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      1. I\’ve personally had a good read on that thing. It\’s too cluttered but I got the point. A quick model swap would satisfy american fanboys too.

      2. In all seriousness, there are a LOT of US citizens who know a LOT about trains and different train cars. Not everyone knows what they\’re called or what they carry, but nearly every US citizen can point out various US designed train cars compared to non-US styled cars and to say this isn\’t an oversight or laziness by WG then you\’d be very wrong.

    1. When people start to complain that even the map is \”unhistorical\”. Then again WG have never said WOT is a historical acurate game. Or a sim game even. And I suspect only 0.001% of the players will be upset about those wagons. The rest really don\’t care.

      1. Don\’t get me wrong, they should fix it, if only because they were asked to, but it\’s WG, the fix is coming around 2020.

        And the unhistorical filter is, as usual, total crap, I still see alpine tigers, scorpions and WG league. They must be historical by WG standards.

        1. Well, Skorpions and such could be visually swapped for their normal variants for your client by the server if WG wanted to make it like that, but we\’re talking about WG so… yeah… you just have to deal with it I guess

  1. Noticed many trees removed or moved away in this HD map
    was bad enough before, especially the South spawn

    WG trying to make this an \’open brawler\’ semi-city map with little natural cover (trees & bushes) in places that LT\’s and MT\’s and especially TD\’s need,
    suppose defending and flanking with scouting is BAD for quick turbo 4 min WOT battles?

    Looks like a fuck-you map for Light Tanks if you do try to \’scout\’ you will get spotted by better MT\’s
    with better vision & guns, I see a lot of LT\’s players going back to the garage within 1 minute

    not a noob learner friendly map in any way is it?
    which if you look at the end of battle result screen shows 60~70% of random players now are some with less than 5k battles

    yolo fast! go push not-think to win / lose memes from WG again

    1. So and ideal for the new upcoming wheeled YOLO wagons won\’t you say? 😛

      It surprises me as well that lots of maps are either given
      A) too much concealment on too many edges of map locations, making them too tactically advantageous. A.k. like the two map corners on Province, the edges of the \”central flat\’n\’empty killing field\” of Fjords, or the two reworked map corners of Erlenberg. Or;
      B) concealment is TOO overall thinned out. Making locations far too empty and too open, except the edges. A.k. like the \”central flat\’n\’empty killing field\” of Fjords, the two map corners of Erlenberg that were reworked, or Fishermans Bay\’s in general.

      Bay as for this map though, it doesn\’t look all too bad IMO.
      It looks much much better overall than ALL the development iterations + the final iteration of Erlenberg, plus the maps Paris/Mines/Fjords and Fishermans Bay combined.

  2. Yeah its a pretty map now, but NOTHING gameplay wise has changed. Its still the same unbalanced thing. South spawn will always lose to a north left side push. Whoever gets to city first wins that. South if they win the left will be to afraid to push on because of bush camping TDs in the north base. And likewise in the south, camping TDs and other tanks will ruin whatever win the North got in the city. All while scout tanks get the shaft because theres even less bush cover now to spot from o/ Woooooo WG is awesome/sacrasm

  3. I enjoy the little blurb in there about the Hughes fly boat aircraft on the billboard in the middle of the map.

    However, the tornado needs some work. It seems very \”Hollywood\” and not real, but I guess there are plenty of variations of tornadic storms that it\’s possible one could look like that. Maybe it just feels like the clouds are up too high…

    1. Judging from all the landmarks (buttes to the west, plains to the east, and a river in the middle) is that we\’re in central to western South Dakota.

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