Update 1.3 Common Test Patchnotes

Main Changes:

1. Changes to Personal Missions

  1. Changed mission conditions within Operation: Excalibur.
  2. Now, players will be able to track progress of both campaigns in-battle across all missions.
  3. Added clearer post-battle notifications when a mission of the 3rd Operation within the Second Front is failed.
  4. All missions of the Long-Awaited Backup campaign that stipulated that it must be done while in a Platoon, have now had this condition removed. The conditions of these missions have been adjusted accordingly, so they are feasible when playing solo.
  5. Improved display of all missions having complex conditions like “Complete X or Y”.
  6. Added indication informing that primary condition is to be completed, in order to fulfill the secondary one.
  7. Added the Description and Hints information window in the mission profile.

2. Maps

Added the new Hinterland map (for Grand Battles).

Balance changes have been made to the following maps:

  1. Himmelsdorf
  2. Fisherman’s Bay
  3. Pilsen
  4. Mannerheim Line

A number of issues have been fixed on the following maps:

  1. Minsk
  2. Studzianki
  3. Westfield
  4. Ensk
  5. Serene Coast

3. Vehicle Exterior

A new type of customization elements (decals, also called projection Emblems) will be available to both Tier VIII Premiums and all Tier X vehicles.

4. Changes to the Store

  1. Added filters to the Depot functionality: now searching for items takes less time.
  2. Optimized Store performance.

5. Improvements

  1. Fixed the issue when non-penetrations of HE shells (that had caused damage) were displayed as penetrations. Now it is clear when an HE shell penetrates the armor or just explodes on its surface. This change will affect missions that require penetrating enemy armor.
  2. Considering the previous statement, the description of the Master Gunner award was adjusted.

6. Changes to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles:


T 55A

  • Changed dispersion on turret traverse by 17%
  • Changed aiming time from 2.1 to 2 s.
  • Improved hull and turret armoring
  • Increased velocity of the UBR-412D shell by 20%
  • Changed penetration value of the UBR-412D shell from 201 to 221 mm.
  • Changed the engine power from 580 to 750 h.p.
  • Changed vehicle durability from 1,700 to 1,750 HP


  • Added the following vehicle for testing by Supertest players: M41D


  • Added the following vehicle for testing by Supertest players: Т-50-2
  • Added the following vehicle: LT-432

Changes to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles:

Object 260

  • Decreased dispersion during movement by 12%
  • Decreased dispersion on hull traverse by 12%
  • Changed dispersion of the gun from 0.36 to 0.35 m
  • Changed dispersion on turret traverse by 25%
  • Changed reloading time from 11.5 to 11 s
  • Changed aiming time from 2.5 to 2.2 s.
  • Improved hull and turret armoring
  • Changed the gun depression angle from -5 to -6 degrees
  • Changed the ammo rack capacity from 30 to 40 shells


  • Added the autoreloading mechanics to the 122 mm D-25TA gun


  • Added the following vehicle for testing by Supertest players: EMIL 1951

Source: EU Portal

0 thoughts on “Update 1.3 Common Test Patchnotes

    1. exactly what i thought. After all the discussions about how OP that would be. It’s now out for public testing. gg

      1. Originally they said that they are testing this OP system on heavy tanks and not modifying the IS-3A:

        “Please note: we’re checking the autoreloading mechanic on a heavy tank and not changes this particular vehicle.”

        1. Insult? It was not insult! I just think his language is inappropriate and immature. And not very insightful.

                  1. I was here since 2015 so I’m the original one and you are just copying me to stir shit in the comment section. Which one are you? That Uncihul Stalin one or the McDonalds pickpocketeer one?

                    1. Well I’m here since the Great October Revolution, you got nothing on me. Jokes aside I’ll probably have to start using some other username, you’re embarassing me.

          1. Never been triggered by you. You on the other hand seem easy to trigger just by a simple counter argument. And by the predictable childish and immature responses.

              1. Do I? Really? I think not. You in a similar manner behave like a child. Always the same. You are no match for me, both intellectually and on an educational level. That’s why it’s so fun to trigger you.

      1. You got triggered by my language? What are you? A little snowflake? Words hurt, am I right? Grow some balls my man.

        I write whatever I want here. If Seb or any of the authors think they don’t want to see it here they will remove it. I’m pretty sure they don’t need a pocket moderator wannabe here like you who decided that they always have to show it to me how butthurt they are when I write something.

        Also why do you have so many profiles with the same nickname and arguing with yourself?

        1. Again. Childish responses that deserves no respect.

          I’m the only one, then there are trolls who love to imitate me.

  1. Wow. WG is improving.

    Now they don’t even need to MAKE a new overpowered premium tank to print money.
    Now they just pick an existing one that’s perfectly balanced, they completely change its gameplay to make it completely broken, and they just wait for the sales.

    I sincerely hope they won’t actualy put it in the game. If it passes “testing” it stays forever because those retarded apes don’t want to nerf premiums.

    1. I wouldn’t call IS-3A a perfectly balanced tank. Not with it’s current accuracy and gun handling.

  2. I have an IS-3A and would love to have an auto-reloader, but as I’ve said before 100mm makes sense at tier 8. I don’t see how a 122 can be balanced. Guess I’m gonna find out.

  3. why is that broken ass 122 autoreloader making it into the common test? make the intraclip 5 seconds.

  4. 3. Vehicle Exterior
    A new type of customization elements (decals, also called projection Emblems) will be available to both Tier VIII Premiums and all Tier X vehicles.

    Still waiting for Balkenkreuz and Soviet star emblems to make captured skins visible by everyone…

    1. I honestly believe that there are no useless tanks in the game. There is some garbage but it doesn’t mean it’s actually useless. Even something like Churchill Game Carrier or Foch 155 can be used for the memes.

  5. Another Major version update which doesn’t bring anything major. Well, PROBABLY the customization OR the new map for grand battles which will probably be not available for 25% of the players since they don’t own a Tier 10. Otherwise it’s literally a minor update with small changes, “bugfixes” and other stuff.
    Not happy that the “autoreloader” came to the test. If it came as the same version as it was in Supertest then it most likely won’t be removed because russian + autoreloader + mediocre tank before the update as players of that tank would most likely say.
    Otherwise I’d just say version number 1.2.1 would suit this update more – heck, even 1.1.2 would have worked better.

    1. They’re testing MM adjustments in Asia at the moment. It would be pointless to try it on the test server as it doesn’t represent the natural tier spread at all. But it gives me a hope 1.3 will arrive with the said changes to MM implemented across the board. Now that would be enough for the update to earn it’s name.

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