1.1 Second Public Test Patchnotes

Source: Portal

Main Changes

  1. Changed the display of Bulletin in the client. The section itself has been renamed into Field Post Office.
  2. Some gameplay improvements have been made to a position on the Mines map.


  1. Fixed the issue that caused the following messages to be displayed on the screen at the same moment—the amount of caused damage and “Armor not penetrated”.
  2. Fixed the issue of the Tier VIII—X Swedish tank destroyers when the following hint was displayed after the vehicle is destroyed: Press X to switch to Siege mode.
  3. Models on maps have been improved.

Changes to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles

Changes to the Polish vehicles:

 Changes to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles:

  •  7TP: Added the 37 mm Bofors wz. 37 gun with the ammo rack capacity of 70 shells to the Bofors 2-osobowa and PZInż.220A turrets
  • 25TP KSUST II: Replaced the 75mm wz 22/24 gun with the ammo rack capacity of 77 shells with the 75mm wz. 1897 gun with the ammo rack capacity of 77 shells for the KSUST II turret

The above guns have been added and replaced to contribute to the historical accuracy of the vehicles.

0 thoughts on “1.1 Second Public Test Patchnotes

  1. “Models on maps have been improved”
    Does this mean that rock piles have correct hitboxes now? I hope so, cuz there are many shitty rock hitboxes around all maps as of now.

  2. No changes to personnal missions when everyone has been complaining about how retarded the difficulty of the second set is.
    Resuirements for the Obj260 except you get a tier 8 piece of shit instead. If at least the tank was good, or premium. But no, underpowered reward.

    1. yea i did look and the 15th mission on the 279 are so damn stupid like really wargaming get a first class or better in a tank 3 out of 10 games?!? really wargaming?

      1. Play a shitty tank nobody plays and its easy.
        The hard part is asking people to do those “do 8k damages” or “spot 12k damages” in a single game. Those were missions 15 for the obj260. Now they are for the Chimera which is just bad.

  3. Whoever comes up with the mission requirements don’t really plays the game and does not no the difference from his A$$ and a hole in the ground…:-/

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