Data: Your Favorite Maps Results – November 2018

Source: TollhouseFrank (thanks for the mail!)

„Hello ladies and gents!

First off, I want to thank everyone who participated in the survey. The response I received was many times larger than I thought I would get. Again, thank you to everyone who participated to help me gather this data!

I did promise you all results. Results you shall receive. Some quick notes about the results of the survey:


This survey was not scientific. It was designed to find the maps that elicit the strongest positive or negative responses. Limiting choices to up to 3 on each question – out of 38 possible selections – allowed me to find these strongest reactions. Also, keep in mind that Empire’s Border is brand new to all servers outside of the Chinese Server, so early opinions are still being formed.

Well, I believe this is where you all are looking for some data. I will give a link to the Raw Data at the very end, if you wish to see everything. To help keep this from being an information overload, I will list only those maps that received at least 10% or more votes in each category. Every map got at least 1 vote in each category. Again, remember that people could choose up to 3 maps in each category, so what the percentage below shows is how many chose that map as part of their 1, 2, or 3 selections they were allowed in that category.

For the votes below, remember, these are the strongest reactions (based on limiting to 3 choices per question). The other maps not listed (below 10% of the vote) just did not elicit as much strong reaction. This could be because they are perfectly average with nothing to make them outstanding. It may also be because while people may like or dislike them, they do not feel so to the extreme of the maps they did vote for. Again, this was designed with that purpose in mind – to find the extremes and figure out which maps are really loved or hated.


Favorite Maps Percent of Vote Least Favorite Maps Percent of Vote
Prokhorovka 32.64% Paris 33.60%
Malinovka 25.76% Ensk 28.00%
Redshire 24.16% Mines 24.64%
Sand River 17.60% Erlenberg 14.24%
El Halluf 15.84% Province 14.24%
Murovanka 15.20% Abbey 13.28%
Westfield 14.56% Fisherman’s Bay 13.12%
Steppes 12.32% Himmelsdorf 12.64%
Glacier 10.56% Fjords 11.68%
Himmelsdorf 10.40% Malinovka 10.88%
Prokhorovka 10.72%

Tidbits on Overall Favorite/Least Favorite Maps: 3 maps stick out here – Prokhorovka, Malinovka, and Himmelsdorf. They appear on both lists. These maps definitely stand out to you all. To me, this shows they are maps that we should be comparing all others to, both positively and negatively. Their best features and worst features make them stand out from their peers.


Favorite Maps Percent of Vote Least Favorite Maps Percent of Vote
Prokhorovka 59.82% Ensk 56.06%
Malinovka 57.48% Himmelsdorf 51.70%
Redshire 15.68% Paris 38.83%
Sand River 14.95% Abbey 24.81%
Murovanka 14.77% Mines 17.99%
El Halluf 13.33% Minsk 10.23%
Fisherman’s Bay 12.25%
Karelia 10.81%
Steppes 10.63%

Tidbits on Light Tank Maps: No surprise here. Wide open spaces and maps that give you chances to sneak around and spot from cover and use your view range/stealth are what you like. Small maps and city maps definitely prevent this sort of behavior, thus making them your least favorites while driving Light Tanks.


Favorite Maps Percent of Vote Least Favorite Maps Percent of Vote
Live Oaks 20.36% Paris 34.52%
Prokhorovka 19.09% Ensk 33.13%
Redshire 18.73% Abbey 22.22%
Murovanka 18.55% Mines 20.04%
El Halluf 15.64% Himmelsdorf 15.67%
Sand River 15.64% Minsk 11.71%
Fisherman’s Bay 14.55% Airfield 10.91%
Glacier 14.55%
Cliff 14.36%
Malinovka 14.18%
Karelia 12.91%
Steppes 12.00%

Tidbits on Medium Tank Maps: In every other category, there are a handful of standout maps and then most of the maps do not elicit much reaction. However, for Favorite Maps of Medium Tank drivers, this question had the widest range of maps that people like to play on, with differences in votes for all maps being tiny, with no large drop-offs. This definitely shows to me that Medium Tanks are fulfilling their position of “jack of all trades”, as people just like playing them on the widest range of maps compared to any other class of tank. The maps that people really disliked in Medium Tanks are those that are very restrictive of movement or have almost no way to easily support people in other sections of the map.


Favorite Maps Percent of Vote Least Favorite Maps Percent of Vote
Himmelsdorf 50.72% Malinovka 36.94%
Ensk 33.27% Prokhorovka 33.08%
Ruinberg 20.68% Fisherman’s Bay 15.86%
Paris 18.17% Mines 15.86%
Lakeville 14.75% Airfield 13.35%
El Halluf 13.13% Province 11.61%
Siegfried Line 11.33% Erlenberg 11.41%
Mountain Pass 10.25% Sand River 11.41%
Glacier 11.03%
Cliff 10.25%

​Tidbits on Heavy Tank Maps: In news that shocks absolutely nobody, Heavy Tank drivers love maps with corridors that allow them to use their strong frontal armor while protecting their weak flanks/rears. Heavy Tank drivers also tend to dislike maps that have large open stretches where they are vulnerable before they can get to areas of the map where they can use their armor. As an aside – I honestly believe that had WG not changed the northern and southern most routes on Lakeville to provide more cover en-route to the city, that it would not be as well liked. Also of note – this is the only question where people liked Paris.


Favorite Maps Percent of Vote Least Favorite Maps Percent of Vote
Malinovka 37.88% Ensk 45.90%
Prokhorovka 34.62% Himmelsdorf 36.89%
Karelia 19.62% Paris 27.66%
El Halluf 17.12% Mines 22.34%
Murovanka 14.42% Abbey 21.72%
Fisherman’s Bay 13.85% Fjords 11.68%
Redshire 13.85%
Lakeville 12.69%
Airfield 12.50%
Sand River 10.96%
Cliff 10.58%
Erlenberg 10.58%
Steppes 10.58%
Glacier 10.00%

Tidbits on Tank Destroyer Maps: While there was a wide range of well liked maps by Tank Destroyer Drivers, they were different from Medium Tank drivers in that there was a very sharp cutoff on voting. Outside of the maps in the top 10%, votes dropped precipitously. All of these liked maps have something in common – they have a way for Tank Destroyers to operate at range and stay safe, whether the map has lots of corridors like Fisherman’s Bay or is wide open like Prokhorovka. The least liked maps all had something in common – almost all of the engagement corridors are very small and thus reduce a Tank Destroyers ability to work effectively at range.


Favorite Maps Percent of Vote Least Favorite Maps Percent of Vote
Malinovka 59.51% Himmelsdorf 71.49%
Prokhorovka 51.68% Ensk 57.91%
Airfield 19.46% Paris 51.89%
Sand River 15.66% Minsk 12.47%
Murovanka 15.44% Mines 11.58%
El Halluf 14.99%
Live Oaks 12.30%
Steppes 12.08%

​Tidbits on SPG Maps: Once again with results that shock absolutely nobody, SPG players love wide-open maps or Maps where even with corridors, they still have ways to provide lots of support to the team. Maps that have lots of corridors with tall cover or very small maps are not liked by SPG drivers as these maps make it very difficult for them to support their teams, and are often very restrictive in where players can place their SPG to provide any effective fire at all.


So, what are the conclusions that I can draw from this?

  1. Paris, Mines, and Ensk are universally disliked, no matter what the class of tank (aside from Heavies liking Paris because city/corridor map).
  2. Despite all anecdotal evidence to the contrary, Prokhorovka and Malinovka are well loved. I think people just like to pile on the ‘hurr-durr, arty bad’ circlejerk when it comes to these maps.
  3. Most of the maps just do not elicit a strong response positive or negative. This could be because of many various things. As I stated much earlier on, these maps may just be average with no outstanding features, or they are liked/disliked but not nearly as strongly as the leaders in each category.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. I promised you all the raw data from this so you can see it yourselves. GO HERE for the raw data that has been sorted out neatly for those of you who have an irrational love for numbers.”

0 thoughts on “Data: Your Favorite Maps Results – November 2018

  1. I see no logic in this whatsoever. I absolutely despise Prokhorovka, since there’s never a real push on that map, and it takes ages for something to happen.

    Ensk is one of my all time favourite maps. Maybe not so great for TD’s, but pretty awesome for anything else. Most of my best games I’ve ever had have been on Ensk.

    1. Prok is one of the few maps that actually requires some knowledge of the mechanics and of the map, teamwork and the map is perfectly playable regardless of the class you are playing with. It doesn’t matter whether you pick a light tank, tank destroyer or, god forbid, an SPG. The moment you see Prok, you know your tank will be useful, unlike…well, Ensk or Himmelsdorf.

      1. You’re literally not giving any arguments to why prok would be useful to all tanks. I’d like if you’d explain to me why you think about the maps in that way.

        What the hell are you supposed to do with a slow inaccurate heavy tank? Something like an IS-M for example.
        The map focuses on long range combat, so unless I’m missing something, there’s literally nothing useful I can do.

        Line 1 and 2 are purely focused on long range. If you push, you die. So you have to rely on a scout. and imo, having to rely on a scout to be able to push at all, just comes down to too much luck.
        So I never use line 1-2 since there’s never anything going on.

        Middle is only favorable when you have a tank capable of going hulldown, with gun depression. However, you mostly just fight other tank that are good hull down, so you’re not really able to pen eachother, while you’re getting artied and sniped from the side by TD’s hiding on the 1-2 line.

        Pushing the hill is almost the same. Need gun depression, arty fire everywhere and TD snipes everywhere in your side. You can’t ever do anything or push without getting shot to death within seconds.

        The only useful positions I’ve found:
        A: North spawn: Sniping the middle from the northern hill entrance. But again, you have to rely on enemies getting spotted by your teammates. And it only favors accurate tanks.

        B: North spawn: Trying to passive spot tanks on the hill by abusing the bushes on the northern hill entrance. Sometimes being able to fire without getting spotted as well.

        C: South spawn: Going middle, and sniping off tanks that are on the northern hill entrance. Again, need accuracy and have to rely on allies spotting the enemy on the northern hill entrance, which often is not possible because of tactic B being used against your team.

        So everything, imo, comes down to relying on your allies to spot enemies so that you can snipe them.
        Only having to rely on having a good scout and having to rely on accuracy does not seem like a map where you can “always” be useful imo.

        Feel free to give me any info on tactics that I might not know of yet, cause I’d love to learn how to be more useful on prok.

        Also, imo
        Ensk has plenty of opportunities to flank on the east flank with meds. I also snipe across the railways a lot in the middle. The west flank is fine for heavies and often even meds can be useful on there. There’s plenty of flanking possibilities once most heavies are in a slugfest.
        It’s not as awesome for TD’s, but definitely not useless. Field and line 1 are often decent enough location where you can get a few shots off. Later on it sadly forces a more assault gun playstyle though.

        1. Having to rely on scouts and teamwork is how this game should be IMHO. Otherwise what is the point of having scouts or make it a team based game in the first place? It’s one of the few maps where the scout is invaluable, which I believe is exactly the kind of effect scouts should have on the game.

        2. >Everyone completely ignoring the fact that teamwork is a rare thing in WoT + that the map focuses a lot on longer range combat. Making anything with an inaccurate gun kinda pointless.

          Yeah, I can see Prok being a good map by design, and it’s probably a great map for Clan Wars. I loved it when playing on it with Skirmishes.

          But in randoms it’s an utterly terrible map.
          As long as arty is in the game as it is, the map won’t work in randoms. Yeah, directly it is the fault of arty, but it’s in the game, thus Prok gets ruined by it, which makes the map a bad experience.

          As long as there is no teamplay in randoms (Which there almost never is), the map won’t work in randoms either. Yeah, there’s your teamwork in clan wars etc. But you pretty much never see that in randoms. So again, it kills the experience of doing anything on the map, since you need the very thing that is not there! Teamwork!

      1. Province? PROVINCE? That is probably the worst map ever implemented into the game. It is so bad, that I’m not even gonna comment on you liking Campinovka.

    2. So because you don’t happen to like Prokhorovka, there is no logic in this data? That’s statistics, maybe you are one of the few that don’t like it. I like Prok, only not when I’m driving a slow tank with 3 arty in the enemy team. But that’s because of arty, not because of the map.

    3. God forbid we have a map that requires brain cells to actually comprehend how to play properly…

  2. 4 classes of tanks which all favour open maps, and only one class (HT) that benefits from urban maps. Of course “open/campy” maps will be more popular.

  3. Guess what kind of player has time for a survey. Guess who can go to desktop while playing the game without hesitation. You will find a correlation between open maps and the amount of voters.

    Mines is a Tier7 max map, thats why it’s hated. It never was a high Tier map and the devs don’t care anymore.

    Paris is hated by clickers because they can’t ruin the fun for heavys, and light and med tanks don’t know after all this years how to play on this map. They just camp the whole fucking game, doing nothing and then they complain about how bad the map is. Ofc it’s bad if you have no clue how to take positions, advance or just not be a camping coward.

    Ensk is one of the best maps, its a close combat map for all classes except clickers. People are used to camp, be cowards and stay hidden that’s why they don’t understand this map. They are thrown into cold waters and need to fight for the first time instead of bushcamping, redlinecamping, behind clicker camping. It’s challenging for this kind of players, they don’t like change or increased difficulty.

    1. Ensk is not a bad map, neither is Mines, but both are to small for tier 6 and up. It’s claustrofobic to be on those maps in a hightier tank.

      And I don’t think Paris is hated by clickers only. It’s just a bad map if you ask me. I don’t like to play it in any class, it’s just bad.

      Just to remind you: this is about maps, not about clickers or campers. They make gameplay worse on every map.

  4. Prohk is a stupid map. Most of the time you see camping and the one that moves first get spotted and sniped. That is a flawed mechanic.

  5. I don’t hate mines, I just hate that it is a map for tiers 7 and higher. There should be a tier limit on it like there is on province.

  6. The solution isn’t removing maps, a lot of the old maps were amazing. Northwest required some creative thinking at times , old school redshire could be brutal to the heavies that didn’t pay attention to their flanks, etc.etc.etc. The issues aren’t with the maps, it’s the players with the IQ of a chimp that are the problem

    1. Well, the average winrate is around 49%. So I guess the bulk of the players has a winrate around that percentage. It’s plausible that most of the players that voted has a 50% winrate or so.

      1. Naturally, and I was probably a bit vague, but I’d expect a fairly strong correlation between a player’s ability and which maps they like / dislike.

        1. Yes, but if you look at it that way, the results are a bit surprising. On Prok and those kind of maps you need a bit of braincells… 😛

  7. for me Redshire, Prok, Mali, Sand River, Weastfield are bets maps
    Mines woudld be better of they make it larger
    Ensk is stupid, Paris also

    i miss erlenberg

    1. You forgot to mention Steppes. That map is also fun to play on. But I agree that Redshire may be the best map we have.

  8. Not surprised by people disliking Minsk, Ensk and Paris (what did we do to deserve those?), but pretty amazed (positively so) that Prokorovka and Malinovka are so well-loved. The day WG wakes up from its vodka-induced stupor and understands that what we need are maps that are viable for every class will be a day worth celebrating.

  9. I think the formula for creating a good map is that the urban area shouldn’t take more than 20% of the whole map and that most of the terrain should be passable. No corridors formed by ridges, but by hills. It encourages dynamic gameplay, because you can flank easier and make horizontal moves, instead of the oneway encounters we have to perform on 90% of the maps.

    At least, this is what makes Malinovka, Prokhorovka, Redshire and Steppes great.

  10. You cant flank on proko. Just just sit and wait for people to make misstakes and then you push and roll over the team. But the beginning of the game is a fucking campfest for sure on all those “open” maps.

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