Pay to progress – High Five To Our x5 XP Packages


Fast Five. High Fives. Five Fingers Death Punch. Five Guys. The Jackson Five. The Battle of the Five Armies. Five for Fighting. So many great things come in fives, right?

Today we’re adding a new one to the list with our latest packages, featuring x5 XP for your victories. These missions can be completed with any vehicle in your garage, and they will multiply your victories’ XP earnings once your typical First Victory of the Day bonus has been used up.

As an added ‘fail-safe’ bonus, an x5 XP mission is only used if you are in the top 10 of your team by base XP earned.

It goes without saying that this is a great way to beef up your favourite tanks, climb your way up the tech trees, and continue packing some XP between two events or earning more when YOU want to, basically. So put the winning mode on and make the most of these x5 XP packages!

Price ≈9.6€.