0 thoughts on “Summer sales 22-23.07.2018.

    1. Pretty much. Lowe is the best one and its not really good anymore. It’s too slow for only 320 alpha with that dpm.
      Defender/Patriot/Somua are all better than Lowe for tier 8 prem heavies and realistically there are a billion tier 8 prem meds that are better.

  1. Also, lets say there was no #wallet closed because of useless/preferential premiums. Still can’t buy Patton, because of clown camo reasons. I know it’s “historical”. Clown camo = wallet autoclosed.

      1. Clowns are historical. However, they make a lousy concealment with the bright colors and all.
        OK, the yanks painted a tank scary-tiger to fight the natives, how is it a real camouflage? If it cannot function as a camouflage, can’t hide and conceal the vehicle, how is it not “clown”.
        Example, if you wish. You are a soldier, your usual uniform is all olive-green. Historical like hell. You are on an infiltration mission in the arctic. What are you, if not a clown, all green on endless white snow?

  2. Why would anyone want to buy a tier 8 premium is beyond me. Getting prison sexed by tier 10’s all game every game? No thanks.

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