Update 1.1: Here Come the Poles

PS: the 1.1 public test should (if EVERYTHING goes well) arrive tomorrow, probably in the afternoon. If not, the test will be postponed to Friday, August 3.
Source: EU Portal

This year, we promised the addition of two new tank nations; Italy came first and now it’s time for the Polish brethren to take to the battlefield proper. The line will start with light tanks and eventually evolve into top-tier heavies through the mid-tier mediums.
Poland was the next logical step as a nation to add… but why? It was the gateway to the east and west throughout both World Wars and we want to commemorate the bravery and contribution of these people during these conflicts. And last but no means least, the Polish community is one of the largest and we want to pay tribute to their passion and devotion.
So enough chat, let’s get down to it!

Low Tiers

The preliminary Polish machines borrowed a lot from vehicles built by leading tank-manufacturers of the 30’s and 40’s. Their traits are similar to other nations—fast and dynamic vehicles with thin armor. But the one distinguishing feature of the low-tiered Poles is they have slightly increased alpha over their peers.


Based on the famous Vickers Carden Loyd, it weighs in at just over 4 tons and is equipped with a 85hp engine. You might start calling this the tiny “tractor”.

The British influence continues at Tier II. An evolution of the design laid down with the Vickers Mk. E, this went further than his “little brother”, with just under 150 tanks rolling off the production line.
10TP & 14TP:

Tiers III and IV can be seen as light tank brothers due to their similar models. The 10TP was prototyped and successfully tested in 1938-39 but due to the outbreak of the Second World War, work on the tank stopped and the prototype was destroyed.

A similar story (and fate) was left for the 14TP too, work was delayed in early 1939 as a suitable engine couldn’t be found and the tank was never assembled due to the German invasion in September that very year.

Medium Tiers

Marking the transition to heavy tanks in the higher tiers, the mid-level mediums are diverse from a gameplay perspective, introducing a new set of combat roles. It’s easier to break it down like this:

  • Tier V—Light/Medium hybrid
  • Tier VI—Medium in a heavy’s armor
  • Tier VII—Medium/Heavy hybrid


A tank concept developed in 1937, this Tier V has been long awaited by the Polish community. The “20/25TP” has been one of the most demanded models in recent history so we can’t wait to see this taking part on the battlefield. The tank has evolved from the lower-tiered Poles with a 75mm gun with 135HP alpha. Rather impressive when looking at medium peers.
40TP Habicha & 45TP Habicha

Now we reach the two incarnations of a concept by Edward Habich. Both these tanks have come to life from the ideas of the talented Polish engineer, blending the best parts of contemporary German and Soviet designs. The Soviet influence resulted in sloped armor and the German influence brought compact turrets and high firepower. High firepower will be a consistent feature of the Polish tanks from Tier VI.

Note: In the transitional tank of Tier VII, it’s very important to be cautious in battle because it doesn’t boast the armor of a heavy.

Top Tiers

While the top-tiered Polish tanks never made it past the drawing board and were left alone in the archives, we believe it’s a great way of refreshing and bringing these machines to life. The three projects were thesis projects by graduate engineers; they would have seen a departure from the post-war Soviet vehicles their fleet used.
53TP Markowskiego

This Tier VIII tank is best seen as a transitional tank, bolstering the bridge between the medium and heavy brethren. It’s a relatively heavy but bulky tank with a couple of cannons (105mm and 122mm). Armor-wise, the tank has a tough turret on top of a weaker hull.
50TP Tyszkiewicza

This Tier IX can be seen like the younger brother of the top tank in this tree. It boasts great alpha damage from its 130mm gun. Overall, note its destructive power and great armor but this is where things start to really slow down in terms of top speed.
60TP Lewandowskiego

In terms of size and looks, you’d be mistaken to think this was a Soviet vehicle. With the 152mm fitted on the tank, just note that your shot choice is extremely important; 250mm of penetration isn’t much, but when you target well, you can take off 750 HP with one shot. And the gun depression ain’t bad either lowering to -8 degrees.
This Tier X behemoth fits naturally as a hybrid of the IS-4 and E-100. In summary, a heavily armored, low-speed damage dealer that is perfect to crush enemy defenses.

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  1. Is it really that hard to buff the useless tanks before adding new ones?
    WG needs dat $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    1. or at least buff some of them in the same time? i don’t think it is so hard… same with new premium tanks, buff some of the old ones … but i think it is like you said , wg needs some money.

    2. WG thinks it’ll be hard on their bank accounts if they do. Yet they fail to see that player retention is driven by good game balance. Player retention = more revenue.
      I would have stuck with this game and spend more on it if WG weren’t so gawd awful stubborn in taking quality feedback more serious and excruciatingly slow in rightly acting upon (development) said feedback.
      But it is what it is and the game now is in the state because of that.

      1. I don’t care if it’s over or not. I didn’t train him yet. And i want to know if i lose him or not.

          1. For the same reason why people lost them in the past. Because they released new regular patch and deleted them.

              1. I’d say the problem here is the same problem that most WOT players have.
                It’s called braindead.

              2. Are fucking blind you idiots? I specifically said i didn’t train him. So it means he is still looking at me in the hangar. In the past there was i think some italian commander or something and they deleted him with the new patch if you didn’t train him.

                    1. @Der_Merowinger You are an idiot boi, you can use Buffon in any tank when you got him in the football event, I have him as my Obj. 277 Commander. First, research things before acting like a fool

                    2. @SkiKru You Fuckin Urod! Maybe i have him longer than this shitty event?! I got him, he was TC of Fiat 3000. So, pls. STFU complete debil.

        1. If you still have him available to pick, train him to either one of the polish premiums and retrain at some point in time.

  2. With the 60TP being a thing, WG should remove the 12,8cm from the E 100 and make the 15cm the default gun, with no grinds attached.

    1. E100 is useless anyway who cares
      And even more useless when these tanks come out since the tier 10 polish will totally obsolete the E100 since it has turret armor.

      1. It’s this kind of mentality that allows WG to excuse their constant powercreep among other things. Instead of wanting all tanks to stay relevant so you can actually choose what to play no, ‘it’s useless now so who cares, bring in the new stuff’.

        1. Powercreep is impossible to avoid, really. WG don’t like to nerf tanks because it will most certainly piss off a lot of people. Every shit tank will eventually be buffed and then powercreeped to shit once again. “It’s like a circle of life, but shit. A circle of shit”. Even Overwatch with it’s 28 heroes have a lot of problems with that and in case of WoT we’re talking about A LOT more stuff to consider.

          1. Unfortunately it is as you say – that powercreep is unavoidable. I just wish that, even with some tanks being stronger than others, the difference wouldn’t be such that it leads to the creation of a ‘metagame’ as people call it, which is what the current situation is. 🙁

            1. There is always meta, some things are always better than others. What’s bad in meta anyway? Let tryhards have their fun too.

              1. When you have a metagame in competitive gamemodes like clanwars and ranked, it’s fine. When it spills over to randoms as well however, that’s where I frown (though thankfully some players don’t care and just play whatever they want).

          2. Um, REAL competitive games like Dota 2 have heroes buffed every few weeks, thats how you avoid powercreep and this constant meta bullshit.
            The meta changes so fast that people cant even keep up to realize what heroes are even meta and work well.
            Thats how you avoid it, so no, it’s not impossible, you just have to have a brain.
            And don’t you dare say “theres more to consider” in WOT than dota 2,because its not even close.
            WOT is a brainless game full of RNG, Dota 2 is a real competitive e-sport with tournaments worth millions of dollars.
            And the funny thing Dota is almost 20 years old.
            WG takes way too long to balance anything. Even if they buff shit tanks now like Tiger 2, thers no excuse as to why they couldnt do it a year or two ago.
            P.S. Overwatch is a joke.

            1. Well, DOTA 2 and WoT are really cannot be compared in this regard, you’re. I also find DOTA 2 to be stale and boring as shit though. Why “Overwatch is a joke” btw?

  3. “Poland was the next logical step as a nation to add… but why?”
    Because there are SWARMS of “SiemaPL” kids on EU, and EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM will grind this fucking tree (while spending money on premium time, XP dconversion etc.)
    That is the ONLY reason why PL has a tree of it`s own.
    IRL, they had maybe 2 (more or less) indigenous tanks that actually saw service.
    It is an atrocity towards RL that they were given a full tree (1 or 2 tanks in a wider EU tree would have been fine, though).

  4. Like the Japanese tree, it’s some “real” mediocre low tiers and then science fiction at it’s best.
    Why the lower tiers get “slightly increased alpha over their peers”? Poland had better chemical industry and stronger gun powder? Fiction again.
    Why not rocket powered space tanks? I’m sure they can find some on Stanislaw Lem’s napkins.
    In all, it’s nice to have more diversity in the game. My problem is the powercreep of constant improvement makes many other good tanks obsolete. This shouldn’t happen in a serious game.
    Will I grind the Polish tree? Not in the near future. No matter how OP they make the imaginary top tiers.

    1. Fully agree. Though some folks are adamantly on holding onto the logic that this games a powercreep model to keep it going. My grey mass has a hard time comprehend t such reasoning IMO.
      Isn’t good game balance the catalyst of having a long lasting product? The Powercreep model only feeds a short term strategy, as far as I see.

  5. Come on, Yugoslavian tech tree would be much better than the Polish tech tree. At least Yugoslavians had interesting frankenstein conversion tanks and would have fitting top tier tanks that aren’t fantasy designs.

  6. Next Update will for sure be the nation of rich tank history Luxembourg. I mean, there drove accidently some Shermans oder German tanks trough during WW2. That will be enough for 2 lines meds, 3 heavy lines, and each one line of Arty, TD and lights. WG will “find” something for sure.

  7. So another update patch 1.1
    or should that be really called Maps with bugs “but more than before” to find the hard way
    And – even more older tech-tree vehicles now even more obsolete as just forgotten about (shitter Tiger II v ever more buffed IS3) as ever new vehicles appear
    you know new tanks are nice, really they are ………..
    any new fucking MAPS!
    we only get 25 maps from this “HUGE” choice and the server gives us ~ 8 at most in a day
    don’t know about you but its BORING same shit maps over and over
    I think Wargaming have become just lazy €€€€€ whores
    and getting worse

  8. “250mms of penetration isn’t much” What? lol Its 6 less than the 705A because Russian. that’s still great. For a152mm gun at that. If you cant pen with that, you need to try a diff game buddy lol.

    1. You have to understand the people who wrote the articles are probably 400 wn8 players or people who don’t actually play the game.

      1. “people who don’t actually play the game” – this is true and that’s why there’s always so much bullshit in all those articles. WG outsources most of the non-gameplay-related stuff now and it’s really stupid from them. It’s like writing about horse racing when you only saw horse once in your lifetime. In a children’s drawing book…

  9. The new Maps would be the only thing in this patch that interests me the most, if I would still play.
    Now if only Wargaming could fully focus on furthering the development of their MM algorithm that would regulate ones placement in the template MM. Than that would really hype me and with me I can say most of my former clanmembers. Also the ones, like me, that have left this game shortly after WG effed up the MM in patch 9.19.
    No new content can make of for that failing and loss in player retention.

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