Tanker’s Day Q&A

Answered by Slava Makarov (Product Director), Andrey Biletskiy (Creative Director of World of Tanks) and Anton Pankov (Publishing Director):

* Work on crew skills are underway, no other news for now;
* Yes, tier V to VII tanks changes are coming (including T67). Stats will be revised (improved);
* WG is experimenting with bridge destruction/avalanches for the future;
* Cross-team chat return is not planned;
* Pref MM tanks who can’t be rebalanced will be refunded fully in gold;
* A new CZ prem will appear in the future;
* The T-103 USSR premium of VIII tier will appear next year. The devs have a cunning plan (supposedly a new line leading to the Taran according to rumors);
* A new trade-in campaign will appear;
* Devs don’t plan to change the Grille 15. They are content with it.
* The blogger battles will appear again, the event will be further improved;
* Old player incentives/encouragement – info in December;
* All changes implemented now are for VIII tiers, the lower tiers come next;