What awaits us in the next year of WoWS

PS: Only 7 more days and I can post all the news again, especially the WoWS ones I missed. Please bear with me.
The info below are not confirmed, but especially interesting.

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      1. Yea sorry, you can also delete the other comment
        Its just that i lurked this site for almost 3 and half years, and every new news about the wows italian tree always seems to get worse and worse, if it even was possible

        1. To be fair, at least we have a few Italian premiums to play with, particularly the iconic Roma. WoT on the other hand, did not appease us with a single Italian premium tank while the tech tree was still missing. Imagine how that felt.

    1. what’s the problem? we have also waited for other tech trees, the Britsh Tech Tree is still not complete, the US cruiser split only happened 4 years after being announced, the Soviet TT was to be the 3rd TT added and they kept (thankfully) pushing it back and some more relevant navies were added first, waiting for the Italian cruisers is no different from waiting for everything else

      1. Are you trolling?
        Every other nation got its line in 1 and half year if not earlier from the release of its first ship, sorry but its not just “like waiting for every other line” when the first italian ship was added april 2017, 28 months earlier than the (hopefully wrong) release schefule for the line
        A thing is waiting for a complete tree another is just for 1 line
        Also seriosly comparing the u.s cruiser split to the italian tree?
        I wouldnt be surprised if you next you will say something like “oh well the pan asia had to wait 1.7 years” lol

        1. are you serious?
          what was the 1st British ship to be added to the game?
          HMS Warspite, 30th of June 2015
          so, when were the British BBs added?
          30th of August 2017, that’s 2 years and 2 months after the “first ship” (as you called it) was introduced
          and the 2nd?
          HMS Campbeltown, 25th of May 2016
          so, are British DD’s in the game? nope, despite the fairly large number of classes they built
          I’ll repeat in case you did not understand my point previously, every single line has had to wait until it got introduced, some are really easy to build but have yet to be added while others are more difficult and will take time, afterall do not forget that soon after the end of CBT they were talking like the Soviet BB line was nearly ready as it was, at least initially, a priority to attract the russian playerbase but was soon pushed back as a probable combination of lack of material to make it quickly and also because they noticed that other major naval nations would bring them more profit to continue the development of the game
          for that reason I don’t see a reason why they should rush to introduce the Italians, I mean, the first Italian ship was only released 1 year ago and if I’m honest I believe it was simply to do it first than War Thunder, especially because if you think of it logically fixing carrier gameplay should be top priority, then they need to actually start to consider changing the MM to +/- 1 like many have claimed as it was make matches more balanced as well as allow the players to find matches faster
          lastly there’s also the question of relevance, looking at WWII history you have to conclude even the French Navy was involved in larger events than the Italian Navy, for that reason there was a obvious choice of adding the French Navy first BUT with French and British DD’s still not added it would probably take priority over the Italians, of course now we the British DD’s will be added close to 2019 and the French have no date yet, possibly only coming after the Italian Tech Tree
          in the end you have the British DD’s waiting more than 2 and a half years and the Italian Tech Tree waiting about 2 years and 4 monnths (May 2017 – August 2019), it is still less than the 3 or 4 years the American Cruiser Split took to happen

          1. Did you actually forget about RN CLs which appeared in late 2016 ?
            Meanwhile, you’re going on about different branches that some nations didn’t get yet, but one of the major naval powers in the world with a LOT of fun ships still doesn’t even have a single branch going for it.
            It’s not asking for all 3 branches right away, no. It’s asking for a single one.

    1. I also want the French DD line, specifically I’m interested in how they will treat the larger destroyers like the Fantasque class, will they see them as low tier Light Cruiser or will they find a suitable playstyle for them in the game as DD’s?

    1. Yup, gonna believe it when I see it. So far nothing has surfaced anywhere, so the date seems extremely optimistic.

  2. Umm what is arc/arch? I don’t this is real at all. I what about pan American ships also? Nozoupforyou just released a YouTube video on a pan American cruiser, the ex Boise.

  3. I know its an image so you can’t correct it, but the first entry “a large scale game event” is confirmed to be “Go Navy!”
    (for more information: https://sea-group.org/?p=4334&lang=en scroll down until the Go Navy! part)
    now for the actual comment:
    Soviet bb’s? Really? I bet it’s overpow- err I mean “BALANCED” hurr hurr hurrrrr
    Seriously, why are they releasing more unhistorical stuff than the actual historical stuff. -.-

    1. If you discount China, it’s 4 servers.
      The player numbers in EU are fine, even if player retention is rather low, courtesy of WG giving no shits in any of their games about things like proper tutorials and ingame guides.

      1. I have a feeling this game has less players than WoT but it is getting more attention from WG(more content added,missions…)…..or it has a better development team?…….it is just my impression ,don’t burn me over it 🙂

  4. I gave up on WOT and since the changes have not played a lot on WOWP still enjoy WoWs but some of the changes and power creep is making it more difficult for me.

  5. I guess we will never know what happen to the 7 day update, or to that disgruntled employee that was fired.

  6. Only 2 lines released in 2019 and the Italian cruisers not until late summer? That seems unlikely. There’s surely going to be another line released in either December 2018 or January 2019.

  7. Wow, Cv rework announced officially in September this looks even more legitimate now. I really think this is an actual document leaked and that it is authentic. Seriously think about the last two months this has been spot on everytime.

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