0 thoughts on “WoT – Update 1.1 Common Test review

  1. “The Province has changed too – it now has a limited tier range, from 4 to 7.”
    Oh boy, already a good change to the map.
    (I still haven’t played the map though after it was reintroduced…)
    Also yay, new Campaign, with 3 tanks this time – Excalibur, Chimera and Object 257 (e) [Object 279 R? 257 (e) was shown in video as in-game]; this time missions are not in tank classes, but nations – Soviet/Chinese (Union), USA/UK/Poland (Bloc), German/Japan (Alliance) and France/Czech/Sweden/Italy (Coalition). First Op is accumulative (aka easy play to collect), Second Op is standard do-well-in-battle, Third Op will require doing things in a series of battles (more info later, I suppose?).

  2. Does anyone know if the number in the bottom-right corner at the end of the video (06:13) means anything? :/

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