WoT – "New" Grille 15

Source: Rykoszet
As early as August 9th, 2017, the devs stated they’d want to replace the Grille 15. They’re probably close to that change, since in the 1.0.2 CT, we have a new icon.
Dev diaries, August 9th, 2017:
There were a lot of questions regarding the Grille. We were really close to implementing another variant in 9.20 or the next one. We honestly admit that we decided not to hasten it. We have to test more variants in internal tests. That means that drastic changes, or maybe swapping for another tank, should be expected at the end of the year.

This is the icon on the CT
Some time ago WG wanted to make some changes in the IS-4 heavy line, swapping their places.
The IS-4 in-game now has a different turret.
And this is how the ST-I looks like
Bonus Waffletraeger

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  1. i don’t understand the article.
    will it be replaced or is it unknown what will happen with grille 15?

    1. I read it as.. “They want to replace it… but have not decided which variant to go with… Its also not an urgent priority, so the will waste some time trying them all out”
      All the variants are known as Grille 15’s.
      Paper tanks.

      1. I think the artist render up there is pretty realistic. It’s a Panther chassis with a shielded gun, 15cm caliber and more reasonable length.

    1. they had planned to swap the IS-4 and the ST-I in the tech tree, making the IS-4 a tier 9 and the ST-I a tier 10, but that has been shelved for now

      1. The ST-I basically is an IS-4 with an “improved” turret, so to my eyes a tier IX IS-4 before a tier X ST-I doesn’t shock me at all (not because the IS-4 used to be tier IX in the past before the IS-7, until the IS-8/T-10 came).

  2. I actually really hope that WTF100 will come back at some point. Maybe not as a researchable vehicle, but somehow.

  3. It wasn’t so bad even with an autoloader, HE ripped that thing apart so fast. And LT’s killed it good. WTE100 was mostly driven by overconfident noobs, managing at best one reload. Zero armor, as big as aTOG, it was perfect HP pinata and I was so sorry to see it go to be replaced by so unremarkable and boring Grille.
    WG are stupid that way, the obsession with imaginary “balance” makes them extract every last bit of interest and excitement from the game.
    Autoloaders like WT and AMX50 100, were deadly but so easy to kill. Now one is gone and the other is boring and easy to kill.
    I want the game like it was, let them be “unbalanced”, but unique. Too bad it’s not in WG golden interests, now tanks are either unbeatable gold magnets or useless-without-gold lemons. Usually both.

    1. Nonono, WTF was completely retarded. Great gunhandling, fully traversable turret and ability to clip a Maus before nerfs and any tank except Maus after nerfs is not balanced. But in the current meta, with some tweaks, I think WTF can be perfectly balanced, ai really hope WG is thinking about it.

      1. nowadays we have type5 with its stupid p2w HE gun so don’t worry about the wtf being OP =)))

    2. make it a 4 shot autoloader with 2.5-3 secs shell reload and 35 secs clip reload, I think it will be balanced but still very good

  4. WTFE100 would simply be “competitive” nowadays versus the seriously overpowered russian tanks that ruin the WoT experience for anyone who….isn’t russian. Once a waffle wagon was spotted in any battle, everyone targeted it, so as someone above says, they usually didn’t survive more than 1 clip of ammo.
    And need it be said, the russian tds get a bit better camo, lower profile, smaller target, and a bit of sloped armour!. Normal WoT skulduggery.
    In the current game meta, due to maps, russian tanks being so fast and heavily armoured in the turrets, and with magical no gun depression which penalises them with great gun depression…???! my first clip of ammo in the wtfe100 would most likely be HE, to try and do SOME damage to a russian turret, which is always the first thing you see in a battle, and your only target for the first few minutes (if you’re lucky).
    If you’re unlucky, you see 3x russian turrets peekaboo at you, or the average players have that much confidence in their russian tier 10 tank, them and their 2 friends rush you straight away.
    *russian also denotes their allied nations who share their designs, most of the chinese tanks.
    I love driving my russian (and their comrade nations) tier 10 meds into battle, the IS7 and Obj 277. I hear wz111-5a is also as fast as a med. The 113 is. 268-4 is still a decent med too.

  5. For the record, the Grille 15 is basically the same as the G.W. Panther, as seen on that picture. The same chassis, same 15 cm gun, now even the same gunshield. I wonder where this all will go, since obviously the tier 7 arty and tier 10 TD is one and the same.

    1. “the same chassis”: Nope, the Grille 15’s chassis is still shorter
      “same gunshield”: Nope, the gunshield on this modified Grille 15 is shorter
      “same 15 cm gun”: Nope, the Grille 15’s gun is longer
      “obviously the tier 7 arty and tier 10 TD is one and the same”: Nope, they will be different even after the changes

      1. I was talking about this new model, as shown on the picture above. But don’t bother with that.

  6. Why not give the Grille 15 a 128mm gun, more in line with the characteristics of this line, or is it necessary to strengthen the 180-degree shot? I have seen some pics,lookslike 180degree,

    1. because it will become a tier 10 skorpion? also, it isn’t a grille15 if it doesn’t have the 15cm fishing pole anymore?

  7. Your article is useless it given’t new infos about this situation…
    What happen now with grille I hope they buff it a little bit because its completly stupid to have so low pene for such a long guna…looks the new k91 has the same pene and its a fucking medium wtf…
    And why you put a picture from the wte100 do you have infos about a new prem wt??

    1. The chi-ri was designated “type 5 medium” irl,
      it just isn’t shown in game. plus there were plans to have a German 88 gun and improved BMW engine for it, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see buff for chi-ri

      1. Except there never were any plans for a 8.8cm cannon.
        If anything, it’d be getting a 10.5cm cannon which was planned as an interim solution before Type 5 Chi-Se production. Not that many tanks were produced to begin with.
        Even if an 8.8cm was planned for it, it likely wouldn’t have a muzzle brake since that is an exclusive feature to the Type 90 7.5cm field gun, and the Type 3 7.5cm tank gun derived from it.
        And it already has a BMW engine (the VI), detuned to lower rpm/hp iirc, so tuning it up would be entirely possible.
        Regardless, buffs to the tank would be welcome.

        1. even if they didn’t planned the 88 gun for it, I think it’s totally feasible considering how big the whole tank is. So the only question is which gun wg should really put into it, the German KwK L/56 or Japanese own 88mm AA gun.
          As for the Chi-Se, I think making it a separate tank would make more sense. But wg will likely just turn it into a tier 8 premium if they ever consider it.

          1. Tbh, I’d rather see the Chi-Se be a minibanch from tier 8 to 10.
            10.5cm Chi-Ri at tier 8 perhaps, Chi-Se prototype at tier 9 or something and Chi-Se production model at tier 10.
            Since essentially, it is a bit like a Japanese E-50.

  8. WG Developer on shitty German tank: Blyat we gief u new model
    WG Developer on shitty Russian tank: Blyat we gief u new better stats

  9. Just sold mine a month ago. Pointless tank. It was okay wheb it came out but people whined too much for nothing and now it sucks. If they just give it back its old rof then it’d be decent. Now all it has is accuracy which is a dead stat because of RNG.

  10. Grille 15 has something good: that long barrel is good to be put into the asses of wot team.
    This fucking shit vehicle that Wargaming pushed over us with absolutly atrocious bad stats. A underpowered and boring to play vehicle.

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