“Battle of Streamers” on the RU server

On the RU server, a few days ago the event with the name: “Battle of Streamers/Bloggers” ended. This event simply consisted in the choice of the “favorite” Streamer/Youtuber team.

Through playing random battles, chips were collected and after the players reached certain milestones, they received prizes in the form of bonds, equipment, etc. Depending on the selected streamer, players were also given camo, emblems, inscriptions and medals dedicated to them. Perhaps, in the future, a similar event will appear on the EU server.





Styling sets:







9 thoughts on ““Battle of Streamers” on the RU server

  1. The funniest thing about this contest is that the most popular RU content makers – Jove and Amway – are falling back real hard, while smaller CCs are going strong.

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