Data: Tank Meta from Ranked Battles Season 2

I figured some people like to see data regarding WoT. 

Anyone who plays Ranked probably realized this information already, but WG is always talking about how they collect and review data to improve the game.So I decided to collect my own data.

Data Collection: To show the meta for Ranked, I recorded some data within the first week of Ranked Battles a few weeks ago. I observed a few super-unicum streamers on Twitch and recorded which tanks were used for 15 battles on NA and EU, for a sample size of 30 battles. This was within the first week of the Ranked Battles season and it was always higher-rank battles at the time. The data was recorded manually, which was cumbersome. I understand it would’ve been better to collect data over the entire season, but again, the data collection was manual and time consuming.

Results: I am listing only the specific names of heavies/meds and their usage because the other classes were barely used and I want to keep the article from being 10 pages long. ALL tank data was recorded though and  can be seen in the graphs, but the graphs don’t contain specific tank names. Ranked battles are 15 v 15. 



*Tech tree tanks not used: Leopard 1, Obj 268, T-62A, Badger, Foch B, BC 155 58,  WZ 113G FT, WZ-132-1


*Tech tree tanks not used: Sheridan, T110E3, T110E4, Grille 15, JP E100, PZ KPFW VII, Maus, E100, Leopard 1, RHM PZW, Obj 268, K-91, IS-4, Obj 705A, Badger, Foch B, AMX M4 54, Amx 30B, BC 155 58, STB-1, WZ 113G FT, WZ-132-1, 121, Kranvagn

Conclusions: It doesn’t take a brain surgeon (Or even someone with a semi functioning brain) to see what is happening here. The meta is dominated by heavily armored mediums and heavies that can brawl at close range to maximize EXP so chevrons can be gained. Sniping and long distance damage doesn’t really pay off because the EXP you get is vastly diminished. Note that tanks with strong turret armor reign supreme (Super conq, WZ 5A, Obj 430U, 907, IS7, Obj 277 etc). These tanks are pretty easy to play hulldown and just dominate anything without turret armor, and their armor can easily bounce even premium shells in many situations.

To me the most interesting thing here is the total lack of some tanks being used. It’s no secret the Leopard 1 is terrible and it wasn’t seen in any of the 30 battles. Other older and forgotten tanks were missing/barely featured at all. In general, German, American, and French tanks were barely featured even though they have several tier 10s available.

Light tanks and TDs were also barely used.

TLDR –  Ranked is totally dominated by a handful (Primarily Russian) of brawling tanks and others with strong turret armor. Mobile tanks are also better performers to slower tanks, with some exceptions depending on the map.

Basically if it wasn’t for the Super Conq/5A, Ranked would be 90% Russian tanks.

But don’t worry, WG “collects data” and will make adjustments accordingly Kappa.

Disclaimer: This is my first article here, constructive criticism is welcome. I understand some people don’t care about data so I’m curious as to what the reception of this will be. If people like it, I will post more articles containing data, mostly collected from VBAddict on tank performance, which makes data manipulation easy and quick.

Hope I didn’t make any typos.



34 thoughts on “Data: Tank Meta from Ranked Battles Season 2

    1. None at all, the game is clearly biased toward German tanks, they are so strong need big nerf. Tiger 2 just dominates every tier 8 game even if bottom tier in 3-5-7.

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      1. My point is, that i can do better damage with my e-50M even in defeat but even if i am the first in damage i am never into the 3 first in exp, thats why exp system is broken. Its better to make 2k damage and be in the first line than 3,5 or more but stay in sniper role, thats the reason i can use my JagdE100 a lot of guys rushing bad, getting into easy shoots. For me Jagd work a lot and Type 5 is more easy to play.


  1. But the guy who does statistics for WG with a magic formula says everything is fine, shop needed a replacement and more clown camo sold, but otherwise the game has no problems!!!1

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      1. Meta in WOT is too small. You basically have 5 options out of the 60 tier 10s available.

        Other games have more options that are meta and competitive.

        Buff the useless tanks and nerf the OP ones, it’s not hard. Small changes, nothing huge. But WG always likes to make huge changes, don’t know why.

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  2. And then WG will claim that player-collected data is ‘biased and unreliable’, and therefore useless as feedback (as if they care about our feedback anyway).

    Not being sarcastic here, in fact I found this read very interesting, but WG being WG they will never address the problem of overtuned tanks reasonably fast – look to how long it took them to nerf Object 268 v4, and look how insignificant said nerfs were.

    WoWs had its fair share of shortcomings, but WG Minsk could seriously start taking notes on how WG St. Petersburg handles their game.

    …oh but, then they’d ask us players to pay for pen and paper.

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      1. If that is true you’re either very lucky or a super unicum, or both, because even Dakillzor and other super unicums loses credits playing ranked, and he’s one of the best players in the world.


  3. well, wait for the next season. I guess, the polish tier 10 might be seen quite often. high alpha, only small weakspot (drivers hatch), even with HEAT almost impenetrable turret … and good gdp, too.

    main drawback is mobility.

    otherwise: I am SO surpised – not. :-/ who would have thought those tanks could be most useful? spaced armor versus HEAT (what is used 95% of the times as a feeling).

    interesing would be ranked battles without prem. but then many tanks could only pen the enemy with a little bit of luck for pen-RNG …

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    1. Yes, the polish tier 10 will be viable in ranked because it has a strong turret with gun depression, but i think it will mostly do well because it can fire HE at all the hulldown tanks and do 300 dmg + a shot, while bouncing a lot of shells. Type 5 can’t do that.


  4. Wargaming just so clueless how to run a ‘fair and competitive’ competition showcasing ALL THERE tanks at tier 10 any top tech tree elite T10 should be good somewhere in Ranked

    – so as the players who wanting to play Ranked can play confidently with the Tier 10’s they already have in the garage
    – what is the fucking point of unlocking a Tier 10 which you may enjoy playing and took a long time unlocking (the old fashioned way grinding) to find its now just SHIT at Ranked Battles as its … old ….. and last 2~3 years ago outdated meme

    Wargaming as a Company can be compared to high school kids running a club-meet where everything is what the kids only want to play

    big Companies see a wider bigger picture to stay competitive this for the long term good of the Company it KEEPS its customers and grows new customers

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      1. Seal clubbing in a Chaffee… Sure why not?
        Though I never touched it again after the LT nerfs and at least it’s a class you need to actually need skill to play and be good.

        Unlike HTs that only need to drive to a corridor…

        And, um… At Tier V, there are much better seal clubbing assets *cough* T67 *cough*

        The final word can be yours if you wish to contest the above. Though, if you checked my stats, you could also mention the AMX 13 90… 🙂


        1. Are you trying to be funny with the same douchbag attitude you have in WG forums? I see no point arguing with a below average player with 1k wn8. Your stats are really bad so what’s so special with your 55%wr 13 90? One of the few tanks you have a wn8 above 2k. And still too few battles. One tank that particularly tells us what kind of player you are is the 59-16. Not to mention all tanks with sub 400 wn8…..


            1. To be honest. I couldn’t resist giving you the language you deserve. In a place and opportunity where you are not protected by moderation. You are just another noob with a douchebag and toxic attitude, especially against new players asking questions at the WG forums. I guess you have to make up for your poor stats….


  5. I don’t like ranked. Next time I usually just take out my artillery for the first few easy level ups and then stop playing xp


    1. After last frontline it was repeatedly stated that the gamemode will return, however only seasonal and not permanently available. At least thats what I remember.


  6. Typical WG. I hope the changes they work on in Frontline mode will be minimal. I really enjoyed Frontline and it was the best and only use for reserves. They also working on economy, so good chance they will ruin Frontline.

    Still, I wait for the mode to return, only special mode that didn’t suck.


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