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  1. Kind of weird to understand the tirebehaviour when damaged. It looked like even though on your control panel only one tire was red the tank was super slow as the others where damaged before

  2. WG also showed ST stats for the tier 10, it’s retarded. 198mm of pen and 350m view range, nice meme.

    1. bruh this thing is a pure scout, the fact that this thing goes from 0-85 in about a second you should have no problem dodging shots and getting behind people. It’s going to be extremely niche, so the people that learn to use these things effectively will be game changers

      1. By that you mean its exclusively designed for YOLO-rushing and hoping for the best. Extremely niche is an understatement.

      2. I can’t wait to see the “niche” of suiscouting promoted by these little shits, they are blind as a bat and their guns are a joke, but don’t worry comrade, they released the completely balanced MBT Object 432 as a tier 8 light tank that will do the same job of these tanks but better.

      3. Nah they will be easy target.

        When they go at their full speed they are completely unable to turn or take the slightest bump, otherwise they are sent flying and rolling in uncontrolled drifts. So either they go really fast but in a straight line, which means easy to prefire ; either they go as fast as any LT, in which case they are useless because of the nerfed viewrange and firepower.

      4. Yeah, no. Useless =/= extremely niche. Lights can at least play like shitty mediums when they have to, this thing can’t even do that, it’s pointless and useless.

  3. The “fast mode” looks completely unuseable. There is not a single map in the game where there is a straight line long enough to benefit from the 20km/h boost that will make you flip as soon as you hut a bump or try to turn. 99 % of the time you will want the ability to turn, so your speed will be lilited to 60-70km/h, which makes you as fast as any other light tank. Except you have 310m viewrange at tier X and worse dpm than a tier 7.

    LTs are already completely useless. I rather have arty than LTs in my team because at least the arty will annoy ennemies. Most LT drivers dont know how to scout, and either do nothing or/and die in 2 minutes. Waste of a team slot.

    These wheeled vehicles are just LTs but even worse. I dont want that in my team.

    Medium tanks are already better scouts than lights. LTs are underpowered and lack any distinctive feature. And wheeled LTs will just be LTs with lower view range and worse firepower, since the extra speed means certain death.

  4. ^Agreed with the above. The current light tanks very seldom have a view range advantage (for instance the Chaffee has 360m compared to the Sherman’s 370m) and few of the current maps suit their tactics in any case. If the maps were more scout-friendly that would be a better situation, but then we’d still have the view range problem.

    There was real potential for the wheeled lights to be pitched as dedicated scouts if they had the vision game on their side, but clearly WG doesn’t want that. And naturally all of these gimmick features look cool but aren’t going to help the situation at all.

  5. If they reintroduce boosting or climbing as some call it with these tanks they could actually be useful

  6. if they had less spinout traverse speed, tons more DPM in exchange for the shittiest pen in the game i think we will be fine with these. they better have better camo values than the t100. two shells in the clip is a good change of pace

  7. just give up and get a bobjekt 430u already comrade.

    it has lower profile, and better speed to power to weight to handling ratio than this novelty joke.
    and the maps are meta’d for the russian meds with shallows, mounds, rolling terrains, ridgelines with gaps for the “useless russian med gun depression, so the useless russian meds CAN dominate ridges anyway…”

    and the russian meds have armour.
    and the russian meds have firepower.
    and the russian meds have mobility.

    oh WOW. these russian meds are sounding alright, aren’t they?.

      1. Yeah, too bad Patton is only ranked 14th at winrate of all tier 10 tanks. And the top 10 tanks (winrate) are dominated by 5 Objects… See the pattern there?

        1. I just checked VBaddict and it’s in top 5 by winrate on all servers. The only soviet mediums with better winrate are 907, because it’s OP and it’s a clan reward tank and 430u because it’s retarded. Nothing else soviet is even close to Patton. Which makes sense, since Patton has almost all advantages of ruski mediums without their drawbacks.

  8. if they’re adding an auto uprighting featire for when you flip it, will they add on the the standard light tanks too? 13-75 flops onto its side if it hits a lerbstone

  9. they must have done something to the whole flipping mechanic. if you watch the vid, that thing does only flip while climbing. any “normal” LT going at those speeds and then trying to turn would have flipped in most cases.

    and did someone notice, how the vehicle ended always back on its wheels, even if it flipped while trying to climb? tanks ingame DON’T do that. most times the are stock on their sides or even upside down (and die …).

    and those dispersion values while driving have to be test server values. even high tier MTs have a noticeable bloom, while driving (well, except for tanks like Obj 140 and the likes … o.O ).
    the same goes for the accelleration. 2 seconds from 0 to 85? this is more than a Formula 1 car … *fp*

    all in all: the mechanic itself looks interesting. how or even IF those things could fit into WoT (and make the gameplay better, not worse), remains to be seen. at least I am very sceptical about it.

  10. I wondering if we need an consumable like Gravol to stop the crew from throwing up in the interior.

  11. 0 grip,… That’s the biggest problem in this game grip is done crappy no vehicle with such high center of mass will start drifting at 80 it will either sharp turn or flip like a toy.
    It feels like friction coeficients and spin spin are ignored here completely ….
    i mean come on 360 spin at 80kmph!? what kind of rotation is that.

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