E 25 Available on NA


Special 68-Hour Sale: Rare E 25!

Sale Starts: Aug. 24, 08:20 PT | 10:20 CT | 11:20 ET
Sale Ends: Aug. 27, 04:20 PT | 06:20 CT | 07:20 ET


Rare E 25: War Chest

  • VIIE 25
  • 5,000 Gold
  • 5,000,000 Credits
  • GetXP for the first 40 wins in the E 25
  • 10x Personal Reserves: +300%Crew XP (1 hour)
  • 1xGarage Slot




0 thoughts on “E 25 Available on NA

    1. You have that right, but enough fools did part with their money for it. Was in a few battles and farmed them. Killed four enemy E-25\’s, laughing the whole time. I don\’t have one, won\’t spend that kind of money on one. But may spend 30 on one if they offered it.

  1. Well, since it\’s losing the poll on EU, they had to sell it elsewhere.

    This is so pathetic it\’s hilarious.

  2. Preferential MM needs to change. Let\’s sell more preferential MM tanks! These guys have ZERO understanding of business.

      1. I\’m aware. But the point remains that they want(ed) to axe it. It clearly puts a strain on the MM. They acknowledge that T8 MM is broken. Having pref MM tanks in the game exacerbates the problem. Consider that pref MM T8s can\’t see above T9 matches. Once MM places them, any other T8s can get into the match, the rest are going to go into the pool for the T10 matches. While these may not be significant, there is no doubt that MM isn\’t working as intended. Further, they have limited tanks like this for a reason. Much the same as the Type 59, they don\’t want entire teams of them roaming the servers. I waste a lot of money on this game (yes I\’m dumb) and I have nearly every single premium tank they\’ve ever released, so this isn\’t coming from the perspective of hating all things WG. They just don\’t seem to talk to each other about their strategies. This tank is OP, don\’t sell it ever again: Limited time offer to buy this tank! The reality is the game has slowly bled customers for the past 4 or so years to the point that they release these tanks to get income. That much is GOOD business sense. What\’s bad business sense is that they aren\’t keeping customers because they are not addressing our concerns (for years), like the above mentioned MM.

        1. And the big question is WHY? Why are they constantly spitting into the well? Every kid playing WOT for the summer can list the main issues ruining the game, dozens of bloggers scream all over youtube, forums are toxic, randoms are at all time low, but WG is busy selling E25s. How can they be so blind and misinformed?

          I guess WG people can ignore social media like champs, but the money flow they cannot ignore. No matter what OP imaginary monster they sell next, people who quit the game won\’t be back, and the cash flow will stop. Greed is actually bad for business, good fate and attentiveness to the client needs would make them richer, but they obviously prefer to bury this game.

  3. WG: \”We realized that pref mm needs a change.\”

    a few months later…

    WG: \”Hey, here is the loved and hated E-25, grab it quick!\”

  4. They gave away a butt-load of E25s for a simple one month mission a while back. Hardly rare on NA by any means.

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