Mystery tank is coming soon… (T26E3???)




16 thoughts on “Mystery tank is coming soon… (T26E3???)

    1. I don’t know the full details, but afaik some Pershings (back when they were still called T26E3s and not M26s) dueled a Panther tank that was standing guard in front of that church.

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        1. Panther Commander later said he saw the muzzle brake and long barrel coming around the corner and thought it was German.


  1. T26E3 Eagle 7 confirmed unless someone at WG screws up for reasons unknown. Here’s hoping it’s not that overpriced and comes with a free BiA crew (given that it’s a ‘historical’ tank like the Berlin ones and Thunderbolt).

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    1. Only 59.99 shekels, and of course, wallet warriors like yourself need that ZERO skill crew, so don’t worry, Rabbi Shlomo Shekelberg-goldstein will certainly include it – besides the 2000 golden shekels and 30 days premium.

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