Supertest – Empire’s Border and Highway in HD

We’re happy to announce that the Empire’s Border map is headed straight for the main server. Today, we will be testing small changes with the purpose of helping TDs be more efficient on this map. What we’ll also be checking is whether the new location plays well in Encounter Battle and Assault modes. Yes commanders, soon we’ll be getting a new map for these!

What is Empire’s Border like?
The map has designated attack directions for different vehicle classes, divided by hills and the Great Wall. You’ll probably say “Ah, one more corridor map!”, but don’t worry: we’ve made it interesting for all classes.

Zone 1 is for medium tanks, irrespective of their gameplay specifics. There are far distance shoot-throughs near the Great Wall and there’s plenty of cover along the red line.

Light tanks may take a chance in Zone 2 which is good for active spotting and blazing-fast breakthroughs. Both tactics are risky but may pay off handsomely, giving your side a significant advantage in battle.

Medium and heavy tanks with good gun depression will feel right at home in Zone 3. It is extremely important to establish control over it. We expect some really nasty fighting here.
Heavies not so much blessed by gun depression gods may brawl in Zone 4, on the bypass road. Bring big guns, strong armor and steely-eyed Crews!
TDs will be able to support allies from Zone 5 that has some lush and cozy bushes.
Let’s demonstrate the map’s readiness to meet Random Battles—and assess the viability of Encounter Battle and Assault modes here.

What about the Highway?
The Highway is just fine. While re-mastering this location in glorious HD, we were doing our best to keep its gameplay layout intact. Today, we’ll see if we succeeded, so buckle up and get ready to enjoy the view! The reformed Highway is gorgeous and atmospheric. Warm up your Maus and play “Highway to hell” – cause tankers, it’s time for a ride!

0 thoughts on “Supertest – Empire’s Border and Highway in HD

  1. it doesnt matter how many maps you add they all play the same way. teams goes left or right or both. maps are to small and wg listens to much to the whining minority

  2. Would be bloody nice if they could just add one more map to tier 1 and 2. I hate when these new nations arrives and I want to have have Ace Tankers on the new tanks and have to play only Abbey, Himmelsdorf and Mines until I go crazy. No winter map, I wonder how WG thought that up. No winter map, no money from people who buy gold for winter camo. Also, doesn’t three maps make new players bored easily and rush tiers?

    1. No empathy for seal clubbing. Get your aces in high tier, where it actually take some skill.

      1. \”No empathy for seal clubbing\” What the fuck does that even mean??? So pay money to WG to avoid lower tiers in case captain \”I only play high tiers\” has no \”empathy\” for you. Seriously what age are you?


        enjoyment, amusement, or light-hearted pleasure.
        \”the children were having fun in the play area\”
        synonyms: pleasure, entertainment, enjoyment, amusement, excitement, gratification;
        amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable.
        \”it was a fun evening\”
        synonyms: enjoyable, amusing, diverting, pleasurable, pleasing, agreeable, interesting

        1. Stopped thinking about the fun of the players who plays the game for the first time? Those tiers are intended to learn and get through fast.

      2. But what if I want an ace tanker on all my tanks? Not especially fun seal clubbing but I get a kick out of fragging those pro-seal clubbers…Of which there are plenty of in low tiers, 3-platooning in M2 Lights with their 70+winrate and 3k wn8, avg tier 3. ARE those teams pleasant for new players?

      3. Idiot, you should know, that to get Ace on tier 1 is more difficult than on tier 8. Several youtubers already complained about it.

        1. Sensitive subject it seems Triggered! lol why don’t I go suck some dix cause I disgrace my nation with these petty comments.

    2. Here\’s a better idea, have really big maps (like the size of Frontlines or even GB maps) and have the play area size be determined by the tiers that are playing. Also make the play area location on the map random so that you have essentially many different play areas per map. The maps need to be big enough that even top tier tanks don\’t have a view range that covers more than 1/4 of the map.

  3. why is every single Map created with specific gameplay \’points of developer control\’ for specific classes

    TD\’s \’are positioned here \’for there specific play area effect\’
    MT\’s can play here \’for there specific play area effect\’
    HT\’s must play here for \’for there specific play area effect\’

    So much feels like \’designer specific WG control Maps\’ where we the players are \’almost robots in tanks\’ to go play in \’there areas\’

    why cannot HT\’s or MT\’s etc go where they please and still have fun?

    oh yes we know silly dumb me ~ the Maps are small, corridor strewn, no natural cover, huge open flat kill areas > to artificially \’shrink map area size\’ or mountains you cannot climb or use\’ big water areas to again restrict map size

    really WG should out-source any new Map design to an Independent Company
    it would be 10x faster per map (than the 19 months for 1 map hmm WG) way cheaper and less buggy map areas AND we get real diversity of maps

    1. You can play however you want in any tank. These notes are meant for noobs/bad players who don’t know how this game works.

      1. i love when you can\’t tell if people are trolling or just incredibly wrong. hilarious ^^
        again, you seem to suffer from dyslexia or some comprehension deficiency, gameboy man lol

        1. “Dyslexia”, “comprehension deficiency”. Damn, kid, how long you’ve been browsing through wikipedia to find these super smart words? I guess you’re not retarded after all since apparently you can read, I’m sorry for doubting you.

      2. Except that teammates explode with rage and might shoot you if you go anywhere else than where they think your tank type is supposed to go.

  4. \”Today, we will be testing small changes with the purpose of helping TDs be more efficient on this map.\”

    Last thing we need is making maps more arty and TD friendly. Unless WG learns how to balance them.

  5. HD environment looks superb as always and I it is good news two maps will make it back onto the live server in due time.

    Regarding highway, Seb has the preview vid already been released?
    Screens look good but don\’t give a clear picture on terrain features and such in some cases.

  6. \”You’ll probably say “Ah, one more corridor map!”, but don’t worry: we’ve made it interesting for all classes.\”

    No, it\’s just a fucking corridor map… XD It looks like Mountain Pass to me. Flanks should be devided by passable terrain, just like the hills on Redshire and Murovanka and the dunes on Sand River. That\’s what makes playing on a map dynamic. Redshire is by far the best map they have. Make more maps like that pls.

  7. Empire\’s Border just looks like a new version of Sacred Valley. Compare the two and you will see that there is the same set-up and feel.

    1. At least they did bother to alter it vs console and the Chinese server version. The 4 area was basically like valley on lakeville. Just a long corridor with a side road going up to the middle wall. So there are some major changes too it. As I hate this map on console.

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