Let’s defend WG/WOT – drama

This article was originally written on 09.12.2018. but I wanted to polish it so it ended up very different then the original I wrote. I’m publishing it now on 13.12.2018. because a shocking thing happened to me today in WOT. I got 2 Defenders (second was compensated in gold) when I bought 3X3 large boxes for about 16 euros. I was watching 400 large boxes being opened on YouTube and only several tier 8 premiums received…



  • Only WG knows what’s exactly happening on their servers and bank accounts, so it’s very hard for us to guess what’s really going on with WOT.  
  • Past and current decisions can look like worst possible scenarios unless you can remember (know) all the conditions that surrounded them.
  • Player satisfaction and quality of a product is NOT what drives this business, it’s money and sometimes these things are not directly correlated.

WG is doing what it should do, no matter how it looks or anyone else makes it look. It’s a sad and unfair conclusion but a realistic one.

Again I’m posting an article which is purely my opinion and has nothing to do with TAP or any other source. This is more a reaction to QuickyBaby’s criticism of WG and the avalanche it created, than a proper article.


Circumstances are surrounding decisions

During my career I’ve re-questioned some of important business decision I’ve made previously. To be honest, I was shocked with some incredibly obvious “moves” I didn’t make, or even some investments I did etc. Thinking to my self, how is it possible that I was so blind/uninformed/clueless to such concrete things and evidences that should’ve shaped my choices. After some time these mistakes become so unbearable that I have to talk about them with someone from my company. Then the strangest thing happens, my colleagues remind me of specific circumstances that brought me to those decision, that made me invest or even skip some profit opportunities, because it was the right thing to do at that moment. This shows how the forgotten yet simple facts can totally alter the appearance of my previous decisions in my mind. The conclusion of this story is that sometimes things which look ice cold are in fact hot as hell, but the lack of info (or just forgetting) can make them appear that way, make them look opposite or completely different than reality. 


WG is destroying WOT

WG is just destroying this game or is it us who lack information to understand why things are in current state. WG makes decision based of knowledge we don’t posses or we are just partially able to acquire. WG invests lots of money into these decision by analytics, data research and people, experienced people with the necessary knowledge and responsibilities to take that decision burden. We have to remember here, that this burden is NOT only on WG, but on every important individual, because their own reputation is on the stake too and possible bad decisions will follow them through the rest of their career.


How is WG making profit?

WG is a real TNC, with offices across the globe, investing in different products and services. You don’t get there because you uncle is rich or you’re lucky. WG is making money, that’s how. Profit is not always coming from charging for your product, often it’s the ecosystem around your main product that brings lots of income and WOT is just a main product for WG. So to make money you make decision that are sometimes bad for the product but good for the ecosystem/profit.


Not a conclusion

I scream, you scream, we scream for NO ARTY, NO OP, NO 25% RNG, NO P2W, NO +/- 2 TIER MM… and we can scream as much as we want, it will not affect decision making, it will affect public announcements from WG, saying they are listening to us 🙂 🙂 🙂 Our opinion is not important, only our money is, but this is the case with every other company. Fortnite, PUBG or any other game will follow exactly the same rule, the rule of making money…

p.s. Where are Uncle Serb and Victor? Busy making money, making new products, new services, new markets, new ecosystems or even operating in the current WOT ecosystem, but not directly concerned with WOT as a product. Too many possibilities, but I seriously doubt they are M.I.A. Have they lost interest in WOT, maybe, have they lost interest in money, NO, they haven’t. So these guys are not letting some retards ruin everything. They are still watching, so I can’t imagine, that today they don’t know how or what is done in WOT!

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  1. In other news, water is wet. I’ve never quite understood these sentiments. Of course WG wants money. Our goal here is to get the best deal possible for us.

    1. Trick is in the way that majority comprehends this matter, mostly emotional, so I wanted to address the real reason why water is wet as some other things are…

      1. Hello, Piromanrs,

        I will be obvious here and will repeat a lot of the concepts that you defined here.

        When people say that wargaming is destroying World of Tanks, they mean their product. And by “their” I mean “the player’s game”. When talking about World of Tanks, we have two perspectives: the game as a product (as a game) and the game as a system (which you have described here perfectly).

        The game, as a product, is “dying” in some servers because is not attractive for some people anymore. In order to be alive, it needs players, and players are leaving. Is that simple. Then, the servers are “dying”, but not the game. I can give testimony that here, in NA, players are leaving and are not returning. Many friends grew tired of the game (product) and so far, they have not returned.

        In that matter, I can tell you are right, they have their analytics, and eventually, they will make decisions in order to counter this “player loss”, so the game (system) can continue the way it is. I wouldn’t be surprised if they merge the servers in the end, so they can still make this game (system) work. What makes people be emotional and get angry is that wargaming, as a company, can work on their game (product) and make it appealing, attractive and maybe even fun to a general audiences, but instead, they are just farming players.

        In the end, I don’t think they are killing WoT, they are only forcing people to do what they want and keeping the players they need (those who pay). I do consider, though, that this is a terrible strategy on the long run, from a capitalist perspective, but, as you stated, there is a reason why they are making such decisions. Maybe, and this is just my opinion, people should be angry at people for supporting this kind of behaviours, I mean, everyone was angry when Rubicon was about to happen, and that did let us know that they are aware of our reactions, they pay attention to the numbers and to those players who really affect their product (as a system).

        The funny thing is they have been doing this from the start, and for me it’s kind of gracious that only now people are having a reaction. I mean, we pay to learn about the game (training room), we pay to have our vehicles in shape (equipment and consumables), we pay to get our “economy” within the game stable (premium tanks and premium time) and we pay to play (we have to buy our ammunition). Now, I know that some people will say “you don’t pay real money to get equipment and stuff”, but think about the fact that time is a valuable thing, so valuable that within the capitalist perspective “time means money”, and this applies here.

        So, yes, it’s an emotional response because you could say these players are being kicked away from the game.

        I don’t know if they are doing what they should do (from a capitalist perspective) since they are losing customers, but what they are doing is working for them within some expectations, so, it is what it is, I guess.

        Thanks for your article!

        1. Thanks for your critique Diegeige! There’s a scene in Dictator, where SBC says:” Let’s agree that we disagree” and shows the throat cutting move 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m just kidding, please don’t be offended by my troll response.

  2. true, companies take decisions to make money, but customer’s opinion does count for sure. Make your customers unhappy, they will not spend money on your product, simple. So I am sure the truth is in the middle, WG takes decisions based on info and reasoning we don’t know enough about, but I am sure they listen to us. Remember Rubicon? That was the best example. This time they will also hear us, but this time they put themselves in a corner they cannot get out of. The Rubicon patch they could simply cancel, but the IS-3A is now sold (via loot boxes, but still) to customers for real money, hence they cannot change the product anymore as they have never nerfed premium tanks for legal reasons…

  3. The best answer i can get between this, OP premiums and the fact that USSR tanks come before anything else, is that there is a cultural difference between us and WG that makes em do what they do. Like there are very special rules to the chinese server, there must be something in the bielorussian way of doing business that makes em chose this “DARK BLACK SITH EVIL” path…

    We can also remember they failed most of their other projects, seen from our side of the fence.

  4. …………..we scream for NO ARTY, NO OP, NO 25% RNG, NO P2W, NO +/- 2 TIER MM… and we can scream as much as we want, it will not affect decision making………….

    “we”?? who is that?? the whiners and the butthurt ?? ^^

    ……from very a long time…..i have zero problem about all of them (RNG 25, p2w, MM, OP, SPGs… blah 3x…..)….. 🙂

    1. Personally I’m fine with artillery (though would love no more than 1-2 pr team) and RNG as it works currently… People crying about these are IMO very self-centered and doesn’t focus on the overall gameplay mechanics.

      +/- 2 tier MM in itself is okay with me, however fails because the difference between tiers is too unbalanced IMO. WG has a policy of making the next tier attractive, but currently every tier on average is just too powerfull to be fair against tanks 2 tiers lower…

      Better game balancing is something all of us want but to be fair with more than 400 tanks in the game only a very few tanks seems generally OP and most of them only for certain types of players. Many vehicles are annoying as fuck and many of them are strong vehicles – but few of them are overall OP compared to overall tank number.

      P2W? Mostly this comes to balancing, but it seems pretty difficult to purchase a win…Skorpions and Defenders are pretty strong but overall but mostly you can just buy time i.e. gain ressources (credits, exp and crew exp) easier.

      Never stop complaining about the bad things int he game – but maybe success would have a better chance if you focused on problems affecting the entire game like MM rather than something affecting only you (like crying about arty)

      1. I have no problem with tanks not being perfectly balanced. In history it made different branches attractive. Players wanted T29, IS3, Foch155, TigerI (for historic reasons), T-54, IS7, BatChat… etc.
        Today players are basically forced to grind top tiers ASAP and leave all the free to play content if they want to keep their mental health. There are very few mid tier tanks that are fun and competitive. And as statpadders were removed by nerfing low tier TDs, tier 5 and 6 were no longer fun. With introduction of defender, scorpion, vk100.01, japanese heavies and decreasing number of players at mid tiers, tier 7 and tier 8 regular tanks were less and less relevant. So what remains is to play tier 8 premiums, tier 9 and tier 10. Because balance on tier 10 is a joke (who plays t62a, leo1, amx30b, chinese medium) there are very little tanks which I want to play. I think I can keep like 20-30 tanks in total and I won’t miss others much. Isn’t it sad, that game has 10 tiers, 400 tanks, but there’s less and less variety?
        So for me what kills the game is not only IS3A or Defender. I’m not happy about them. But P2W aspect is just part of this. Other part is buffing nearly all tier 9s (so even mediums have to fire premium ammo on each other) and some tier 10s, while regular tier 8 tanks are becoming underpowered, there’s huge gap between tier 7 and tier 8 premiums (and tier 9s) and it’s emphasized by decreasing probability of meeting lower tier tanks.
        Another stuff that disappeared from game is team battles. They used to depend on having good regular tanks (Hellcat, KV1S, IS3, T32, AMX50100) and good crews. Today they depend on having OP premiums and firing golds or HEs on each other.

    2. That’s because you’re a the average trashy player WG loves and doesn’t understand the game. Just look at almost every unicum that can make you his bitch in the game and you’ll see they mention those problems. Of course its not your fault, you’re also probably those people who can spend $50 on a new premium tank that looks pretty.

    1. And the funny thing is that we have many examples happening right now. It’s not like it happened decades ago, so basically we could say it’s a matter of being greedy, lazy or stupid.

  5. For short term, OP pay2win tanks make money. For long term, OP pay2win tanks decrease player base AND profit.

  6. Very good article. Yes only one arty. Only +1 Tier….
    But we can scream as much as we want. Nothing will change.
    Money is king.

  7. Confirmed, it’s rigged. Bought just 3 containers – got 2x Skorpion from 3 crates (so Skorpion+10900G)+ 2 perks Santa commander, another 250G and 3 premium days

    Seems like x3 containers have highest chances to dro T8s than those x75 packs

  8. What I learn is that if you don’t give what the consumer wants then they leave. And right now it’s very obvious that WG is not giving what the consumer wants. WG is successful RIGHT NOW. That doesn’t mean it will in the Long term.

    1. This is a very dangerous thought. When talking about a game you should not give to the player what they want, but what they need within your game. This means, in the end, that your game is a solid, complete and stable product.

      World of Tanks is not solid and it’s not a complete, full game; we get content now and then.

      In that matter, I agree with you, they should listen to the player base, but here is the thing: who is being brutally objective? Who are you going to listen: to the unicums (a few), to the “tomatoes” (who maybe don’t really know the game that much), to the regular player, to the occasional player, to those who hate arty, to those who love arty…?

      So, wargaming must be careful who they pay attention to, otherwise there is a high risk of having an even more unstable game. And in that matter, I think they are not delivering a quality product…but one that is quite effective to them.

  9. Opened 131 boxes. Got only:
    1x Defender
    1x IS-3A
    1x Skorpion G (Compensation for gold because i had skorpion long time ago)
    1x E 25 from last box….
    80 000 gold (Its bad because people with 200 boxes got like 230 000 golds)
    97 days of premium.
    All tier 5.
    Turan like 12 times xD Yep trash tank lot of time pls…

    Well i think i got more than i gave to boxes but still i think i got not much of GOLDS :////
    But yes this is GAMBLE and dont buy boxes if you want just a single tank.
    I bought it because i wanted golds and PREM. tanks were just BONUS for opening for me.
    SO THX WG for boxes but as i can see lot of people got these tanks so 😀

  10. That we can´t know the whole picture is maybe true. And WG is a business not welfare, yes. BUT this dosn´t justify anticonsumer methods and nasty business tactics such as exposing underaged and compulsive people to gambling without a barrier and even designing it to be extra seductive by adding novel, rare and highly sought after experiences (IS3A, Defender, E25, Typer 59 last year and so on) in an area that isn´t yet regulated (although under pending investigation in many countries). WG is doing this business to earn money but this dosn´t free them from doing it with a sense of morality and social responsibility, both of which not only WG but many gamecompanies are increasingly lacking of.

    The problem here is also the focus of short-sightedness. Annual profit is prioritized before longevity an stability. Only greed can explain this. With such short-sightedness WG is destroying it´s only big product. WG has not any other product yet that brings in the amounts of cash to be able to employ a 4000 strong staff worldwide.

  11. You come from a faulty point of view that wargaming is 100% competent and know what they are doing.

    Also you miss the point of making money. It’s better to make more money in the long run than do a quick cash grab and kill your main source of income

  12. i bought the IS3A a long time ago and hated it most of the time, finally i have a OP Tank in my garage so thank you WG 😀 I bought some boxes for fun and got the 2 skins for the Grille and the IS-7, i was fully satisfied 🙂

  13. The truth is:
    F2P players don’t want gold ammo. P2P players don’t care as they got more than enough premium tanks and account time to make up for the loss of credits. Analyzing who is actually using most gold ammo probably gives WG a pretty good idea of who spents massive amount of credits in gold ammo as well as buying premium tanks/time.
    So it doesnt make sense for the company to care about the people who dont spend money.

    This game is clearly P2W. And the people spending money obviously want it to be that way.

    I decided not to spend any more money until they what i think are the core problems of this game:
    Overpowered Premium Tanks
    Overarmored Super Mediums/Heavies/TDs

    I don’t care about the 25% RNG as much. It trolls me a lot. To me it seems since i don’t spend money any more i bounce alot more of my shots and get a lot more lowrolls. (e.g. i got the SU-130PM completely for free and didnt manage to do avg. dmg of 520 within 6 hits)

    But not spending money is just my personal conclusion it seems.
    I know many people are just as frustrated as I am, but now given the opportunity to get an OP Tank from lootboxes they spent 200€ on Boxes just to make sure they got the tank.

    About 80% of the people i know reacted that way. So for WarGaming everything must seem alright.

    I don’t want to know how much income they will generate just by selling loot boxes this year.

    But as always this is just my opinion

    1. I think sometimes people playing broken superheavies like type5 are first one who don’t want gold ammo. I don’t want it either, but it using it became necessity as there are no weakspots on some tanks. Or so-called weakspots have armor above average penetration rolls of same tier tanks. I feel like despite using gold ammo like three times more than years before, my damage per game is about the same or even worse on mid tier tanks.
      I sort of disagree that people who don’t spend money on this game are useless for business, they can bring other players and as you said some people I know refuse to pay money with the attitude that WG does not deserve them.
      I guess that matchmaking is secondary problem. Since overpowered tier 8 premiums, buffed tier 9 tanks and adding significant armor to mediums, no one wants to play mid tiers, because gap between regular tier 8 and tier 9 is becoming too wide and tier 8 premiums are becoming tier by itself. PantherII, T69, TVP are far from balanced with T-44-100 or Progetto and Defender is closer to E75 than TigerII. And it’s insane comparing tanks Pershing to Patton, Comet to T-44 which are just tier apart.

  14. “WG invests lots of money into these decision by analytics, data research and people, experienced people with the necessary knowledge and responsibilities to take that decision burden.”

    And then they release bobject 268 v4 on the live servers saying “This tank won’t be nerfed he need buff” nothing more to say .

      1. They did. I remember that in one of the Q&A’s following its released. It was pretty much “need more data, may be nerfed, but more likely it wil be buffed”. Either their analytics are completely fucked or their interpretations of their own data is fucked. It shouldn’t take 6 months to realize that thing was bulshit.

      2. Q: How is the Obj. 268 V4 doing?
        A: There are a lot of voices, both good and bad, but that means that the tank is balanced. A nerf is improbable, but a buff very possible.

  15. So …. if Wargame are so clever and good in business which there game World Of Tanks so obviously is

    *WHY are the players base numbers on the NA servers in freefall decline year on year?
    (hugely important player customer market/ region the USA is a massive missed opportunity

    *WHY are the players base numbers on the EU servers also in freefall decline?
    * year on year its around 20% less active platers each year on EU servers

    so yeah WG & Directors are real genius at commercial decisions ((you think?

      1. That is actually a fact. They care about the largest playerbase.
        What I don’t understand is why wargaming are wasting such an amazing opportunity within the other servers. They are losing players, therefore, money.

  16. WG in the position it has must be held up to ethical standards in regards to children and people in danger of gambling addiction. For most people I don’t care if WG robs them out blind – But putting so much effort into making people gamble when we have (from my experience) so many young gamers hooked up on the game is bad performance. Im still semi-shocked that only Belgium so far has banned the practice 🙁

    1. The fact that you are supposed to use a bank card in some form, credit card, debit card or other, either direct payments from bank or via paypal, negates and protects the seller, as in all countries you need to be “an adult” to get these. Times have changed though and kids now have debit cards, however most only have the money the parents give them. I think it may be banned in Japan too.

      I enjoy WoT for 8 years now, and though I’ve spent a lot of money, its been for 8 years of entertainment, and many many months of straight tanking. But mostly camping staring at the screen due to SPGs and invisible TDs. Fun with a capital F.

  17. Friendly reminder that the Russian community which is the big majority of the playerbase KEEP ASKING for OP russian tanks and to buff already strong ones, if anyone at fault its them, not WG for listening to their biggest chunk of users. If 70% ish of your costumers ask for something, as a company you take that in consideration. if you dont believe me go check Russian Youtube and check the overwhelming positive feedback with Is3A Defender etc…

  18. If the Product is shit or is getting worse, less people will spend money.

    I’m a Software-Developer and I know one thing for sure: The best testers are the customers and if you please them, they are willing to spend more money.

    Listening to the community won’t generate less money. It will do the opposite.

    You brought Fortnite and PUBG as an example. Just take a look of how League of Legends is monetized and you will quickly realise that WG has no clue of what they are doing.

    I still enjoy the game, but I will not continue spending money on their product, And I spend a lot of money on WoT… And I’m by far not the only one doing that.

    They need to sell skins or customization/personalization items in general to keep the money coming and then start to fix the rest of the game. And people will buy these stuff for sure. I mean the most exciting thing in the lootboxes are the special skins, for many people.

  19. Honestily, there’s not wrong with the game, apart from the terrible matchmaking system.
    BTW life is not free 2 play either, but you are still playing it…

    1. Yeah, but I HAVE to live, I don’t HAVE to play. lol
      One is a choice.

      Also, there are a lot of contradictions within the game: they teach you that armour matters, you have to angle it, you have to learn weak points; after you learnt that, they spam you with HE. How is that not wrong?

      Yet, I agree with you with the fact that the game is still playable.

  20. Yes, the main goal for any company is to make money. But companies are run by humans, not some omnipotent beings that are never wrong.

  21. So the gist is: They do what they want anyway. A-ha. Glad we sorted that one out.
    No offence, but you could have spared the time writing this article.

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