0 thoughts on “Supertest Tier II German LT – MKA – mittlerer Kampfwagen für Ausland

      1. Actually it makes sense because last year the free gift tank was the T29 russian tank and earlier this year there was a RUSSIAN tree revision it only makes sense that if they give a German tank they might do a German revision (this is just my opinion)

      2. It states that they haven\’t forgotten the nation, after all. Besides, they eludicated in Gamescom that they\’re gradually revising the tech trees *from nation to nation*, assumingly to prevent losing focus on a single nation.

        Seeing that they haven\’t touched anything in the German tree for a long time may indicate that they\’re planning on something big for it.

  1. hopefully, but if I look at what WG has been doing to Russian techtree (and still is doing), I suppose that German tanks will only receive another buff.
    Because it is unbearable for the big Russian community that a foreign tank and – Stalin forbid – a German tank may be better than a Russian tank from same tier and class.

  2. Sorry, but as I see no other correcting functionality:

    First sentence last word should be nerve, not buff.
    So it makes more sense.

    What I meant was, that the german tanks will receive either a very light buff (not as much as the russian tanks received), but more likely another nerve. So that russian community will be happy playing on ….
    … and not leaving the game as I see so many of the better, or should I say thoughtful, european players do.

    Sorry, had a bad day, yesterday.

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