My opinion on: "How to get your money back from WG"

Yes, this is MY opinion! I’m totally against that shit and I’ve been emailing Seb many times yesterday asking in the end to remove the post in total. Seb is the owner of TAP and is entitled to post anything he wants and I don’t have a power to stop him, but I can bitch about it as an author on TAP.
Proposed act is a theft of money from WG, no matter how you describe it or call it, and it will stay a theft. TAP is blog about WOT, not a criminal manual, hence this shit shouldn’t be on TAP.

Many readers feel that they’ve been screwed by WG, so they are entitled to steal from WG, which is a nonsense. If a company or a person is capable of profiting from you while you feel bad about it, as long as it’s in a legal way, it is normal (everyday) business. This happens all the time, and some people decide to fight it, in legal way, and some win, but most lose. Trick is that this legal fight, is a time/money/brain cells wasting model for which most will decide not to do. For those who do it, some end up losing even more, so when an average person is faced with this dilemma, he’ll most likely end up eating/drinking something and forgetting about it.
The system is made by companies for the companies and against the consumer. In EU there is a great misconception that the system is made for the consumer 🙂 🙂 🙂 Living in a shithole (like I do) frees you from that illusion and you are ready to be f*cked by businesses. The most important component is constant repetition until you are capable of receiving the act without even thinking about it.
WG is a company, I’m ready, so we do the business, I get hurt, WG tricks me, I cry, WG does nothing, WG keeps the money, I get nothing, everything is just as it should be. Of course it’s NOT, but as I sad previously, no time/money/brain cells to waste, and a company wins.
If you have time/money/brain cells to waste, go ahead, fight the power, make WG your bitch, make them cry (pay), hurrah a true hero for all of us to worship! I will post all the juicy details how you confronted WG and post pictures of their tears.
This shit that Seb posted has nothing to do with heroism, fighting the system/man/etc, it’s a pure scam where WG is NOT made to do anything, in fact they’ve been tricked and money is stolen from them. It’s NOT a WG’s decision to return money, it’s milking the system, using a loophole and has nothing to do with a fight against WG, it’s a criminal act!
You guys decide if you want to be a criminal or a hero.

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  1. You have a right to reply. Yeah, while not exactly the most fair method, it’s a loophole yes, it hurts WG the most, for those without hope left. I’m happy people at least know about it though.

    1. It’s like insurance fraud though. While it’s at a low level the company will just take it. If it does start to hurt then they will start pursuing cases through the courts.

          1. The expected reply with the usual insults. Logic?! That’s something beyond Your mental capability. You are so predictable with your glorified and wanna-be sophisticated comments. And you might get away with your bullying and trolling at the WG forums where you are protected by moderation that somehow
            let’s you get away with your useless douchebag posts. But not here. You are nothing but a weakminded individual with poor stats who takes a pathetic ‘pride’ being a Dinger noob who’s hurling abuse at players better than you or at newcomers. So Who the hell do you think you are? Fucking cunt. You should know how worthless you are but no, you are too dumb and blind to realize that with your heckler personality.

            1. And by the way, I’ve met you in battle on several occasions and seen your poor performance firsthand. Taken you out twice, with extreme ease I must add…even with your ridiculous level of gold spamming. It explains why your lack of skill in the battlefield makes you a trolling douchebag in the forums..if someone is a noob, it’s You. Always has.

    2. Seb I share your ideas buuuuuuut wargaming needs to treat players with respect and help there players not bash them and ignore them… My guess the player base got sick of it.

    3. Seb, it’s not a loophole. Making a claim with Paypal is a legitimate process. WG default because they cannot answer to a claim put to them by Paypal. As to whether the claim itself is genuine is another matter.

      1. Clearly you have never had to deal with Paypal’s biased system then. They could put a detailed reply together costing them time and money and most probably still lose.

    4. its not a “loophole” just like killing you boss is a “loophole” to get a day off work
      – its purely CRIMINAL, simple as that, its FRAUD AND SCUMMY UNETHICAL BEHAVIOR
      you should be ashamed of yourself!

  2. Won’t lie, I was absolutely disgusted when I read that article.
    Glad to see that it does not represent the opinions of everyone here, but you guys lost some major respect with allowing it to go up in the first place.

  3. I see no issue getting money back from a sleazy, dishonest, piece of shit company that puts their HQ in Cyprus even though they have no business being there other than tax evasion.
    Their HQ should be in Minsk, but noooo.
    WG is right up there with EA as the biggest fucking scumbag gaming company on Earth.
    Can you imagine being an old player who actually bought an Is6 or Kv5, etc, now they have Defender?
    Should 1000000% be refundable. Totally obsolete content.

    1. Any old player who actually bought an Is6 or Kv5 had a lot of time to spend with those tanks to get their money’s worth out of them.
      If they bought these vehicles recently, then I have some bad news for them.

    2. As the true hero fighting “sleazy, dishonest, piece of shit companys” you are, I hope you also fight against google, Apple, Nike, Starbucks and any other major company who use a “HQ” for tax evasion.

    3. So? I have all three and am happy with them. Stop complaining and try to learn how to play it. The mechanics in this game will ever change – learn how to deal with it.
      To me it seems that many of WG’s playerbase are … how you said? … the biggest scumbags on earth.
      Sorry for my harsh words, but whatever WG will do there will be thousands who will complain, mainly “just because”.
      And before you ask, I am an 81k player with 225 tanks in my garage, so yes, I know the game at least rudimentarily …
      As for the refund – buying a newspaper or a magazine and complaining following day that it is completely outdated – that is seriously your thoughts? To me WG has proven over the past six years that while it might take a while they will try to get it in line again. Of course this game will evolve and will ever be changed. And changes need time.

    4. Bought the IS-6 in 2014, on discount, clocked 1k games in it. I’d say I got my money’s worth out of it. I enjoyed all the credit making it did, and the roflstomp I had for 3 years. I was already bored of it when the Defender came out. It sucks that the IS-6 cant really do anything against the new powercreep tanks now. Tho instead of wanting my money back, I want them to rebalance it so it can fight properly again.

      1. Got my IS-6 through a marathon once and play it since then – even now 1st classes or Ace tanker happen from time to time, and I am only a “green” player.
        Fact is that you have to adapt to the new meta instead of complaining about it. The IS-6, to stick with this example, never was good at penetrating enemy HTs frontally, but given that the IS-6 more times faced lower tiers this wasn’t too apparent.
        But it is still possible to deal 2k-3k damage in a battle (without APCR) by shooting flanks and using HE more often. Use the IS-6’s mobility and go for falns and weaker targets. Don’t spoil yourself as a front brawler unless facing lower tiers. Use its strenghts instead fussing over its weaknesses.
        A once strong stank my become weaker over the time (as it happens with nearly all things on earth – you once super modern car will turn out outdated some 10 years later, but you will not go to the company and tell them what crap they sold you 10 years ago, do you?) but it still can be played to its strenghts.
        But this means learning instead of just clicking and doing again and again whatever you did in the past. Evolution does not only affect the game and its components but also the players playing it. Once anything changes this means new learning, not complaining.

  4. I agree in every sentence bro, except for that legal part. People who feel seriously mistreated by WG and have time/money/brain cells to spare SOULD take it to courthouses and fight for their right legally.

  5. IMO, fuck WG.
    They are treating us like brainless cattle, trying to milk every last penny, and in the process ruining what had all the potential of being a truly wonderful game.
    If there was an option to get a PART of your money back, that would IMO be the most fair thing to do.
    Let`s say, give me back 80% of my money I gave for premiums, and you can keep all your worthless powercreeped pixel tanks.

      1. Most retailers today allow for refunds. The refunds are usually limited to a certain time period, but they are NOT “use it 1 time, and no refund for joo”, like it is with premiums in WoT.
        Also, most other businesses companies aren`t allowed to change what they sold (like, for instance, selling you tank that has ~30% chance to be top tier, and then changing the MM so that you are top tier in 10% of the time).
        Such actions are called “bait and switch” and are generally universally frowned upon, and in many countries, they are illegal.
        So, there is nothing wrong about doing this, UNLESS WG changes how it behaves, and starts listening to the community, over an extended period of time.
        If that MIRACLE would have happen, then yes, this might be immoral. But as it is? HELL NO!

  6. tbh if i could i would refund my purchaces from WG, not because i feel scammed, but because they are a shit company that treat their customers and playerbase like cashcows and shit, their game balanace department is garbage, their marketing department is garbage, they dont give a shit about their EU playerbase which is their highest nonchinese money maker (which is actually pretty sad), back in the day a few year ago, we used to get double exp for each win atleast once a month for a week or x5 exp for first win, what do we get these days, a weekend of double crew exp and sale on barack space (did anyone ever buy that shit, like ever???), so fucking amazing, and their shift to releasing P2W premiums that are better than regular tanks (new centurion is in every way, shape and form, better than regular, libertae, defender, patriot, Somua SM, Lorraine), overbuffing russian tanks, (obj 257 cant be tracked and damaged at the same time, bobject 268 v4) shitty 3-5-7 matchmaking that they say is good, but everyone that plays the game and their grandma and every english speaking streamer/youtuber says its the biggest pile of bullshit that ever came out of that shitty company, shitting out heavies that that cant be penetrated from the front, even if you shoot the “weakspots” without shooting gold, shitty map design

  7. Fighting cancer with cancer makes you the biggest cancer of the two.
    And in the end what all those people will end up getting is best case WG taking measures to prevent this, worst case WG suing them and asking a lot more than the few hundred euros they got back.

  8. lol at the people moralizing.
    Banks and Paypal take the customer’s side, but nope, still not good enough for contrarians.

      1. And in this case, the banks are going in favor of the customers which can get their money back. A rare occurence as you pointed out.
        I work in digital goods and services, and I can tell you black on white that if the devs fuck up during delivery, and the client doesn’t get what the sales rep sold him, it’s money back. If my firm refuses, it’s off to court and we’re losing. badly.
        If we decide to change the services’ functionality in slight, but significant ways, its money back or off to court to lose.
        Artifically making a product worse by applying global changes, then selling new products that are exempt from that?
        Oh boy, off to court right away !
        More example about bigger firms?
        Just ask Apple how its doing with its planned Iphone obsolescence lawsuit uncovered last year.
        They’re scrambling to damage control by lowering battery replace costs and offering store credit on it across the board.
        This behavior in a company very usually leads to frequent lawsuits that typically end in out of cout settlements, because the company knows that it’s losing.
        WG is no different, and the banks being on your side for fucking once should be a clear indication that something scummy on WG’s end is going on.

        1. Bank is not on your side for even just once, as it will never be, it’s just that the circumstances are currently aligned that way. No worries, bank were/are/will rob you, no matter what 🙂

          1. You can twist it any way you want, but you’re not weaseling your way out of the fact that this time, the banks/Paypal are reviewing your case and are saying: “hmm, yes, the customer is in the right, let’s give him back all of his money, despite WG’s policy”
            That should tell you something about the legitimacy of said policies.

            1. For fucks sake, my avatar is a seal, NOT a weasel, but ok I admit it, I am just land musteloid 🙁 🙁 🙁 BTW the point is that the bank (Paypal) didn’t say that the customer was right, the only sad, ok how do we profit out of this?

  9. if i want my money back after being fucked its my right doesnt matter what Company did it. I return stuff all the time cause it was junk or not as described doesnt make me a criminal lol are you fucking stupid???? ITS MY MONEY if i stole that that money to buy shit then yes im a criminal. WG is nothing like it was 8 yrs ago i have so many premiums that cant even be played cause they cant compete with the newer tanks. So yes i would love to have my money back or be able to sell said product to another player through WG. Props to who ev er found this awesome loop hole to get their cash back. I wish i could go back 9 yrs and do it. This game is worse than Meth.

    1. If you use an Item for over an year and just want youre money back just because you feel that it doesn’t work how you want it to do… you are just dump.

      1. Oh shut up.
        People buy the tanks expecting them to perform the same, no matter the timescale.
        If you buy a Ferrari, and a year later after a service they limit the speed to 30kph, are you not going to ask for a refund? Does it matter that you got good use out of it for a year?
        WG frequently decide to shit on the people that make them billions, and they don’t care at all unless something eats into their profit.
        Funny how a day after it was posted, WG rushed out an update about buffing pref MM tanks and fixing the dog shit MM that has hit prem tank owners hard.

  10. It’s hardly theft if WG takes back control of what already belongs to them after the customer has been refunded. No WG customer ever really received what they paid for. On top of that, any transaction done through Paypal is insured by them so it is Paypal who are the arbiters of whether a refund takes place or not. If the customer can show that they have a legitimate claim and then Paypal refund, for WG to then close the account to the customer is wrong (yet nobody seems morally outraged by this) and opens themselves up to further claims and thus further refunds.
    WG could ony sue Paypal not the customer because as insurer of the transaction, Paypal subrogates the rights and defenses for the transaction, and WG don’t stand a chance of winning because of their behviour.
    Whether or not customers make a genuine claim or not is their business. However, Seb should ammend the article so that only genuine claims are encouraged rather it being seen as a campaign to encourage non genuine claims.

  11. Jesus……..I cant believe this debate is lasting this long……you buy a thing… use it for a year or so….and now you want a full refund on it?………just how much of entitled little shit you must be to even claim it is legal AND THAT IT IS YOUR RIGHT TO GET THAT REFUND??? did you even stop to think WHY the WG would freeze your account instead of deleting it? because if you do what they suggested you to do don’t be surprised if you get charged for fraud…..sure Pay pall will take money from WG and give it to you….but do you think WG(or any company in the whole world) will do nothing if you start taking THEIR money….and don’t be confused: IT IS THEIR MONEY….you GAVE it to them for some virtual goods(in this case pixel tanks but no one held a gun to your head)….you USED those goods for some period of time….you DID get some value out of it

    1. I’m making no claims for a refund, not that it has jack shit to do with you anyway. There are laws governing consumer transactions for very good reason which you seem to know nothing about given the way you have responded. What I have said refers to genuine claims that Paypal arbitrate, not not false claims, and thats judged by Paypal not you. Throw your toys out of your pram all you want, but it means diddly squat.

      1. tell me: what law is cited here? in the authors words” its a loop hole”….upon buying premium tank WG gives you 15 days to decide is it to your liking or you want to return it… not returning it you confirm you are satisfied with the product…..and by accepting latest EULA changes you acknowledged you don’t own anything,not even your account

    2. “but do you think WG(or any company in the whole world) will do nothing if you start taking THEIR money….and don’t be confused: IT IS THEIR MONEY” LOL… You can believe what you want, but whilst the transaction is still insured by Paypal, it’s Paypal’s money. The rights to that transaction is subrogated by Paypal as insurer which WG agreed to, engage a few brain cells and look up what that means.

    3. Good little corporate lapdog you.
      Personally, I live in a world where if a company screws me over, I can get my money back.
      CF: Apple’s planned iphone obsolescence.

  12. When the system is designed to protect the abuser, sometimes you have to go around the system. It’s a choice, nobody is forcing anyone to do it.

  13. What is illegal about asking PayPal for a refund, and then PayPal giving it to you? This also does not take money away from wargaming, PayPal is refunding you through its own system, if they fine wargaming or end the business relationship because too many wargaming customers are getting refunds and losing PayPal money then that is another matter.
    If too many customers do this, and PayPal begins to lose enough money to take it up with wargaming then maybe that will actually force them to change their practices.

  14. I’m severely disappointed in Seb. This is basically him throwing a hissy fit because he’s upset with some of Wargaming’s decisions. I think I’m done with this site.

    1. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with some of the changes Wargaming has been making of late, but there are legitimate avenues to accomplishing change, and trying to encourage people to defraud Wargaming through abuse of chargeback loopholes is not one of them. Wargaming may sometimes make poor decisions and seem distant and aloof, but they are not a monolith, they’re people, people with jobs, livelihoods. I’ve met the original Minsk team in person, shook hands, shared laughs, during one of their earliest public parties in downtown LA after one of their E3 trips. These people have given us a game that we’ve had a lot of fun with, and if we have issues with some of their practices, we should address it as a civilized community, not a bunch of tantrum-throwing children.

  15. @Piro You must be fun at partys. Getting butthurt over information on how to get your money back from an company that doesnt care about its customers anymore. Taking your time and expressing how much you love the multi million company and how unfair it is.
    Youre just like the jerks that point with their fingers and say downloading music hurts the artist, because he cant buy himself the newest 2018 Porsche and needs to turn to the 2017 model instead.

    1. Porche, which “real” artist drives a Porche? Yes I do love WG, and I want to express it to the world, bcs one day we will get married and have a bunch of children and I’ll be a happy housewife!!!

  16. Love these comments that are fine with bending over and taking WGs slavic dicks in their vagina, especially Piromanrs and therealisnes
    inb4 “hang urself”

    1. Wait what, I’m taking a Slavic dick? I always believed WG has a western dick!!! Anyhow I’ll be a happy housewife no matter if it’s a Slavic or western just as long as it’s a dick (a long dick).

  17. As u said: We live in an unfair world, in which companies try to squeeze as much money of their customers as possible, by using and abusing them with psychological tricks, making them think they need something they dont, scaring them with bullshit that are borderline lies – just think about VPN ads, making clueless ppl.believe their private information are at a severely high risk of getting stolen if they dont use a VPN, but infact only a pathetically small amout of data is stolen that way-;
    using our emotions and decision-making ability, by abusing how our brain works (Just read this if u dont believe me:
    (Tl:dr: Marketing abuses and uses, disgusting psychological tricks to make ppl buy shit they dont need)
    Such things may be legal, but are -at least in my opinion- absolutely immoral and wont change any time soon, neither get influenced by the ppl that decide to play fair.
    As far as I experienced the world we live in I noticed that:
    Its an unfair world in which u get what u take as long as its legal, even if its just borderline legal and moral is nothing worth.
    Its a world where moral is like a wall thats not made to lead to a fair and peaceful society, but to make those easily abusable that hold on to it.
    If we take a look at the history of mankind, its always cruelty, greed and power that rules, look at Rome, its based on slavery, look at the Greek, the great alexander, who got to power by slaughtering others that had territorial claims, look at the medieval times where only those would be able to hold their claim, if they were able to oppress the small men and now look at our modern society: Its still based on greed and the search for power, its much more civilized indeed, but the frame is still the same. Its only working ‘cuz those that seek power and fortune are able to, without harming one another physically, but the rules are made for those that seek power and fortune and not for those trying to live a fair and morally correct life.
    So why would you play the game of life morally right, if the rules are made for those that dont? This isnt like monopoly, you dont get punished by your family if you play to win, instead of playing to make sure everybody has a good time. If the game of life is over you are done. No aftermath. No punishment. No nothing, just emptiness.
    PS: For those believing that there is a afterlife, let me ask you something: If god is good-hearted and almighty, like the holy texts claim, how is it that such things as cruelty and greed exists? Either your god is not good-hearted, and tries to torment us to test our loyalty, which makes him per definition cruel or he isnt almighty and some other bad forces can influence this world. Which of both it is, its not important ‘cuz your afterlife will either be under a cruel god, or one that is not able to rule it, which generally makes it pointless to please your god, ‘cuz your afterlife will be just as shitty as this life.

    1. Way too many people out there need a god or a holy book to not steal, rape and kill everyone around them. Life and nature are merciless and there is no after life judgement except for your friends and family. Does that mean we have to return to stone age, act primitive alpha and hammer eachothers skulls? It is not up to me to decide that, it is your brain. If mankind loses its collective mental fitness, it is going to vanish from earths surface, simple as that. Mother nature will survive no matter what and return to full glory after that potential problem has been solved.
      PS: Life CAN be extremely joyful if you hear and see the small things happening around you. Nature understands kindness and fairness, yet it is exceptionally rare.

  18. I guess that you won’t take your 1000 Euro smart TV back to the store that sold it to you if it breaks down after 1 or 2 years of use. It is your right to be an idiot. Premium tanks are the same as physical goods, all digital goods are the same as “real” goods as I understand EU regulations.
    But customers DO have rights, mostly to have a working product and not being lied to about the specs and performance of that product. For recent example, fine applied to Volkswagen for lying about their cars respecting pollution limits and regulations.

    1. In which case you’re already being lied to/ withheld some information with “soft” stats which can be game breaking. Prefferential mm is the same thing. Having some thing you specifically bought as advertised, being purposely changed and taken away from you is nothing less than fraud from their part. It’s like buying a smart tv that received an update that removes all the software. I know I would be fucking pissed… Also, if you buy a tank, play a single game and ask for a refund they won’t give you one without outright threatening you they will lock down your account and make you regret it. By law you’re allowed to get a refund for digital goods up until two weeks. I’m sorry but I strongly believe anyone who does go the chargeback way does actually behave exactly like he should. I personally won’t as I’ve spent too much time that will be frustrating to loose but if it was just a moral issue, I would chargeback in a heartbeat

      1. You are entitled to return ANY product for NO REASON within 14 days of online purchase of said product. EU regulation that is respected in all EU countries.
        However, you are entitled to sue, denounce or take other measures WITH REASON within 3 years of purchase of a product.

  19. To be honest, cancelling a purchase is normal if you do not recieve the goods you purchased or you get something you did not agree to buy. In many cases this can be applied to the products from WG. The products are faulty, they do not function as specified, they can be made unusable without warning etc.
    The first step is to talk to the customer service. We all know that does not work at WG.
    Let’s take an example that you bought a premium tank, gold and premium time. The day after you get banned for use of illegal mods even though you only use mods from the WG website and nothing else. You have no rights to appeal that and talking to customer service will result in nothing.
    Is it wrong to get your money back in this case?
    Next example. You spend lots of gold to free XP a specific tank. Without warning WG nerfs the underwear off that tank and it is not what you wanted any more…. but it was when you got it. You rage quit and feel cheated. Again talking to customer service is pointless.
    Is this wrong to get try and your money back?
    I feel that it is the right of everyone to attempt toi get money back if they do not get what they bought, or were tricked into getting something inferior to what they thought they were getting.
    The problem is evil intent.
    I disagree to anyone saying “this should not be posted” because the difference between “evil intent” and “legitimate claim” is the mindset of the person doing it.
    Posting this idea here is NOT encouraging people to do anything fraudulent. It’s only information. I suppose it can be seen as provocative but not more than that. (This being a copy/paste from EWOT makes it provocative by default lol).
    Chill people. Don’t make things bigger than what they need to be. (That’s WGs job). Do it or don’t…. just don’t flap your fucking arms around so much.

  20. Can Piromanrs PLEASE dispense of the childish smileys. It’s takes away the credibility of this article.

  21. This is my opinion on this whole topic:
    Did you like getting effed by wargaming? I did not choose nor agree to change and balance the vehicles in a direct or non direct way, i payed for them for a reason they advertised them to be. They still did it, and they didn’t care.
    We got robbed in a way, or tricked by them, which you may or may not agree, but i personally find it disgusting and a backstab towards the people who supported them by purchasing these online goods.
    If i had the chance, heck i would do it, i would charge them back for all the money i’ve put into this game but since i didn’t use paypal i will not be able to.
    I also had a chargeback issue back in 2011-12 where wg charged me 2x the money for a single bundle i purchased. I had contacted my bank that this is not correct since i only got an auto reply message from a support bot as usual denying everything. My account got instantly blocked and they made me pay back 75 euros total including the 30 extra that they charged me for… i got robbed by them and had to pay so that i can play on my account.. ever since then i decided not to pay them for anything which i obviously failed. But i completely agree with anybody deciding to do this process, knowing how shady and disgusting of a company wg are. They deserve it like it or not.
    They are losing community contributors left right center, so does the playerbase.. is it surprising? I dont think so. Every person has the right to do whatever to get their money back. If you think it is shady and considered as a crime then ask yourself what wg did? It is equal if not worse.

      1. Unless you lived under a rock and did not follow what happened to wot, you would know what they did..
        Fucked up the balance of the game while trying to title it as a “fix”, arty did not get nerfed, but only changed to something else that is still a problem to the game, they fucked up the rng, and made the game more random, unenjoyable while titleing it as an esport product, accuracy nerfs, did nothing to balance premium ammunition, did nothing to fix the maps, they instead made it even worse, and more tunnel like. One of the biggest cuck ups lately were the pref mm premium change proposals, and their excuse on why they want to rip off so many players who spent tons of money on rare, special tanks with or without pref mm. They kept powercreeping all the tanks in the game, and they continue playing with the people by adding a new prob unbalanced meta tank, then later introduce another one that powercreeps the one before… eventually trying to keep people paying up if they want to have fun at the game… cuz actually balancing the whole game would not be benefitial then.
        I hope you are satisfied with the short answer i gave you..

  22. The amounts of Salt getting higher and higher. You buy a product. After a short time it does not work as intended anymore. You go to the store and either you get a new one that works as intended or you get your money back. That is called warranty.
    And such things are for example part of the EU law and here in Germany is even german law too. So, if WG make changes that make certain tanks worse, you have the right to want your loss back.
    WG knows that and that is the reason for their stupid EULA. Purchased goods are never yours and so there is no warranty. I am not even sure, if this is legal.
    So, please, go a step back, look at the whole picture and take a decision based on facts, not on emotions. You are grown humans, not teenagers.

  23. How about you leave TAP. I think that would be the best. Like who the f*ck cares about heroes? WG shouldn’t had charged so much for tanks anyway. With 30 euros you can buy really good games,yes, plural. Now imagine when you have hundreds of tanks. If people could get their money back legally, why shouldn’t they? only WG is allowed to do tricky business?

  24. These “tanks” are on lease. They are not yours, they dont even exsist.
    The longer you use them before they get changed the more you have
    gained from your investment.
    Its like “buying” high speed internet. You pay for the speed you have and
    if they change the speed to worse you dont get refunded for the time it
    was working.
    This is a dirty trick but sure feels good to have the power to bite back
    if you feel cheated, misstreated, butthurt or whatever.
    Human nature.

    1. It’s nothing like your high speed internet comparison.
      What would be closer is, if you buy a computer, and then then a year later the manufacturer through out an update that reduced the computers performance by 30%.
      Guess what? If that happened, you’d be entitled to a refund as the product you purchased no longer performs as advertised.
      Same shit applies to prem tanks that people paid money for.

      1. Im pretty sure there is a line in EULA that gives WG the
        right to change whatever they want.
        No, the tanks are not physical objects you can keep till
        the end of time.

        1. Actually, under EU regulations, they are exactly as physical goods.
          No EULA can ben actually enforced in a court of law as you as buyer had 0 power to negotiate it with the seller. There a few cases that got to trial where the EULA was thrown out as irrelevant.

  25. I’m astonished at the number of people who see nothing wrong with stealing from WG. Our world is certainly going downhill fast. Even if you feel they somehow stole from you, two wrongs don’t make a right. All you’re doing is sinking to their level and showing you’re no better than WG. Perhaps even worse since you chose to pay them. They aren’t choosing to pay you, you’re stealing from them. Shame on you. Shame on TAP for getting their hands dirty by participating in the promotion of this scam. And don’t claim you didn’t think anyone would do it and that you’re just providing information. You’re an accessory to a crime.

  26. There’s a middleman (Paypal),and under law he has the obligation to do a refund, with or without the consent of the supplier (WG). How is this considered stealing?
    If there was anyone stealing from WG that would be Paypal, and i seriously doubt these guys don’t know if what they do is legal or not.
    Also, if WG doesn’t want this to happen, they should start behaving like a serious company and reply when Paypal and others are trying to contact them and resolve the issue in a proper manner.
    WG has to realize that the world is not Russia. They can’t always do whatever they want. If they want to behave like jackasses and still profit then they should pull their games out of US and EU and sell their junk to RU morons who never knew anything about laws and obligations anyway.

  27. While i do agree that going forward with that moneyback process is questionable ethics, i think calling it “criminal act” is going way too far: 1st of all, it does not go against any law. 2ndly, this is included in the tems that WG agreed to when they decided to accept payment through paypal. I find it quite amusing that the most comonly used defence of WG’s monetary practices is that “it’s a company, so they must make money” but that is not mentioned now at all: they must have made a financial simulation and decided the added income would be more than the cost of such moneyback practices before they signed the contract with paypal.
    Is it questionable to use the “loophole”? Morally, yes. Legaly, no. It is said that 2 wrongs don’t make a right, but this it is also an actual method of relaying your disapproval to the company. They also had different practices betwen serves, which can be seen as discrimination, which, just the same, were immoral, but legal. I do not agree with either, but i do understand.
    This is not a white & black matter, and should not be argued for or against as such. It is most certainly not illegal, and it is not something that WG did not know about beforehand. The question is more like “do you wish to stoop to such lvls to make a statement?”
    Btw: a very similar issue is online purchassed goods returned within 15 of their aquisition for any other reason but actual faults. It is legal, but it is not moral, and it is wasteful. So if you ever bought somethign from amazon, opened it up, decided it’s not for you, and sent it back… well, that product will not be resold at full value, thus costing someone their profit margin. That will likely reflect in workers wages along the way, when the financial analysis of the product is made. Just because it is convenient for you, and is your “right”. Do you also call that stealing? As i said, legal although immoral. A bit hypocritical to take the high horse stance now.
    Disclaimer: i have not made use of this “loophole” nor am i planning to.

  28. You have to realize that you are not going against 1 but 2 companies.
    PayPal and WG sure has a bunch of lawyers ready to go after any
    sinister action with their fine prints.
    I rather think that PayPal teams up with WG than a bunch of butthurts.

  29. Just imagen if WG was treating the player base like customers like they did before. Like imagen that. We might not had this people go this route to show WG what bad customer / bad business practices are going to lead to. That being angry and rightfully pissed at what WG is doing to the game they spend REAL money and TIME into. But I’m sure if WG made the game worth the money and time again they get that lost money back. (unless you lost your trust like me)
    If it only was the stupid power creep tanks that was the problem.But the hole game is just taking the utter shit on consumers purchases. Even people that paid for there IS6 4years ago shooed get there money back. The hole company have changed and is doing changes to ruin the costumers time and enjoyment of the product. Like they broke the rules with power creeping tanks and making a MM that is just devaluing a paid product to the point you feel that your bait and switched. It is just fucking fair that the consumer uses what little consumer rights they have. Looks like WG is not handling this Russian rage quit very well. As they just had to address the problem ASAP when it started to take money from WG bank accounts.
    And they just say “have patient with us, 6 months to change some settings in match maker. We need to make it right and perfect before we go about doing it”. Like wtf? 6months to fix a problem that makes players Russian Rage quit? Fuck you WG. It is like we are just a bush of cows that can’t do anything but Muuuuuuu!
    Funny how they don’t like it even now just recently they had the Russian refund towards us. Maybe you get the same kind of treatment as you are treating others? Not to talk about 3 5 7 MM and all this outer stupid stuff. Like what about gold ammo spam and corridor maps? That was a problem even before this shit happend. To say that peaple are just stealing money from WG is like saying that waiting years to get your lawn mower back don’t mean you can just walk up and take it back from your nai bros garage…

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