0 thoughts on “Battle of Kursk marathon – missions day 3

    1. Dear Therealisnes, I have a different feeling. I believe that missions will get harder and harder so people quit and just buy a bundle…

  1. Battle of Kursk
    its random battles on any old random Map
    got fuck all to do with Kursk
    or the battle for Kursk
    WG simply just lazy, lazy pencil pushing desk fuckers trying to fill up the servers with any old CRAP and call it mission’s
    for a crap free Tier 5 Premium tank
    (that nobody will play once they see how crap it

  2. i think it is funny how it is 2000 blocked damage for the historic vehicles instead of 3000, even though you basicall have not chance in hell blocking that much damage in any of the those historic vehicles, except maybe the ferdinand or churchill III. That is if you have anything better to do for the next few hours.
    I thought the point of the 2 directions-thingy would be, to have a mission that you can complete in any of the historic vehicles on the list. good luck blocking 2000 damage in a t-60 or a nashorn.

  3. People cry that there should be skill based matchmaking, but when offered a tank that requires skill to play well ….

  4. I actually got it done in two battles in my Ferdinand, but I guess 99% of players don’t have the Ferdi `cus they don’t enjoy/have it.

    1. i can see how you can get it done quickly in a ferdi, but no i dont have it.
      when presented with the choice i opted for the jp2 .
      i have only heard complaints about the ferdi from my friends, despite the buffs.
      the casemate armor is just idioticly easy to pen for almost everyone even on the same tier.

      1. I own both the Ferdi and the JP2 and Ferdinand is a beast in every sense. High HP pool, blocks a lot. Much better than the JP2, and those extra few hunder HP really mean alot. Finished this mission in 2 battles

        1. happy to hear that ferdi works for you, but i find the extra speed of the jp2 more appealing.
          more hp in an otherwise slow and badly armored vehicle just means tier 9-10 get higher damage games while chewing you up. 🙂

  5. Thisd mission is crap. 3k blocked damage? (i dont even try the historic vehicles for this one) Okay, VK4502 B here i come. But no, no, no. retards like to spent gold nowadays. Not a single shot i get, was normal ammo.
    There is a reason that i hate all those fuckers in the game…

    1. or maybe some of us have only limited time to play?
      “how big bots need to be” in real life to cry about people complaining about something?

  6. Strap up your Maus or Type 5, gitter done in 1-2 games depending on how many sky pigs/fv4005/type5/fv183/type 4 in the battles with your.

  7. from the asia server:
    kursk day 4 mission – kill 3 enemies over any number of battles (5 for non historical tanks)

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