Advent Calendar: Day 12 (Skorpion G for gold)

King among the tank destroyers, this vehicle wears a cool looking scorpion on its turret, but we don’t call it “The Scorpion King”. YET.

But let’s stop there to focus on what matters: the famous Rheinmetall Skorpion G is our Advent Calendar offer of the day. An absolute classic, the Skorpion G boasts a very powerful gun, complimented by a great accuracy, and a decent DPM. And like any arachnid of its kind, this tank moves fast, which allows you to relocate to another position in a flash. Add this predator to your garage now, you only have 24 hours!

Important: The Rheinmetall Skorpion G is part of our Advent Calendar! Therefore, you can purchase it through the bundle or directly in the game for 11,200.