XM551 Sheridan – a new model?

UPDATE: the model seems a bit too good for WoT, we suspect it’s for Excalibur.

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by Roman Agieiev 



12 thoughts on “XM551 Sheridan – a new model?

  1. That machine gun makes me think it’s a secondary AA gun. Looks like it would be used against helicopters in Excalibur. Plus the fact that this is the actual M551, not the XM551. I really want to be wrong btw.


    1. machineguns have always been a part of WoT, they were not usable but they were modeled
      perfect example is the “iconic” 14.5mm MG mounted on the IS-7, it changed position more than once (from being up to being “retracted”)


    1. Those were seen in Vietnam, they were less afraid of enemy tanks than a (brave as fuck) Vietnamese soldier with an RPG. So the commanders did a lot of fighting with the fifty and needed the cage.


  2. Still a thousand times prettier than the cardboard box they’re passing off as a ‘Sheridan’ in-game, with the chain link fence and garbage on top visual upgrade or otherwise. Do want.

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  3. That was all about why Excalibur was scrapped and R.I.P. and good riddance, because it’s crap and same old overused concept as WOT/WT/AW and none wile play it, another failure like WOWP.

    I tend to agree, WG had no successful projects at WOT level, and probably never will. They need WOT fixed to survive, not more failures.


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