LT-432 Quickreview


9 thoughts on “LT-432 Quickreview

  1. Thank you so much Sebastianul for posting this. Once again, first 8 mins the explanation why I think it is a good tank or not and then we got the replay showing in game situations. Let me know what you think of the format like this. ALSO if you want to try and get the code just write your nickname in here and if you are lucky you can get it 🙂

    And lastly, if you wish to help my team and I in our group project, maybe take 20 seconds to fill out that survey:)

    Thank you all so much for your attention and have a great weekend!


        1. Of course. Tier-rushers all suffer the same embarrassing fate. There’s a lot to learn in tier 5. If more noobs started to learn the basics of the game before enter higher tier games it would be more fun for the rest of us.


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