0 thoughts on “Mystery tank is coming soon… (T26E3???)

  1. If I’m not wrong that looks like that T26E3 they showed on the supertest a few month back

  2. Cologne cathedral in the back. I can only wonder what tanks fought in a notorious duel in front of that cathedral! 🤔

    1. I don’t know the full details, but afaik some Pershings (back when they were still called T26E3s and not M26s) dueled a Panther tank that was standing guard in front of that church.

        1. Panther Commander later said he saw the muzzle brake and long barrel coming around the corner and thought it was German.

  3. T26E3 Eagle 7 confirmed unless someone at WG screws up for reasons unknown. Here’s hoping it’s not that overpriced and comes with a free BiA crew (given that it’s a ‘historical’ tank like the Berlin ones and Thunderbolt).

    1. Only 59.99 shekels, and of course, wallet warriors like yourself need that ZERO skill crew, so don’t worry, Rabbi Shlomo Shekelberg-goldstein will certainly include it – besides the 2000 golden shekels and 30 days premium.

      1. Well at least we get three options – standard, ultimate and supreme. Also did I hit a nerve or something with the zero skill BiA crew? 🙂

    1. Right. Terrible hit boxes, toxic MM, broken tanks, corridor maps, and arty cancer. What do they spend their time on? Moar premium tanks!

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