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  1. “The vehicle integrated into the current ecosystem pretty well” … this is where I’m not convinced – in fact, I’m extremely sceptical. But well … Wargaming is hellbent on bringing wheeled tanks into the game no matter what, so we’ll find out eventually. If it turns out I’ve been too pessimistic about this, all the better.

    1. Agreed. Active scouts with poor view range are really just going to be suicide-scouts. And that’s in the ideal situation of being in an open map with a cooperative team. In an urban map or with a bad team, this is an exercise in futility.

      The existing lights are really just undergunned mediums and they lack any considerable view range advantage for their respective tiers. The wheeled lights are in all likelihood going to be more of the same.

      1. These new wheeled tonks will either be driven by average players that will get themselves killed in the first 90 seconds, just like they do in any other light tank, or driven by experienced players who will abuse the speed to get to good sniping spots on the map and then use their disposable team mates to provide spotting.

  2. In the last Q&A about wheeled vehicles they said that the tier 6 will be the Panhard 60 and not the AMD 178B.

  3. there was a Q&A that was recently posted here on TAP, there it was written that:
    Panhard AML 60 at Tier 6
    Hotchkiss EBR at Tier 7
    Panhard AML 90 Lynx at Tier 8 (in reality a Panhard ERC 90 F1 Lynx)
    Panhard EBR 75 as a Tier 8 premium
    Panhard EBR 90 at Tier 90
    semi-fictional Panhard EBR 105 at Tier 10

    so… now in the video we see the Panhard 178B at Tier 6? I honestly think that between the Panhard 178B and Panhard 201 they could find the perfect fit for Tier 5 (historically had a 47mm cannon, same as the B1) and now the 178B will be Tier 6 with a 75mm cannon
    I had a hunch there was either an error in translation or that they were mixing the names of the vehicles, it can still be either but can also be that in less than a month they decided to drop the Panhard AML from the line
    they also mention they are working on a low Tier wheeled vehicle, as I mentioned the 178B would fit perfectly and it could be the AML would be added later, either way they are only clear about something when talking about soviet machines, I at least cannot make sense of it with so much contradictory information

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