7 days RHM Skorpion G for returning players on EU

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This is the email WG sent this morning to some inactive players:

For 7 days, this tank destroyer is yours. Take it for a spin on us and become the new “predator”. Train your crew, rack up some credits, and spread terror on the battlefield. Take your chance. An amazingly strong and accurate 128mm gun, high performance engine, and unforgettable camo. This tank destroyer fulfills all your needs. Get into position. Lie in wait. Blast your enemies away. Log in and grab this extremely dangerous Tier VIII tank, only available for 7 days after you receive this email. Ready to put everything on the line for victory?

0 thoughts on “7 days RHM Skorpion G for returning players on EU

  1. Well I didn\’t play for half a year probably, but I didn\’t get this email. Nevertheless 7-day-skorpion nuked by arty is not a thing that could get me back into world of HE-bombs.

  2. well……next week tier 8 will be even more unplayable: a feat that is not easy to achieve …..GJ WG you have outdone yourself

    1. there are legal mods that change the skin so you don\’t see the scorpion cammo, but see it like a normal grey german tank.

  3. Wargame and desperate measures

    All a bit late in the day this or something similar should have been done back in summer of 2016 when WG had over 150000 active WOT players

    Wargaming as a \”Company\” needs to get its poor management issues sorted, and asap

  4. I’m bloody sick of skorps. That damn tank is everywhere. I hate how you can just get hit out of nowhere by some bobs for a highroll every time. (In my experience they spam gold even when they are top tier, logic) the skorp is my most hated tank other than the RU tonks. (Bobjects mostly)

    1. But Skorpion is not OP or broken, why don\’t you like them? I personally love Skorpions, they get spotted and die easily, free damage.

      1. Not OP? It\’s one of the few tanks I play when I touch this game , even losses in it are always a good game

  5. Not to worry, It\’s for returning players, so what, like 5-6 more scorpions-G will flood the servers? At this point even if they give away Type59\’s and Defenders, not many people will jump back.

    That\’s what happens when you piss so much into that well you drink from. Players get angry and toxic, almost no way to lure them back, because if you are not in game, all the game tank are worthless.

    A smarter move would be a strong real effort to keep active players from ditching the game, by any means. Somehow I can\’t see active players envy the rent-a-tank, but all is possible, so actually WG, as always, might get another shot at own feet.

  6. People can only use it for 7 days or they have 7 days after receiving the email to log in and they will keep it forever?

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