WG develops a game controller

Thanks to Ian for the email.

Some players have received an ingame survey about a controller prototype. Odd thing to focus on when the game is declining in players.


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  1. Well, that\’s cool and all, but it would be better to hear about some more arty nerfs or rebalancing german, murican and chinese tanks or something about the Churchill line you know…

  2. «Odd thing to focus on when the game is declining in players.» I don’t have enough strength left to talk about how retarded this statement is. Typical TAP bullshittery though. Or rather Seb bullshittery, since he is pretty much a face of TAP.

    1. I\’d certainly like to see the supporting evidence for everyone\’s cries of a declining player base. Na server has 20k online daily, same as the past 5 years I\’ve been playing. Most people I know who quit did so because of burn out. Not because the game got worse, which is purely opinion.

      1. Here you go: http://wot-news.com/stat/server/eu/norm/en – you can check the development of the number of WAU (weekly active users). July has seen the lowest number in record, down a third from the minor peak of roughly 1 million when 1.0 was released. This trend is similar across all servers.
        Numbers have improved over the last couple of weeks, probably as a result of the latest release and the current marathon. I don\’t think at this point, though, that Wargaming will be able to really reverse the trend.
        Btw, I think the real picture is even more grim for Wargaming because what we do not see reflected in these numbers is monetarization. I do not have any numbers to prove it, of course, but my impression from reading the boards and talking to others is that fewer and fewer players regularly spend money on the game. This means that the conversion, i.e. the money paid/customer, is worsening even as the number of players is going down.

                1. so there are more active players but none of them gives a fck about mission that gives them free stuff just for playing the game…..sorry m8 but that makes no sense to me

                  1. A lot of people are selfish pricks and intentionally not activating the code for the mission because they have the tank already so they get almost nothing out of the mission and don\’t want to help the others getting it.

                    1. ok…I see your point there…seen someone commenting like that in game chat about half an hour ago(about not activating code)…but even if they have tank they could get free stuff and credits since it does not require anything special-just to play the game….but to be honest some people will never be satisfied

      1. Compare this with LoL, WoW, Overwatch, War Thunder etc., set the time table to about 5y and you\’ll see that this is quite normal with about any MMO.
        It\’s just more noticeable with WoT since one can see the change more significantly with popular games. (Especially LoL)

  3. Would be even better if ~

    Wargaming announces NEW measures to recruit new fresh players into WOT and new measures how to KEEP them for more than just the 1 first year ~ without pissing off new players with obvious shit gameplay and unfair game mechanics from Tier 3 onwards

    Wargaming announces solutions incentives on HOW to STOP players after 2+ years leaving or uninstalling WOT with honest solutions to 5.000.000+ WOT long-dead-accounts

    of course unless you were playing WOT from 2013 onwards you wont know WOT regularly had 250.000+ players on the EU servers

    1. If it ain\’t broke, don\’t fix it. I actually have that folding keyboard still. Tho not played WOT on it. But back in the day it was good for many driving games and FPS etc.

    1. Just configure the most common shit talking points into a macro and have it run every 30 seconds or so.

      30 seconds: Lets do this shit noobs
      1 minute: GJ scout you fucking idiot
      1m30: move up fucking dumb heavies

      When you die run the dead macro:

      GJ team.
      fucking faggots
      this team…

      Sprinkle with the arty macro:
      fucking cancer everytime
      stupid clickers
      play real tanks


      1. Nah, I prefer more personal and customised trash talk, like \”Hey scout, do you fake that stupidity or are you actually handicapped?\” and \”FU camper team, I\’d say you are gonna get f***ed in the a-hole now, but that\’s impossible cause you\’ve been sitting on it the entire game.\”

  4. it\’s a bit cheaper the just rewrite the wasd letters back on the keys with a white pen than to buy a new keyboard. The missus was puzzled why the S has worn off, methinks I run away to much

      1. I can buy 20 regular keyboards for the price of a mechanical and those will last me for 40 years at least.

        1. You can buy a mechanical one for 30-50 Euros and it will last for a long time. Even if a key dies you can just replace that for the fraction of the price of a new keyboard.

  5. The number of players IS dropping, there is no doubt about it.

    However, the problem is WHAT WILL WG DO ABOUT IT?

    Also, what CAN they do about it?

    You must remember, for every change that some people will like, there will always be a bunch of people who will dislike it.

    And of course, there is the motivation… Everything that gets implemented, WG must believe that it will bring them profit, at least in the long run.

    These things in combination really stiffles the introduction of truly new things into the game (and in some cases, even fixing the old ones).

    1. One thing I do find odd is… the peak numbers each day is still higher then last year at this time, even tho stat pages say daily logins are on a rapid drop. If so it\’s def one group that\’s leaving. WG\’s just gotta figure out why. Either it\’s the casual players or the hardcore, as in those that play every single day.

      Tho on the EU forum it\’s the casual that are mostly leaving going by the rage quit topics. As the hardcore that has left so far…. have their battle counter go up 5 min after that post.

      And ofc, some changes might get people back. But might force others to leave there again. So it\’s a gamble on every change WG do make either way. Take me for instance. If we get +1. I\’m gonna enjoy my fav tanks way less. And that alone will kill some fun of it. Just like when they removed the +4 MM on my Luchs, and +3 after that. It was less fun when it was top tier way more often. Then it was just dirty. Think I\’ve played 10 games in it since then. And if they kill the bully fun I have…. why play?

  6. BOSS, we have no clue what\’s happening in WG. Maybe the player base is declining or maybe it\’s even increasing, but unless you got an insider you can\’t really tell. I always try to \”reverse\” any of WG\’s moves, to understand why they did something and what will they serve as a reason to us, but from some past data was able to acquire, I don\’t have a slightest clue in any of these \”surveys\”. An obvious thing is huge increase in monetization tactics, but why, hmmm, we will see in about 2 years, maybe??? To conclude I have no idea what\’s going on, even if it\’s a positive or negative for the game\’s future…

      1. The last 2 years there were a lot more premium offers than usual. And they broke their promises and sold „removed” tanks. That is enough to see how desperate they are.

        1. Is \”we promise you to never sell these tanks ever again\” strictly the exactly same as \”we won\’t sell these tanks again [but times are evolving and changes must be made]\” ? 😛
          I enjoy my M6A2E1 and I still hope to get the Pz. V/IV somehow (and A-32 as well but just on RU server unfortunately)…

  7. They let the game stagnate for two years. The only \”innovation\” was that in 2016 they started the OP premuim sales trend. All the other games they invested WoT money in either flopped outright or are just not doing nearly as well. They are struggling mightily this year to get back the magic but it may be too little, too late. Veteran players are bored and frustrated: new players get fed up with the complexity and toxicity.
    I hope they can fix it, but the Russian/Soviet management style (we give or players what we want) is a serious weakness.

    Just one example: How many players begged to buy a Chieftain tank but WG refuses to give them what they want. Instead we get ridiculous made up shit, and tanks that only ever existed on paper.

  8. \”Oh Chieftain? M60A1? No we could not introduce these vehicles as they would upset our carefully balanced and historically accurate game. \”
    \”Instead try the 180 ton Japanese fantasy heavy with Naval Cruiser turret. Or a Soviet medium prototype that is faster than any light, more powerful than any TD and harder to kill than any heavy.\”

  9. >Odd thing to focus on when the game is declining in players.
    this blog is becoming a pain in the ass to read just like silentstalker/rita back in the day with retarded anti wg comments put in everywhere when there is no need to

  10. How about they do something about a skill based MM, when you pay for premium and constantly get teams of clueless players you wonder why you buy premium time, let\’s all pay to lose game after game because the team doesn\’t know what it\’s doing, the whole point of premium time is to increase silver and xp production, not really when your team are hopeless

  11. Yes of course dear Sebastianul, we all know you hate Wargaming and your only keeping this here alive in order to increase your feeling of self-worth.
    However, please explain what a game controller has to do with the development of a game?
    For some reason I doubt that WG is actually taking devs from the balancing department, so they can develope a controller.

    How about just being a bit more neutral and objective when it comes to your blog?

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