WoWS: New Year Event Info & Steel/Coal Reward Values

TL;DR: Get as many ships as you can before 0.7.12 hits the live server so you can earn more coal/steel when the event comes. The rewards below are not final.

In bold are extra essential pieces of info from the Russian ST Discord.

Steel is a valuable resource that is used to unlock rare ships. At the moment it is awarded only to active participants of Clan and Ranked battles.

After adding steel to the game, we received many requests to make it more obtainable. This is understandable, because not everyone has the opportunity to play in competitive modes effectively and regularly.

To celebrate the New Year we have prepared 4 game events, and by participating in them you will get a lot of great prizes, including some steel.

This doesn’t mean that we are now planning to constantly create events like this, but it’s the New Year and as you know, this is a time for surprises.

So here’s what awaits you:

«In The Name Of His Highness!» event
The new game event «In the Name of His Highness!» is dedicated to the heyday of armored ships of the early 20th century. It will last 4 weeks.
There are 4 stages of the event. Each stage consists of 4 directives. Each Directive contains 10 to 11 tasks. There is a corresponding reward of camouflage, signals, Christmas containers and even steel (each directive will add 500 steel, the total amount of steel you can get from this event is 8000). And continuing our new year’s tradition, the main prize will be a new premium tier VI German battleship – Prinz Eitel Friedrich! (for completing all 4 weeks)
Rules for completing directives are similar to the Royal Navy event. After the completion of all directives, access to the Hall of Fame is unlocked, for which points can be earned in co-op, random, ranked, clan, scenario or special battles.

Snowflakes are a one-time new year bonus, which is active as part of update 0.7.12.
The bonus will work on tech-tree ships from tiers V to X and premium and promo ships from tiers II to X. To “blow off a snowflake” from the ship, you need to go into battle in any mode except Training room and win. For this you will receive resources for the Arsenal: coal and steel. The higher the level – the more resources you get. The bonus may be “blown off” only once for each ship during the event.
This means that the more ships you have in the port, the more resources you can get for the Arsenal.

Win 1 battle on each ship to receive coal and steel (1 time only)
Tier 2 – 8: Coal only, 500 per ship.
Tier 9-10: Steel only, 150 per ship (same as above).

«Mighty Prinz» campaign
This is a temporary thematic campaign that will allow you to earn new year containers for the «Beautiful era» collection and get tier VI tech-tree ships. To participate in this campaign, you will need the battleship Prinz Eitel Friedrich, whose permanent camouflage will be the main reward.

Each completed final task will give you a tier 6 tech tree ship and a special permanent camouflage for it.

If you already own them in your port, you get the full credits amount and camouflage instead.

Ships you will get:

1) Hatsuharu
2) Nurnberg
3) Dallas
4) Icarus
5) Normandie
6) Completing the campaign will reward a special camo for Prinz Eitel Friedrich.

«Steel giants» campaign
It will be available for purchase in the premium store (Can only be done if purchased! Completing each stage will reward steel. Each stage has a task that rewards 7 days of Premium.
Total Premium days you can get: 28
Total steel you can get: 6000
Based on the values of steel, the useless special camouflage, consumables and premium time, the Russians concluded that the price for this campaign will be around 30-40$).
 The campaign is dedicated to the construction of ships in the early 20th century. By completing its tasks and missions, you can get camouflage, signals, «Secret Santa» containers and steel.

In addition, there will be specific combat missions in update 0.7.12, and completing them will get you steel.

Thus, everyone will be able to choose their favourite activities, and we hope that the celebration will be successful. At the same time, the total amount of steel that can be obtained during the new year’s activities is not so high as to devalue this rare resource and the efforts of those who earned it by playing in competitive modes.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

Duplicate tier 9 Premium ships from Supercontainers
If you receive a tier 9 Premium ship you already have in your port, you will receive 750000 free xp or 1 credit. (sources conflict).

Tier 10 IJN cruiser Azuma – first impressions

The good:
Fast shells: 10,4 seconds / 19 km
Zao dispersion, will land 8/9 shells at max range.
Has spaced armor, almost immune at getting citadelled by 152mm, can even get overpenned from battleship rounds.
If Stalingrad has a very good firing angle for all turrets when going forward, Azuma has a very good firing angle while retreating.
Acceptable AA, somewhat better than Zao.
Good concealment for a battlecruiser.

The bad:
The HE shell is heavier than Stalingrad’s shell, but has a lower fire chance compared to its Soviet counterpart.
Not really such a good firing angle when pushing.
She somewhat has the vertical dispersion of Japanese battleships, the closer she gets to the higher chance her shells will land side-by-side to her target.
Slow rudder response.
25-30mm everywhere.
High citadel, easy to get citadelled from the bow and stern by battleships.
No torpedo tubes.

Sources: WoWS FB Dev Page, RU ST Discord

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  1. “If you receive a tier 9 Premium ship you already have in your port, you will receive 750000 free xp or 1 credit.”
    Eh.. small difference ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        1. I was talking with Ev1n about 9 tier from SC, so:
          If player has 9 tier ship and 9 tier will be dropped, it will (invisibly) changed for other ship (any tier, possible from SC). If player has all possible ships, then gets 1 credit.

          But because it is rare event (a lot of luck and collection of all ships), player should write to support and will get about 19k doubloons.

  2. I wonder what the author of the article will say if I say that he is a frank liar. RU ST PT does not have a Discord channel because they use a telegram. And the fact that he writes that this is taken from RU ST blatant Lies.

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