Supertest: 60TP Lewandowskiego Updated Stats

The stats might change in the future.

60TP Lewandowskiego (HT-10, Polska, standard). Parameters:

Tier: HT-10, Poland, standard
HP: 2 600
Engine: 780 hp
Mass: 60 t
Maximum load: 65 t
Power-to-weight: 13 hp / t
Max speed/Min speed: 35 / -14 km / h
Hull turning speed: 24 °/s
Turret turning speed: 25 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,247 / 1,726 / 2,973
View range: 390 m
Radio range: 730 m

Hull armor: 160 / 100 / 90 mm
Turret armor: 250 / 180 / 110 mm

Gun: 152 mm J 2

Alpha Damage: 750 / 750 / 1 100
Penetration: 250 / 317 / 90 mm
Rate of fire: 3,382   3,209 rounds/minute
Damage per minute: 2 536,7   2 406,6
Reload time: 17,74 s   18,699 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,364
Aiming time: 2,88 s
Depression/Elevation: -8 / +20

Aim spread:

after firing: 3,836;
during turret rotation: 0.096;
while the vehicle is in motion: 0.211;
during vehicle rotation: 0.211;
during turret rotation at the maximum speed: 2.3;
at the maximum vehicle speed: 7.38;
at the maximum vehicle rotation speed: 5.06.

Crew – 4 members: Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader


42 thoughts on “Supertest: 60TP Lewandowskiego Updated Stats

    1. the Damage per minute is : 2406 DPM

      “3.2k” wrong you mean Rate of fire is 3.2 shots per minute

  1. WG is too busy introducing new tanks and not buffing old ones like the E-100, IS-4, FV215b, etc. It’s a bit sad.

      1. Greenboi lmao you know nothing about this game.

        E-100 is garbage. Slow, terrible power/weight, the tank is huge and raped by arty, AWFUL on any hill or even incline (Huge turret, easily penned everywhere, not enough GD to use hills properly with that size turret) – same problem as most German tanks – no turret armor, which is retarded.

        The gun is derpy as hell, the standard pen is awful, and bad DPM.

        Literally the ONLY thing E-100 has is alpha damage. Otherwise just an HP pinada.

        IS4, E100, PZ 7, 215B, all heavy tanks that need buffs at tier 10. They’re all trash. I’m amazed IS4 hasn’t been buffed to infinity since it’s russian and every russian tank has to be op as hell, because they all have turret armor and WG “balances” by giving it -5 GD, which doesnt matter, becaues the tanks are pretty fast and low to the ground, AND THEY HAVE TURRET ARMOR.

        Cyka ti pidor blyat nahui.

        1. who don’t know about the game here ? Of course E-100 is not an OP tank, but it’s nowhere near the word “garbage”. Slow, huge and raped by arty ? that’s like every fucking superheavy’s problem. E-100 has no turret armor ? lol you can’t call it “no armor” if you still have to shoot gold to pen it. And about gold, even the fucking type5 turret when it make a perfect angle get penned by most tier 10 gold shell, E-100 angling turret still can block most tier 10 med gold shell. Standard pen ? E-100 ? Sorry but nowadays gold shell is standard for tier 10, and E-100 heat is still good, no one gives shit if it has bad ap pen. Moreover, defame others in your own fucking language just make you look like a stupid crybaby when losing an argument.

          1. 1. Im not russian

            2. I defamed you in English.

            3. Type 5 armor is much better than E100, go look on VB addict if you don’t believe me, statistics don’t lie.

            4. Type 5 doesnt have to take time to aim since it slings HE, E100 does.

            5. Having bad standard pen isn’t good, even on tier 10 tanks. Having to fire gold every shot shouldn’t be mandatory.

            6. MOST IMPORTANTLY – by win rate for tier 10 heavies, E100 is 16th out of 19 tanks ( 46.8% WR) – by comparison type 5 is 3rd place, 52.26% win rate.

            What other arguments would you like?

            1. jesus christ did you even read my comment ? No one fucking compares e-100 to type 5 here because it’s a stupid annoying ass p2w tank, I just use type5 turret armor as a reference since its similar to the e100 turret – thick against standard shell but weak against gold. And if you read this part slowly you can clearly see what i meant here: “E-100 has no turret armor ? lol you can’t call it “no armor” if you still have to shoot gold to pen it. And about gold, even the fucking type5 turret when it make a perfect angle get penned by most tier 10 gold shell, E-100 angling turret still can block most tier 10 med gold shell”. Is-4, fv215b, vk4502a, Leo1, stb-1, type61, sta-1, tiger 2 are tanks that actually need buff because they are outdated af, but e-100 isn’t, many people still play it because it’s a balanced tank that required skill to play, that why it’s good.

              1. greenboi stfu or I fuk you. E100 is sadly not viable anymore due to powercreep. I would rather other tanks get nerfed than the e100 get buffed. Because if you buff one tenk you need to buff all other tanks as well and that will break the game. We alreaddy have situation where all new tanks have more and more armor and better gun than the old ones. And you cant just keep on buffing armor and guns and mobility of all tanks without changing other concepts such as maps, mechanics, crew skills etc. All tanks must be balanced within the context, and right now that is not the case, several tanks don’t fit to the concept of WOT. Solution is not to buff the others, solution is to nerf and change the other tanks so they fit. But WG does everything backwards. All changes to the game are made to fit the new tanks, instead of balancing the tanks right the first time so they fit the meta.

              2. “lol you can’t call it ‘no armor’ if you still have to shoot gold to pen it”

                You clearly barely play t10 match if you didn’t realize that everyone that faces an E100 turret frontally will invariably load the gold anyway.

              3. don’t worry guys. the game will soon be dead anyway. even if they would do a good job on rebalancing now, it would be too late. most people who left the game won’t come back whatever WG does. just leave the sinking ship before it’s too late. if you can get 100 bucks for your account, take it.

                1. 100 bucks for my account eh? Hmmm, im debating selling it lul.

                  Where do people sell them? I do have a type 59.

                  1. Ebay. But i fear type 59 is nothing special anymore. Almost everyone has has one since xmas.

                2. “Game will soon die”, lol, yeah, heard that one before. I’d give it 5 years minimum, it won’t just suddenly go and die. Why peole can’t enjoy the game?

              4. I agree fv215b, vk4502a, Leo1, tiger 2 definitely are worse off than e100 in respect to the average of its tier. is-4, stb, sta, type61, not so much IMO, I’d beg to differ. But calling E100 “good” in the current meta is patently a travesty. It’s an “okay” tank at best.

                1. Nah man, IS-4 is still worse than e100, but i agree, e100 is nowhere near a good tank. Its okay tank at best, obsolete at worst

    1. IS-4 should not even be a tier 10.
      Should have T-10 gun with worse dpm & hp nerfed to 1900 & made into a T9

  2. this thing better get both a turret traverse and a hull traverse nerf, because this thing will literally make the e100 obsolete.

  3. Still no HE nerf? What the fuck are they thinking? oh right they arent 😀

      1. Bigger caliber, 90mm of pen 1,1k damage.

        If you fail to figure out why, then god forbid…

          1. Its not about the pen although that is too high aswell, it just is better than all compareable guns and no heavy should have over 1k alpha even if its just HE

            1. Well, E100 has it. Type 5 standart HE is also 1100. It just tied to your gun caliber, big gun = big HE.

              1. E100 doesn’t reach 1k Alpha with HE (is 950), the Type5 does have 1100, but is penetration is 75mm, vs this with 90mm.
                Basically the gun is superior to both unless they are spamming gold shells, but we already know that’s what WG wants, don’t we?

    1. 317 heat pen is fine…. what do you need more than 317 pen for?

      Remember HEAT doesnt lose pen over distance, which makes sense physically but its pretty retarded for gameplay imo.

      1. Just imagine shooting with 317 heatpen with 25% rng on the front of a Type5. Good luck penetrating that thing, while he hits you for 500-600 damage with every single shot.

        1. Type 5 is a broken tank, as is HE in general, which is a separate issue. The 25% RNG on pen is also another issue.

          There are several tier 10 tanks that only have ~315 pen with premium ammo.

          1. you should learn the different between apcr and heat, 310-320 pen is good for apcr because it can go through object easily and has high velocity.

          2. Object 705A and Kranvagn have 317 or less Heatpen. How often do you see them in your matches? There are more Object 260 out there then 705A, just sayin. And the 705A is out now for quite some time. Even crazy dpm on paper gives you nothing, when you cant hit or pen anything. Thats zero effective dpm for you then.

            1. Those tanks suck for a few different reasons, it’s not just the heat pen.

              1. The heat pen is a big issue why they both suck tbh. They can’t pen a maus or type 5 frontally. Theyre also both bad because their guns are complete trash for no reason, whereas this tank doesn’t have a shit gun

    1. Nothing new, the jap heavies from tier 6 to 8 all have one loader and mount 15cm derp howitzer.

  4. lol, 317 isn’t enought??? think about is7 , he has 305 on apcr and 250 standard,,,,, reload time 11,2 ! this is a garbage tank , compared whit other tanks like , sconqueror , obj277….etc

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