Supertest: Kharkov, part 2

There is another Supertest of two versions of the Kharkov map. In both cases we have enlarged the part of the map in which the game is going on, making the maps more pleasant for all types and levels of vehicles. Supertest versions differ in both the urban and open part of the map.

One version offers fewer passes in the urban part. These changes are designed to facilitate navigation and to distinguish the zone intended for heavy tanks fighting in melee. The open part has been enlarged, offering more hiding places.

The second version is closer to the original when it comes to the city. The number of roads is almost the same, outside the central square. The open part of the map has a diverse landscape: the flat part is good for hiding, but the hills are suitable for active engaging and using the gun depression.

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    1. If it looks like another map, it looks like Siegfried Line… And in contrary with that one, the field looks actually usable on this new Kharkov.

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