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  1. ” Guess that tank (I have no clue)”
    Are you kidding me? It`s one of the AMX 13 series. I`d say 13 75.

  2. Yea dump an multi million worth tank into the water instread of some steel from the scrapyard.

    1. Considering most museums had to fix it up beforehand. Not every museum can afford to take everything. I’m sure you recall the last BC 25t. It was a wreck behind a museum for decades until they finally could afford to paint it and move it up.

    2. considering they made more than 7000 of them, with many kept in service until not long ago all around the world, it is not so rare that all of them most be kep, in fact I believe it is one of the easiest to aquire tanks for any museum that deals with tanks and most of them should already have at least 1 AMX-13 in their collection, unless they are really poor and can’t afford them
      it would be a different case if it were one of the prototypes but I believe the French have most of them rotting away like they have with the AMX-30 and Bat Chat 25t, I at least know that one of the AMX-13’s with the Chafee turret is semi-abandoned somewhere with gun missing, furthermore some of it’s pannels are also missing and you can see inside of it
      regarding the variant in the picture, there’s one left rotting in the Pyrenees, if it were rare and/or expensive it would not be left there

  3. Multi million? If most of the tank is beyond repair they would be lucky to get 10 000 for it. As a working AMX 13 goes for about £30 to 40 000 now. As I’m willing to bet most of these have not seen any action for ages. As not all tanks get the same maintenance or care. As like most nations, after a bit you start to take parts from other tanks to keep the rest going. If this is a skeleton tank. I see why not.

  4. they have all been completely baited by @PIROMANRS, as if someone who writes in a blog about tanks (and tank games) won’t know what a AMX-13 looks like (most likely a AMX-13/90)

  5. That’s an AMX 13/105. Lebanon received 42 13/75s, 13 13/90s and 22 13/105s. The last were the latest delivered to Lebanon and this would appear to be what is being dumped

    1. apparently it is a AMX-13/90 since the 105 variant seems to have a double baffle muzzlebreak unlike the one in the photo that only has 1/single baffle

  6. I feel bad for the poor tank(AMX 13 90 maybe?), cause it’s such a nice looking little light tank.

  7. Would the historical significance that its crew was good enough to have been 2-Marked add anything to its value?

  8. Calm down you kids. It’s just an AMX 13 not a Leopard 2. Some countries scuttle entire warships in working condition in order to do the same.
    Don’t worry about steel, we have plenty, and i assure you the the steel that they would get from chopping this thing to pieces and melting it down, simply wouldn’t even cover the cost of doing it….

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