1.1 Common Test Patchnotes

(skipped the already posted part about the new personal missions – link to it here)

2. Maps

  • Added the new Studzianki map.
  • Added the new Minsk map.
  • Added the Pilsen map that has been reworked to HD. Main changes:
    • Increased map size from 800х800 to 1000х1000 m
    • Completely revised the eastern part of the map.
    • Made a number of balance and gameplay changes all over the map.

Made balance improvements to the following maps:

  1. Glacier
  2. Siegfried Line
  3. Mines
  4. Province

The Province map will be available only for vehicles of Tiers IV-VII.

3. Polish tanks

  • A new branch of 10 Polish vehicles was added (Tier I-X respectively):
  1. 4TP
  2. 7TP
  3. 10TP
  4. 14TP
  5. 25TP KSUST II
  6. 40TP Habicha
  7. 45TP Habicha
  8. 53TP Markowskiego
  9. 50TP Tyszkiewicza
  10. 60TP Lewandowskiego

4. Added the customization functionality for all Tier IX vehicles.

5. Updated Wwise (sound engine)

  • fixed a number of critical issues of the sound system; added a new functionality to improve the sound in the game.

6. Changes to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles


  • Added the Object 279 (e) (heavy tank, for supertesters)
  • Added the IS-2M


  • Added the Chimera (medium tank, for supertesters)
  • Added the Excalibur (tank destroyer, for supertesters)

Fixed Issues

  • Object 430 II: displayed power of the 4TDF engine was changed from 580 to 610 h.p., which corresponds to the actual value.

Source: EU Portal