New Flags – WoWS

9 New additional Flags have been added in the patch.
Flags New
-Argentina: This will be an optional flag for the Julio, which will be able to choose between this flag or the pan-america flag.
-Jean Bart: Premium flag for the T9 French Battleship Jean Bart
-Prinz Eitel Friedrich: Premium Flag for the upcoming German T6 premium battlecruiser
-AVA Common, Eagles, Sharks: These are event flags tied to the Sharks vs. Eagles game event.
-USS Boise: Premium Flag for the T7 American CL USS Boise.
-Gamescom 2018: Flag for participants of gamescom 2018
-Galleria Gamemaster: No fucking clue, please let me know what this is

0 thoughts on “New Flags – WoWS

  1. I wish there was a way to get rid of flags i don,t want in my collection any more. A simple delte flag from collection buttom,

  2. It will definitely be a free premium. Reload booster with -50% and 80s of cooldown is just perfect. My people run the clan test so they know.

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