WG Fail – Supertester Emails

Some players have reported receiving such emails:


Unfortunately, it’s only a mail sent to the wrong users. No ships for you!

0 thoughts on “WG Fail – Supertester Emails

  1. I got it too on one of my accounts that I never used to play WoWs with. I imagined it\’s a way of dragging players that play other wargaming titles to that particular game.

      1. WG games are not teally that bad comparing to other popular online games. MMOs in general are cancer and a development/managment trainwreck. I’m personally gonna get MOE on Tortoise and take a break from online games, Spider-Man comes out on 7th.

  2. Hmm, a apology for being sloppy with personal data would be nice. none given in the respective forum thread.

  3. Hadnt played WoWs in two years and never reached past tier 5.

    Too bad it\’s a mistake (though predictable). I would have reinstalled it x)

  4. This really upset me. I got this email few minutes after my 15th T10 was just exped. Last 3 days I was able to exp 3xT10 in wows. I was thinking i just made decent progress by having 15xT10 so that I became ST. FU WG!!!!

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