0 thoughts on “Battle of Kursk marathon – missions day 11

  1. They will stay (roughly) as they are.
    The tank is only tier 5, and WG doesn`t give a fuck about those, as they can`t sell it for the kinda $$$ they are accustomed to, pieces of shit.

  2. The tank is beyond terrible which is why the missions are easy, and it’s tier 5.
    So tier 5, and terrible.
    Good luck fighting T67s and LEFhs. Tier 5 is a cancerous tier in general.

  3. Guys you are never happy: they are giving you a free tier V tank and you always complain? Come on, the MM is shit, you are doomed to play tier X or die with bot teams but this time the marathon is easy & simple … it’s not the T-34-85M but it’s a free tank … and this despite the money grabbing policies by WG 😉

  4. Agreed its a totally free T5 Premium Medium tank ALL we need do is play WOT to complete a easy mission that takes 2 to 6 battles to complete
    im doing the Historical South with my Nashorn & T34
    so far my German Nashorn is completing then within 5 battles on average
    gotta admit its fun going back to my T6 Nashorn forgot how troll it is at T8

  5. I cant wrap my head around that td line…im stuck on Sturer Emil…cant stand that thing…I have it for about two years now but cant bring myself to grind it out

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