as a tier 8 premium. “Just flank it”, they say! Oh wait, it’s 400m away, forgoet what I said. Let’s try the other corridor, maybe we are in luck, and the Type 4 is afk.

    1. Nobody cries about T28 and it’s in the game pretty much since the start. And it was buffed not too long ago and people were actually happy. His thing will be a premium T28 or a tier8 E3, I see no problems with that.

  3. by 260mm of armor they proably mean mantlet armor, at least I hope so, as for the rest it’s good to see them adding something when just a few months ago they claimed they did not have enough information to add anything, the one bad point is the model being different from the mockup, mostly on the rear
    once again I must say that this TD should not need excessively strong armor except for the mantlet since the angles on the hull are quite good, lets wait and see how the armor layout really is, afterall the TS-5 was a proposal for the sucessor of the M103 and should have more armor than it but at most the same as the T110E4, the balance parameter should be the lower caliber cannon (105mm)

  4. aha…so just a ….better T28??
    cant say anything untill ARMOR PROFILE is on but…i really think and im afraid thats just a …flat better T28…AGAIN !

    if this have PROPER WEAKPOINTS then wellcome ! If not..just FCK WG !

    1. According to WG on their FB page regarding this tank. It’s weakspot head on… will be the lower plate. And considering it’s massive size vs the T28, and the way worse shell speed. It’s basically a T29 with no turret.

  5. I like the idea of a Tier VIII Premium TD for the American non-turret line. But the penetration and accuracy are just baaaaad the fun depression also, so this isn‘t a ridgeline Monster.

  6. We’ll see how this works out, but needless to say we’re now forced to be paranoid that WG might either make this P2W for a superior T28, or a gold spam magnet, or a dozen other things.

  7. Obj 252 Defender is the best tank destroyer, anyway. TS-5 is worse than T28 proto, b/c has no turret and worse mobility.

      1. I compare it with any tank produces more silver and better crew trainer. That’s the main purpose of prem tanks.

        1. you do know that the T28HTC is a reward vehicle, right? first of all it’s only Tier 7, that in itself means it’s XP rates are lower than Tier 8’s, on top of that it is, as I wrote, a reward vehicle, those don’t have the same buff to XP as the premiums, that means it will take longer to fully train a crew making it less effective
          in the end what matters is that it’s not “another” premium since until now there was none for the same role

          1. and what is the only difference between a reward tank and a premium one?? ONLY the credits income
            You have 50% more battle xp + more crew XP like a normal premium.
            yes, its tier 7 but that means almost nothing in crew training. So no, americans do not have a lack of crew trainers for TDs…they only lack P2W ones.

            lets just hope that the nightmare do not start here…

    1. Why is everyone so fucking upset about this game trying to make money? For all we know this is a FL reward tank. Not a sold one. And if we only had the same premiums with no new additions for the past 6 years. I suspect the game would already be dead.

      1. because wg changed premiums into P2W ones !!
        NOBODY had something against this when tanks were BALANCED ! But now…nobody wants to pay more and MORE and f2p players do not want to be constantly at DISADVANTAGE !

      2. and also…new additions means something SPECIAL, DIFFERENT, not fuckin FLAT BETTER wich means P2W !

        thats why we are so upset about a self called f2p game trying to make money.

      3. Mostly I think it’s because of, despite all the money they’ve made on the “rather good” premium content of the past 2 years, players wanted better game balance and they do not see this being reflected fast enough (2 years has gone by) in investing it into developing better game(play) balances.

        Instead WG seems to keep focussing on maximizing monitization and putting as little effort and money into development projects (like rebalancing content and features).
        Which also changes take AGES, after decenia’s of analysing, before any of those thing bleed through to the live environment.

        This is a breeding ground for resentment, ever since…well since I started WoT back in 2013.

      4. it’s unlikely it will be a reward tank because WG has been looking for a American Tier 8 Premium TD for years, personnally I find it strange that only now they have decided to add the TS-5, in my opinion both the TS-5 (105mm) and TS-31 (120mm) were more than obvious options for a Tier 8 premium casemated TD

        I can only guess the next one will be a premium turreted one (also Tier 8), which there are quite a few options for that as well, the question is IF they will add a more slugish one like the T28 and T30 or a “trainer” for the T110E4 with a little more mobility, something closer to a T25/2 or even a “tier 8 hellcat”

        also, IF the recent history of WoT can be applied it does seem like a good sign for those who hope the US Tech Tree will finally get rebalanced and fixed, it happened with both the German SHTs and the Soviet Tech Tree where they added new “trainers” followed by a rework of parts of the Tech Trees, it happened before with the French as well with the 2nd Heavy Line

  8. The armor profile will reveal if this Tank is just a turd like T28 or the next pay2win Premium.

  9. another impenetrable PoS “heavily armoured and hard hitting” – really? just what the MONKEYS in this game need – another OP napkin tank that requires aboslutely no brain to play. price – only 99.99 shekels – rabbi Shlomo Shekelberg – Goldstein approves!
    I never knew that Belorussians were such JEWS. moneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoney

    1. Oh that would be lovely! They’ve stated that 3 tier 8s and 1 tier 9 will be offered as rewards. I’m eager to see what the next ones are!

    2. No, that makes no sense. The USA td line currently only has one decent crew trainer and it’s already a PM reward vehicle. Making this also a reward vehicle while the M56 remains the only available premium.,,, and an abysmal crew trainer at that, would be a terrible idea

  10. Just more candy from a dying game.
    ” The thing wrong with this game is it has become stagnant and stale, boring and predictable.”

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