War Thunder, My First Post

Hello everyone, this is my first post to the blog, so if it seems terrible I apologize in advance. I will post news and leaks  whenever I am available to do so. Who knows, maybe in the future if I have more time I will post again articles like the past( if anyone remembers my cruiser corner articles).

Src.   https://warthunder.com/en/news/5724-development-leopard-1-with-the-rheinmetall-120mm-l44-en

Briefly: An experimental version of the Leopard 1 outfitted with the powerful Rheinmetall 120mm L44 cannon and additional premium bonuses to silver lion and research point gain.

This late prototype of the Leopard 1, developed in the 1980s, is a proof-of-concept that the Rheinmetall 120mm cannon could be fitted on the Leopard 1 chassis.

This highly interesting member of the Leopard 1 family will soon join the ranks of the German ground forces tree as a new rank V premium vehicle, coming to the game with the release of update 1.81!

Development of a Leopard 1 fitted with the 120mm L44 cannon began as a private venture of the Rheinmetall company, hoping that such a Leopard 1 variant would be of interest, not just to the German army due to logistical commonalities with the Leopard 2 and higher performance of the gun, but also to international customers seeking third generation MBT features on older machines.

In the early 1980s, a Leopard 1A1A1 was modified with a thicker cast steel mantlet, suitable for mounting the Rheinmetall 120mm cannon, and additional interior changes to hold the respective ammunition. Further changes were applied in early 1985, with the installation of the EMES 18 fire control system from the Leopard 1A5.

Although there were several different prototypes based on Leopard 1 outfitted with the 120mm Rheinmetall cannon, none of them managed to justify a costly large scale upgrade effort of existing Leopard 1s. The upgrade was largely considered redundant due to the already more advanced Leopard 2 being in service.


In War Thunder, the Leopard 1 120mm will become available with the release of the next major update to all tankers and avid collectors as a new rank V premium vehicle of the German ground forces tree. For fans of the Leopard series, this vehicle represents the binding link between the Leopard 1 and Leopard 2, featuring some distinctive features of both vehicles in a one package.

From a distance, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re just looking at a standard Leopard A1A1. After all, a large portion of the vehicle’s outside appearance remains unchanged. However, when observing this Leopard 1 at a close distance from the front, several changes become apparent.

The biggest, and easiest change to spot, is the new 120mm L44 smoothbore cannon that replaces the old 105mm rifled L7 cannon. With this upgrade, owners of the new Leopard 1 will be able to confidently engage heavily armored targets at longer distances as the new cannon is capable of firing more potent sub-caliber rounds, such as the DM13, and with better precision.

However, the installation of a more powerful cannon did bring with it some drawbacks as well. Namely, the additional armor protection found on the Leopard A1A1’s gun mantlet had to be removed in order to fit the new cannon. This leaves the gun mantlet of the Leopard 1 more susceptible to damage from enemy fire.

Despite this, experienced Leopard drivers know that the vehicle’s strong suit never was armor protection, but mobility and firepower instead. Continuing to utilize these strengths, that now got further improved with the new cannon, can only yield better results. That being said, this experimental version of the Leopard 1 is truly a must-have for fans of the Leopard series and for tankers eager to speed up their research progress through the higher tiers of the German ground forces tree.

The Leopard 1 with the 120mm L44 smoothbore cannon will become available to War Thunder tankers with the release of the upcoming update 1.81. Until then, stay tuned to the news for more exciting information regarding the next major update coming to the game very soon! Good hunting, commanders!

Pre-order – Leopard Pack
Pre-order - Leopard Pack
The Pack Includes:
  • Leopard A1A1 L/44 (Rank 5 Germany) – available after 1.81 update
  • 2000 Golden Eagles
  • Premium account for 15 days
  • Pre-order bonus: “MG3” 3D-decoration – available after 1.81 update
  • Pre-order bonus: unique “Predator” title

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  1. if you are a War Thunder player you know how effective the Leo 1 is in the game, if on top of that you give it the 120mm smoothbore I cannot look at it and think anything else other than:

    «pay-to-win strikes back»
    it has become a epidemy in WT, both premiums and event vehicles (that some players BUY for a higher price than comparable \”normal\” premium, due to often being event-walled) who are clearly favoured over the rest wen it\’s time to decide it\’s BR

    1. To be honest, the only thing this tank has going for it, is the gun.
      No armor to speak of, and mobility isn\’t very good at 9.0, where it will be outran by anything that isn\’t an M60 or British. The tanks it will face 90% of the time(that is 10.0 tanks) will outclass it just about in every aspect.

      I\’m not saying it will be weak, or bad, far from it. But to call it p2w is a stretch.

      1. I don\’t see a problem with it being 9.0, the Leo A1A1 is 9.0 (in RB), which should be lowered and replaced with later variants with addon armour, and the XM803 is 9.0 as well, likewise the Leo 120 is highly mobile with a even better gun than theirs, so why would it not work?
        then there\’s another fact, premiums are less often uptiered than regular vehicles, we all know it\’s like that and with all things considered it will be pay-to-win wether it gets 9.0 (current highest BR for Rank V bundle premiums) and even more if it gets 8.7, I at least cannot see it be 9.3 when the XM1\’s are only 9.0

        NOTE: have you seen the list of supposedly leaked vehicles that came out 1 week before Gamescon? some of them were later confirmed

        M901 ITV (ATGM armed M113)
        M2A3 Bradley
        FV510 warrior
        Leo 1A6
        some Japanese MLRS vehicle

        the Leo 1A6 is supposedly the same as the Leo A1A1 L/44 they announced, while I did see a photo where it looked a bit different from the renders, and don\’t know why they did not name it like that



        1. btw, if it was not yet clear that list are only the ones yet to be anounced, the T-80, TAM, M247, etc were also part of the list but as I mentioned those are already known

        2. This is not the same vehicle.
          The one we get is also a real vehicle, this was a separate project.

          1. Also, it doesn\’t make sense for premium vehicles to be uptiered less, because matchmaking uses entire lineups to calculate MM(besides air RB). As long as I don\’t see any proof that this is the case, I\’ll ignore claims like these.

            1. that\’s not true, you can read the article about the MM in the wiki and there is as follow
              for ARCADE air battles the MM calculates your \”effective\” BR based on your lineup based on a table they also have on the wiki page
              the formula is as follows:
              BR=A/2+B/4+C/4 (since now they only allow 3 spawns)
              with A being the aircraft with the highest BR in the lineup and B and C being aircraft with the highest BR after A with a difference from at least 0.3 and at max 2.0, more than 2.0 (example A:4.0 and B:1.7) does not count for the calculation
              basically you have that if you have:
              A=x B=x-0.3 C=x-0.6
              and your lineup is
              A + A + B/C = A
              A + B + B = A
              A + B + C = B
              A + C + C = B

              conclusion: if you want to play a BR4.0 aircraft in ARCADE and increase your chances of being top BR and facing weaker aircraft you just need to add 2 BR 3.3 aircraft to the lineup and the MM will treat your lineup as 3.7, that way you can even go against BR2.7 lineups as the top BR aircraft at 4.0

              for Air RB, Air SB and GF SB the MM will only take into account the BR of the vehicle you selected, that means that you can have a lieup with a reserve aircraft/tank and with a BR8.0 aircraft/tank that IF you select the reserve vehicle and launch one of those 3 modes the MM will try to find you a reserve match or at max BR2.0 (max BR spread of +/-1)

              for GF Arcade and RB the MM will try to find you a match according to the highest BR vehicle in your lineup, since you can select aircraft for GF RB it will also be taken into account and if your top tank is 3.3 BUT you top aircraft is 4.0, your lineup will be treated as 4.0

              also, regarding the lower BR incidence for premium vehicles matches, I am no dataminer and can\’t give you stats BUT we all know it\’s true and that it happens in all games, there\’s a premium MM and a regular MM (figuratively since there\’s only one system BUT being premium is taken into account), I mean, why do you think the T29 became infamous for being OP? because if still dominated BR7.7 matches while being BR6.7? of course not, it\’s winrate was higher than normal because at BR\’s 6.7 and 7.0 it dominated most of the opposition, in WT a 0.3 BR differnce is nothing much, it only starts from 0.6 and higher, and premiums benefit from a higher incidence in that +0.3/-1.0 MM spread, it\’s not rocket science and everyone knows it\’s true

              another common example is the KV-1B, it\’s top tier/BR so often it has become known as one of the most OP tanks in the game, and recently we had the same problem with the premium P-47\’s and still have a problem with the BV-238, these are known issues and there\’s no reason to try and change subject because I\’m sure that if a KV-1B saw BR4.7 battles as often as I get BR 4.3 with BR 3.7 lineups it would not be so widely known as one of the most OP vehicles in the game, the same for the T29 facing BR7.3 or 7.7 more often or a BV-238 getting uptiered as often as I got into BR5.3 battles with a 4.0 P-61

              1. Oh, I am aware how MM works, my dude. You didn\’t need to write an essay for me. I\’m just saying there is no evidence whatsoever for there being premium MM. You\’d think someone by now would make a compilation of data of say 200 matches to back these claims up.

                And as long as it\’s not oficially(or through data) confirmed, I\’m not going to believe anyone claiming otherwise. It takes way too much effort to make an MM algorithm with so many variables.

                1. As for the premium vehicles you mentioned, KV-1B is hella OP even on max uptiers simply because it doesn\’t face Germans, which are pretty much the only country besides the British which which should have no problems killing it. Same goes for the German Churchill, it\’s armor is much more effective against the low-penetrating allied guns than Germans.

                  Also, you misunderstand why you are not getting uptiered/downtiered enough. Those are what we call MM blackholes, which are certain BR points where the most lineups for nations are created. This results in many tanks being sucked into it. Most common are 3.7, 5.7, 6.7, 10.0

          2. one more option then, and we know WT needs stop-gap/transiction vehicles since the leap in technology happened too fast and in too much quantity, afterall you can\’t go from 8.3 to 9.3 without adding at least 8.7 or 9.0 and hope to keep the balance, afterall if there\’s no 8.7\’s or 9.0\’s some 8.3\’s will be sucked into top BR matches as it did happen recently when not all nations had top BR MBTs

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