Supertest News 31/08 – Preferential Matchmaking


The redesigned Personal Missions system, Polish tanks, brand new maps—all these things delivered in 1.1 are great and fun. Yet we have to do more, and this includes improving the state of tanks with preferential matchmaking. Well, we’re working on it.

During the first testing round, we improved the stats of these vehicles. Then we checked the dynamics of battle statistics and your feedback. Both the battle data and your reaction showed that we should make additional adjustments. The tanks with preferential MM fared better, but not enough.

Before that test run, the combat efficiency of these vehicles had varied greatly: some had played a bit better, some had been truly abysmal. The first Supertest iteration gave us a firm ground for going further: the “prefs” level of battle performance is now (roughly) the same. So, we’re about to take the second step.

The second Supertest for the preferential MM tanks with reworked stats launches today. The initial changes will slightly boost these vehicles’ efficiency. Nothing extreme: we’ll study the numbers and will drive these tanks to being able to hold their own against Tier IX vehicles and those with full-tier battles. More stat adjustments may ensue.

The prefs won’t become as efficient as the tanks with full-tier battles, as they don’t face Tier X monsters in battle. So (for example) the performance of the IS-3 and the IS-6 should not become even, but the latter will be an asset in battles with the tiers accessible to it.

Once more: the initial fixes to the prefs’ stats are not final and the tanks’ parameters may change again before they roll out onto the main server.

117 thoughts on “Supertest News 31/08 – Preferential Matchmaking

    1. But overbuff arma on ruskie tanks da DA makes for gud game balance cyka comrade

        1. Agreed, the armor\’s only purpose is to step on tier 6/7s, the higher tiers will ignore it just the same as before. The way to make these tanks playable is to give them firepower, particularly penetration. In fact, that\’s the very same criticism I have of the armor meta as a whole. Its cancer for both the lower tiers who just can\’t counter it, and the higher tiers who don\’t even have to think about it.

    1. It meant to get more DPM and engine power, if I remember the older news about it.

  1. Too little, too late… I was waiting for improved prefmm prems at this patch, no luck. They still being tested and maybe some day, in the future, changes will get to the game. Hope I will be in the game also, many players won\’t.

    Main issues get dragged for years, devs wasting time making useless changes to the in-game shop and players quit hoping and quit playing.

    Cancer\’s Warthunder considered a valid option again, when it was a joke for years. Wargaming just playing the three monkeys – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Nice, this way the game will be dead before they even know it.

      1. Hey Seb

        been saying just that and lots of times here since 2016

        WG only have the 1 single product just the 1
        (i don\’t count WOW and etc they are small player bases – compared to what WOT was and had been in 2014 I remember 250000 on EU servers all day every day

        this years Gaemescon 5x Event only had a max of 98000 players from early evenings on any day over those 4 days
        ~ last year 2017 there was 150000 EU servers and this every day from afternoons on
        ~ 2016 the EU Servers had 200.000+ and 100,000 from lunchtime onwards

        there is sadly a -25% player abandonment on WOT year on year on year

        Wargaming are frankly a bunch of obstinate at times unbelievably stupid Belarussian\’s always self-important appear distant superior ego\’s fathead fools (well that\’s is how they appear to 95% of us

        Only Sael and Kandly from WOT Minsk have started to improve that go-fuck-yourself attitude from WG (lol remember \’Storm\’ what a cunt!

        Any other large software game Company (European or US) with a game as \’HUGE\’ as WOT with almost zero completion would have massively \’grown\’ this product WOT and exploited its unique mass appeal once it realised \’WOT is a winner and epic winner if managed efficiently\’

        the fucked up MM (on purpose) WG don\’t do accidents its all there roadmap of there \’vision for WOT\’
        along with lets throw 50% of all the Maps away – who needs maps?

        WG still CANNOT react quickly to change itself as with 4500 employee Minsk & Nicosia all the \’mini-me my department kingdom generals\’ bring everything down to a snails pace

        all this makes me quite sad, WOT for me is and should be .. the best game in the world and it should have been

        1. I used to be super hyped about new lines, but with the historical butchering of the Czechs and Swedes I don\’t want other good lines in this game anymore, cause they are only done in a superficial manner and then used as cashcows…

        2. I\’m playing since 2013 (but much less, perhaps 2000-3000 battles/year instead of 800/month) and I remember just 170K players online in evening peak time. Over 200K were online only during events such as xmas. Game has it\’s flaws, but I guess it\’s very hostile to new players (basically nothing non-premium below tier 9 is not fun to play, bad crews …) and it\’s not so interesting after few years of playing. I\’m leaving and returning to the game without hating it. First year and half can be called addiction. I think it\’s about the same with other players. They started mostly in 2012-2013 and they started to slowly leave.

        3. Actually my biggest issue with WoT is that we have buffed and powercreeped tier 10, about the same with tier 9 and tier 8 premiums. Tier 7 is the same except they added toxic E25 and tier 6 tanks that are fun to play are hard to find. As a result, half of tier 9 and tier 10 is worth playing, perhaps IS3 and few lights are ok on tier 8, nothing below tier 5 makes sense. It\’s quite bad that game with perhaps 400 or 500 tanks total has perhaps 30 non premium tanks that are good.
          I sort of miss that time when hetzers, t40s, hellcats, kV1S, t29s were fun to play and when people played low and mid tiers for fun. But WG decided to ruin free-to-play tiers and as a result, MM became very frustrating.

  2. Year 2035. WOT is officially the most enduring cyber-gam of all. VR all over, you just inject a WOT chip to play…

    Arty still shit, Pref MM isn\’t fixed, Gold ammo and Pay-to-Win problems all around! TAP: \”This game is DYING!\”

    1. Maybe in 2035 people will play it for the same reason they now watch low budget \”B class\” horrors from the 80\’s.

      1. Player numbers in NA dropped off a cliff in just the last year. It\’s sad. I think they decided to develop too many crappy games back in 15 and left Wot to coast. All those games failed and suddenly they are scrambling to overhaul WoT and fund everything with OP premium sales and gold ammo.

        1. They have invested in WOT, past Rubicon update, but not in the right parts of WOT. Some statistic genius has been selling them magic beans, and they like it, easier than going through forums, TAP and videos.

          Problem is, like always, these are castor beans full of game ricin. So the game is dying, I have to agree. It\’s being killed by stupidity of people high up in WG office.

    1. Its still bad lol. IS4 has a frontal armor so bad it wouldnt be enough at tier 9. The IS-6 having better armor doesnt make it OP, it just makes the IS4 even worse.

      And they plan to change the IS4 line. Someday. Maybe.

    2. Actually the IS-4 still has better frontal armour. One thing you have to remember is that these are the raw effective values that don\’t take into account the armour normalisation on AP and APCR rounds, so doing some quick maths we can determined that they only buffed the UFP by 10mm and whilst those values will be true against HEAT rounds the armour will only be about 242mm effective verses APCR and 220mm effect vs AP. In comparison the IS-4s armour on the UFP should be around 298mm vs HEAT 280mm vs APCR and 257mm vs AP(remember this is if people don\’t aim down on its armour) so still not great for a tier 10 heavy but still better than the IS-6.

  3. When these tank meets the 252U, they still get fked. simply because they\’re old.
    Alright, fk the old players if they don\’t buy new prem tank, thank WG.

      1. aha! a Mail Online middle aged player ~ only that would bring a \’snowflake\’ racist sneer remark, and btw \’snowflake\’ here in TAP is all but meaningless dad ~ this is a WOT forum & thread btw about well tanks & WG

  4. It\’s funny theyre showing effective armor values BEFORE normalization. Like the IS-6 for example. The 110mm armor is 257mm effective before normalization, it becomes 220-ish after normalization. I guess theyre showing the armor vs HEAT.

  5. well, the one thing that is interesting: Jagdtiger 8,8 gets 212mm of pen end better gunhandling. give the same to the Panther 8,8 and it could in theory become \”ok\” again. its still almost paper armored, rather sluggish and the pen is mediocre at best. compare it to some of the last prem MTs and see how bad it got …

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