TAP Renaissance + Feedback needed

The times have been harsh to me, but now I can finally post and restore the blog to its former glory. I have neglected TAP for almost the past 2 months in order to focus on learning for university exams, therefore I was posting the essential info only. I am deeply sorry for disappointing you all. In return, I will have some nice articles in the future.
But now it’s time to change that. First, I need your feedback in order to make the blog better. Don’t tell me what you like, tell me what you don’t like about TAP.
Moreover, we are hiring new authors, if anyone is interested.
We’re also looking for new leakers. If you got any info to spare or article suggestions, leaker or not, please email us at:
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If anyone wants to preserve their anonymous status while emailing us, there is Guerillamail for that.

0 thoughts on “TAP Renaissance + Feedback needed

  1. I don’t see how anyone should be disappointed that you gave priority to real life stuff over a blog Seb, if they do just ignore them. This place seems fine as it is, but I’m not qualified to give advice on the matter so those with better knowledge can help you more.
    Still my go-to place for leaks and infos, the other being the WoT subreddit. 🙂

  2. Sebastianul, this blog is your hobby not all your life, so sit on your ass and study like a beast and rock the shit out of your lecturers. Good luck and take your bachelor degree.

  3. The things I dislike the most and would like to see changed I feel that the attitude towards wargaming can be stupidly harsh sometimes totally call them on they’re shit when it makes sense to do so but it’s seems like it’s just piling on them and that’s why no one likes the forums because everyone cries about everything and admins dealing with shit and pulling rank to often plus getting historical articles would be awesome for the blog

    1. To be fair, people say about me that I praise WG too much sometimes. TAP is also a place when people can speak freely, like the #walletclosed stuff. I have some history stuff stashed, some should come soon. Need to fix the history page too.

    2. WG’s track record in recent times has not been exactly remarkable. I agree that some people cry too much (I also know that those who post in the forums are a small minority of the playerbase, most don’t bother with forums and third party sites like TAP, tanks.gg, vbaddict and so on), but the game does have issues that need to be addressed (gold ammo, excessive powercreep and overbuffing, excessive nerfing on arty and lights, poor map layouts that usually give the best chances to the overbuffed stuff, fixed template MM, etc.), and WG coming up with a SHOP UI INTERFACE of all things, and claiming they worked ‘several months’ on it just sounds like a bad joke.

  4. If there is anything I would change, it’s more WoWs info, some TL;DR version of the stats of new ships 😛

  5. Some clickbait/TAP-centered titles, a certain lack of neutrality which might keep some persons away. Other than that I don’t have anything else to add.

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