Developer Diaries: Wheeled Vehicles (Part 1)


15 thoughts on “Developer Diaries: Wheeled Vehicles (Part 1)

  1. So if you want to stop an armored car, you will have to destroy at least half of its wheels.
    Will this mean that the Lorraine 40t will be similarly difficult to stop? The Lorr has actual wheels, if the tracks came down, it could easily just continue moving.


    1. Lorraine 40t’s wheels aren’t meant to be used to move around without tracks.
      They used rubber to save weight. Besides, the drive wheels don’t pivot.


  2. Introducing new crap is nice, but when existing stuff gets neglected, new stuff is worthless, because players just leave the game and play NOTHING!


  3. “The wheeled vehicles also have a special lock-on feature. This allows players to automatically aim at enemy vehicles just by simply clicking close to the target.”

    well well well… WG is introducing the aimbot… next step they will allow us to choise which module we want to hit… and all hacking is complete


    1. “Т-50-2 is an Soviet tier 5 light tank. Т-50-2 is a fast and perfectly maneuverable tank. The main tasks for this tank are spotting enemy postions and destroying artillery. In update patch 0.8.7 the T-50-2 was removed from the game, being replaced with MT-25. Players who have it in their garage received the MT-25 free.”


  4. These vehicles will cross the tiny maps in a heartbeat.
    These vehicles will be another factor for the matchmaker to cope with, I expect. Can’t see that being a problem…

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