1.3: French Wheeled Tech Tree


This is not the official look of the tech tree, but only the speculation of the line made by Wotclue based on the 1.3 update.

0 thoughts on “1.3: French Wheeled Tech Tree

  1. I don’t know if it was a translation error but I was under the impression it would start FROM Tier V (meaning the first would be Tier 5), the way it is now I can’t think of a way to add the M8 Greyhound, at Tier 5 it would work since it’s top gun (37mm) would be the same top gun as the M5 Stuart at Tier 4, and they did say they want armoured cars to have less firepower than same tier LTs in exchange for higher mobility

  2. If they begin the line from ELC AMX, they should sglitly buff this tank : engine, soft stats and or gun handling.

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