Supertest: Ghost Town and Empire's Border Maps

Today we’re starting the Supertest of two maps currently being reworked in HD: Ghost Town and Empire’s Border. You may not be familiar with them because Ghost Town was previously used for Attack/Defense Team Battles, and Empire’s Border was only available in China.
We’ll use the Supertest to assess the suitability of these maps for 15v15 random battles. We’re going to check which vehicle Tiers play well here, and gather info on possible problems (with firing positions, respawn imbalance, etc.). Once the Supertest ends, we’ll decide whether to bring Empire’s Border and Ghost Town into Random Battles for all regions, so we’re eager to know your opinion on these locations.
Ghost Town:
Empire’s Border:

0 thoughts on “Supertest: Ghost Town and Empire's Border Maps

    1. I’m not looking forward to Dragon’s Ridge return, to be honest. The terrain, while quite open, varied way too much for a comfortable play, even for relatively mobile tanks. And all the slow tanks were getting screwed a big time. But if they flatten the whole terrain by, say, 60%, so the layout remained the same, but the hills were significantly less steep, that might actually work.

    1. i dont want open maps, fuck arty and TD shitters sniping from the redline in a bush.
      city maps are better.

  1. Unless they have radically changed Ghost Town, its not suitable for high tier tanks

  2. Empires Border = old shitty Great Wall map from Consoles, sorry that they brought that trash over to the PC, its terrible and coridoor-y and unfun 🙁

    1. Lol, lazy devs. Pretty sure the consoles have better maps than that btw, yet PC devs always lack both imagination and lack the motivation to put effort in to make good maps. Province for tier 10 is just a recent example of that, then we have the worst map imho, Lakeville, which is just 3 corridors and potentially useless for tier 10 battles.
      All they really have to do is too look at real life topography on places in our actual world and they could potentially make dozens of new maps. Instead they try to adjust the tanks to fit the current maps they have, and failing miserably at it.

  3. Ghost town / Lost city >>
    brawling enclosed city with corridors ……….. wow! we really need more of that old shit in WOT don’t we? fuck No we don’t
    WG get real please, NOBODY asks for enclosed city brawling for only Heavy Tank Maps like ever
    WAKE UP you dumb Russians get with 2018 the WOT server numbers are in decline, year in year out, bring in to WOT some NICE Open maps or mixed 50/50 Maps – just do it
    before more players say fuck off! then never to return
    Empires Border >>
    looks promising a bit like a couple of Maps already in WOT but hey its a OPEN Map so if it plays different to what we already have bring it on
    that’s if its at least 1000m x 1000m

    1. i thought half city maps were already removed from the game (Stalingrad,Kharkov, and a couple winter versions of existing city maps..).
      at least Lost city has a peripheral open area.. For me the Empire’s Border is worse, this one is heavily controlled from corridors and reminds Hidden Village rebalanced for heavy armor to have fun.. Lost city reminds more Kharkov which was an predictable map, (something the wannabe uniqums hate, cause the don’t know where to find the bots to grind wn8 😛 ) but with more open space around.

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