0 thoughts on “XM551 Sheridan – a new model?

  1. Just the regular Sheridan model for the XM551 would literally make it worth keeping the damn tank. I hate that boat model it has.

  2. That machine gun makes me think it’s a secondary AA gun. Looks like it would be used against helicopters in Excalibur. Plus the fact that this is the actual M551, not the XM551. I really want to be wrong btw.

  3. Machine guns comming to WOT ?
    That would be nice. To knock fenses and other crap on the maps.
    But this is WG. Why add fun stuff to the game….

    1. machineguns have always been a part of WoT, they were not usable but they were modeled
      perfect example is the “iconic” 14.5mm MG mounted on the IS-7, it changed position more than once (from being up to being “retracted”)

    1. Those were seen in Vietnam, they were less afraid of enemy tanks than a (brave as fuck) Vietnamese soldier with an RPG. So the commanders did a lot of fighting with the fifty and needed the cage.

  4. Still a thousand times prettier than the cardboard box they’re passing off as a ‘Sheridan’ in-game, with the chain link fence and garbage on top visual upgrade or otherwise. Do want.

  5. That was all about why Excalibur was scrapped and R.I.P. and good riddance, because it’s crap and same old overused concept as WOT/WT/AW and none wile play it, another failure like WOWP.
    I tend to agree, WG had no successful projects at WOT level, and probably never will. They need WOT fixed to survive, not more failures.

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