Advent Calendar: Day 12 (Skorpion G for gold)

King among the tank destroyers, this vehicle wears a cool looking scorpion on its turret, but we don’t call it “The Scorpion King”. YET.

But let’s stop there to focus on what matters: the famous Rheinmetall Skorpion G is our Advent Calendar offer of the day. An absolute classic, the Skorpion G boasts a very powerful gun, complimented by a great accuracy, and a decent DPM. And like any arachnid of its kind, this tank moves fast, which allows you to relocate to another position in a flash. Add this predator to your garage now, you only have 24 hours!

Important: The Rheinmetall Skorpion G is part of our Advent Calendar! Therefore, you can purchase it through the bundle or directly in the game for 11,200.

0 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: Day 12 (Skorpion G for gold)

  1. Or, if you chose to wait a few days and throw your money at Wargaming loot boxes you could always “win” it by gambling

  2. This year’s advent calendar must be the most uninspiring in living memory. Guess I will have to find some other rubbish to waste my money on.

  3. If you buy it today then win one in a loot box, you will get back 95% of the gold. You only lose the gold for the garage slot (I think the crew is free)

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