0 thoughts on “Shop 2.0

  1. Well, if this won’t bring a multitude of players back to the game, I don’t know what will.
    At least all the tanks are good, so is MM and arty. Shop fixed.

    1. WG wants their game to look good so you could adverise and sell it. At least we know that MM fixes are on the way and someday in six months we’ll be able to actually fucking play. Arty won’t get changed too much any time soon which is a shame. yesterday I played Maus top tier on Steppes. I damaged by an enemy tank ONCE, 90% of my HP went to clickers. 600 damage to front of a Maus from “nerfed” pigs, da blyat, comrad, good game mechanic, horosho, da. I really want clickers to be used only in CW, it will the fucking best, better than Frontlines.

    1. cause the ingame embedded browser is NOT safe to use due Mods.
      Mods can redirect traffic related this ingame browser and are able to use it in background without your knowledge.
      Thats why i blocked all traffix for the embedded browser as long i have mods installed.
      If there is something i need to check with embedded browser, then i clean my wot first.

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