WG Fail – Supertester Emails

Some players have reported receiving such emails:

Unfortunately, it’s only a mail sent to the wrong users. No ships for you!


23 thoughts on “WG Fail – Supertester Emails

      1. WG games are not teally that bad comparing to other popular online games. MMOs in general are cancer and a development/managment trainwreck. I’m personally gonna get MOE on Tortoise and take a break from online games, Spider-Man comes out on 7th.


  1. This really upset me. I got this email few minutes after my 15th T10 was just exped. Last 3 days I was able to exp 3xT10 in wows. I was thinking i just made decent progress by having 15xT10 so that I became ST. FU WG!!!!

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