Tanker’s Day Q&A

Answered by Slava Makarov (Product Director), Andrey Biletskiy (Creative Director of World of Tanks) and Anton Pankov (Publishing Director):

* Work on crew skills are underway, no other news for now;
* Yes, tier V to VII tanks changes are coming (including T67). Stats will be revised (improved);
* WG is experimenting with bridge destruction/avalanches for the future;
* Cross-team chat return is not planned;
* Pref MM tanks who can’t be rebalanced will be refunded fully in gold;
* A new CZ prem will appear in the future;
* The T-103 USSR premium of VIII tier will appear next year. The devs have a cunning plan (supposedly a new line leading to the Taran according to rumors);
* A new trade-in campaign will appear;
* Devs don’t plan to change the Grille 15. They are content with it.
* The blogger battles will appear again, the event will be further improved;
* Old player incentives/encouragement – info in December;
* All changes implemented now are for VIII tiers, the lower tiers come next;

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    1. doubt it since we alrdy have a t55a ingame, its probably going to be a tier 8 that has the same playstyle as the t50 and the tvp, 3/4 shell autoloader, probably 240 alpha

    2. Probably T50 or CKD T51, WG has the blueprints for them – ingame T50 is a fake from some Czech guy who mashed parts together.

      1. 9 meter long barrel, shell velocity of around 1700 m/s with 152mm APFSDS. That\’s pretty cool. Totally pointless, but cool.

        1. Well, that tank will make Grille 15 pointless, and by far its one of the weakest tier X TD. SU taran will have fully traversable turret with way better gun, so yea,

  1. All I see is \”more prem tanks\”

    It doesn\’t take a brain surgeon to balance this game, yet things are constantly out of balance.

  2. \”* Old player incentives/encouragement – info in December;\”

    Inb4 free ISU-130 or T-44-122 for everyone who\’s got an 8 year old account

    1. They bearley give t25 idiot tank for \”free\” and u want for \”premium old players\” free? When wg has give us their beta testers something free?

        1. Haha you\’re being too generous, this is WG we\’re talking about. We\’ll probably get a free tier 3 tank and 250 gold, though Ive been here since 2011 so it\’ll be smaller

    2. wont work mate!

      hardly anyone left playing WOT regular with 5 years never mind 8 years of playing, sorry but true

      more like anyone with 3+ years still playing WOT regularly is now \’classed\’ as Old player, sad state of WOT today

      Still interesting cannot wait for December, and also full Gold refunds on PMM tanks!
      ~ those that got the Type 59 in last Decembers €59 Xmas Box\’s will be getting a lot of cash back then

  3. \”Tanks that can\’t be balanced:\” I\’m thinking E25 finally takes it in the neck.

    1. They should just make it bigger to reflect the original planned size, take away the OP camo after shooting, maybe give it some minor buffs to other stats and it will be fine.

      1. If they CANNOT Improve it! then a FULL GOLD refund, its there in black and white

        says nothing about nerfing it down anywhere, WG don\’t nerf Premiums anymore remember very bad for Premium Shop sales.

        and again mate ~
        E25 its a T7 PMM
        so not in any of WG plans, just the Tier 8 PMM Tanks WG talking about this December

        1. But they are talking about rebalancing preferential MM tanks (\”Pref MM tanks who can’t be rebalanced\”), not improving them. Also technically reworking it is improving the health of the game. The Tier V-VII improvement is referring to regular premiums and tech tree tanks.

          Although I haven\’t played with it or the lefh in ages I hope WG doesn\’t just start removing them in the future. I would rather see them balance them properly and you could either keep it or ask for a refund like with the Superpershing.

          Yeah, currently they are busy with the Tier VIII tanks but in the future they will start working on the lower tiers as well.

  4. >* Pref MM tanks who can’t be rebalanced will be refunded fully in gold;

    Now, I am not an expert but isn\’t this ilegal under EU laws?

    1. no, if you spent money for the game, the money is gone. they dont have to redund anyone.its just a \”moral\”-thing

  5. Oh look , possible screwing to the Preff MM tanks .. And They say there Happy with the Grill .I. … Stole my WT and give us a crap TD in it\’s stead . No Turret to speak of then nerfed it after they put it out . But sure can dish out the preem tanks and add more Russian tanks ….

    1. WTF100 needed to go. Sure, nowadays it doesn’t seem that bad, but back then it was broken beyong fixing. And Grille turned out to be OP as shit, so they rightfully nerfed it. It just got powercreeped quite a lot, which is sad.

  6. \”Pref MM tanks who can’t be rebalanced will be refunded fully in gold\”

    No actualy WG if you take away what I paid for I kinda want my money back. I didnt buy gold, I bought a tank. And since most premiums nowadays are online-exclusive I don\’t give a flying fuck about in-game gold. Unless you finaly decide to have an in-game premium shop for gold.

    But I\’m guessing they dont want an in-game premium shop because too many people have tons of gold accumulated from stupid bundles they made over the years filled with gold people do not want. Or situations like these where they say \”dont worry we\’ll give you gold\”.

    I cant use the gold. I dont want the gold. I didnt buy the gold. So dont give me gold. Let me keep my stuff or give me my money back, or give me actual options as a refund like access to internet-exclusive tanks.

    1. You have not read the license agreement … Once you spend your money you have no way to recover it … The goods in your account do not belong to you, the fact that wg decides to return the value in gold is an act of good faith…

      1. WG licence agreement or EULA will be invalid in the EU laws, read them up go on you paid cash not Gold, but if you paid for it in digital pixel Gold bought with money then yeah

    1. people will cry because they wont be able to seal club… its tier 5 move up dont try to be canver to new players….

  7. So rebalance t5 to t7….Again, King Tiger T32 110 T-34-2 e.t.c are crying in the corner

  8. \”Yes, tier V to VII tanks changes are coming (including T67). Stats will be revised (improved)\”

    sure thing, improve the T67 – it needs more DPM and better mobility. *evil laughter*

    tier 5 to 7 surely need a reblancing, but especially the T67 is one of the last vehicles (tank just does not fit with that glass cannon), that needs improvements, IMHO. I love mine and working in the 3rd MoE right now, but playing this little terror-beetle with equipment, cola and a skilled crew is just pure sealclubbing sometimes.

  9. How about you fix the match-maker and the corridor maps instead of dicking with (unbroken) tanks? Seriously Slava you have lost touch.

  10. WG still refusing to admit the fixed MM model is flawed and disliked is just sad, because that is what will eventually lead to pref MM tanks being \’impossible to balance\’ (and the day it does happen I expect a shitstorm in the official forums).

    A new Czech premium is great news though. Here\’s hoping it will be something good and worth its pricetag.

  11. So the devs are happy with the Grille 15 … the German Tier X TD with the lowest winrate. I can see why … it fits in nicely with the Leopard 1 and the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen, each the lowest Tier X of their class. Now all that remains to do is to nerf the rest of the German Tier X and the devs will be *really* happy, right?

    I wish I could have a talk to one these devs. I would love to hear his explanation why I should spend a single cent more on the bullshit this game has become.

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