October Sneak Peek (NA) – Halloween Event Teaser

October is all about tanks that go bump in the night! A new vehicle debuts, monster tanks go on sale, and let us not forget special Halloween surprises not listed here (because if we revealed them, they wouldn’t be a surprise)!

* All events and dates are subject to change without notice.

Oct. 1-Nov. 1: Tournament Missions

Tournament Missions Are Here!

Oct. 1-Nov. 1: We’ve added rewards for completing specific objectives during Tournament matches. Stay tuned to the Tournaments forum for more info.

Oct 3-10: New Premium Vehicle Pre-Sale Offer

Do you have a Premium Account?

Oct. 3-10: Premium Account holders can get a hold of a new vehicle. Check back on Oct. 3 for full details! Said vehicle goes on general sale Oct. 10-22.

Oct. 4-Nov. 5: Weekly Tank Sales

October Weekly Tank Sales:

Oct. 4-15:

VIM4A3E8 Fury

VITiger 131

Note: Tiger 131 comes with a “zero-Skill” Crew with Brothers in Arms Perk.

Oct. 11-22:

IVAC 1 Sentinel


Oct. 18-29:




Oct. 25-Nov. 5:

VPz.Kpfw. III Ausf. K

VIPz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm

Oct. 4-Nov. 1: Special Month-Long Tank Sale

Primo Victoria: Official Tank of Sabaton!

Oct. 4-Nov. 1: The Primo Victoria Tier VIII medium tank is on sale in the Premium Shop with a new bundle available on Thursday each week.

Oct. 5-Nov. 2: Tier VII / VIII of the Week

October is all about Tier VIII!

We feature a different Tier VII or VIII vehicle, bundled with Premium Account time, Boosters, and other goodies. Special Gold, Credits, and Premium Account time combination bundles are also available — each sale lasts only one week, so make sure and check back each Friday for a new offer!

The first offer on Oct. 5 is the the German Panzer 58 Mutz — one of the top Tier VIII medium tanks in the game!

Oct. 12-19:  Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71

Oct. 19-26:  112

Oct. 26-Nov. 2:  AMX M4 mle. 49

Oct. 5-Nov. 5: Tank Mastery Missions

Are you an “Ace Tanker?”

Get an “Ace Tanker” Mastery Badge on the following tanks to unlock six special emblems:

Wave 1: Oct. 5-15


XObject 430U


IXObject 704

Wave 2: Oct. 12-22


VIType 58

VT1 Heavy Tank


Wave 3: Oct. 19-29


IXE 50


IXWaffenträger auf Pz. IV

Wave 4: Oct, 26-Nov. 5

VIIAMX 13 75

VISherman Firefly



Oct. 10-22: New Premium Vehicle General Sale

A brand-new vehicle stalks the battlefield!

Oct. 10-22: The vehicle in the Oct 3-10 pre-sale is available to non-Premium Account holders.

Oct. 11-22: Progetto M35 mod. 46

Destroy enemies with an autoreloader!

Oct. 11-22: The Progetto M35 mod. 46 Italian Tier VIII medium autoreloader is back in the Premium Shop.

Oct. 15-22: Top Secret Special Missions

Challenges that yield valuable items:

Oct. 15-22: A series of battle missions based on a key historical turning point during World War II. Hint: It did not take place in Europe.

Oct. 17-Nov. 5: On Track Missions

Go for Tier X!

Get on the fast track to top-Tier vehicles; this month we turn to the Italian line and show you how to earn a Tier X medium tank.

Oct. 17-Nov. 5:  Progetto M40 Mod.65

Oct. 18-22: Monster Tanks Arrive!

“They’re coming for you — look, there comes one of them now!”

Oct. 18-22: Prepare yourself for a duo of frightening mechanized monsters for Halloween! Hint: They’re heavies, and each is of a different Tier and nation.

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    1. Well it might be the kanonejagdpanzer with bigger gun, one of those two haloween tanks will be 100% is-3a with inverted autoreloader

            1. It will be the Kanonenjadgpanzer 105mm. 3rd of October is a bank holiday in Germany to celebrate reunification, so selling a German tank will be quite fitting.

      1. Boi, when they say “Hint: They’re heavies, and each is of a different Tier and nation.” theyre not talking about the premium tanks, theyre taling about the special halloween event tanks

        1. Well reading must be hard for him either way because the article is only talking about 1 new premium tank.

          \”A new vehicle debuts\”

  1. well that is for NA………EU should probably prepare for a huge black dildo being rammed up its ass(without a lube)

  2. I see under the pre-sale, states available to non-premium accounts. I wonder if that was an error on WG. Because all other pre-sales were for premium account holders.

  3. I just don\’t get offering premium tanks like the Primo when it is of no use for training your upper tier crews that are not in the same type of tank. Unless they going to offer medium tanks for tiers 8-10 I won\’t be buying it.

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