Ruinberg Map Changes

The battle for base equality at Ruinberg rages on.

Two weeks ago, we tested a prototype with some adjustments but they couldn’t eliminate the imbalance. Today we’re starting the battle test of two more Ruinberg versions with changes. Both offer more opportunities for the southern side. It should be easier for them to dominate the open part of the map and the city blocks in the east. The teams’ chances of winning should become equal.

Version 1 has different spawning points for both teams: they should spend the same time reaching key positions. Some buildings in the eastern city blocks have been moved so TDs from the southern base can support allies fighting in the city. Plus, the southwestern corner of the map has additional TD positions (several new bushes and indestructible houses).

Version 2 also has new firing positions for TDs, by a new indestructible building in the K0 sector. The houses in the east stay in their places on Version B; the central avenue can be controlled from three new key spots. These are an additional destroyed house close to the crossroads, a mound on the road not far from it, and the ruins in the sector F7. (The ruins are present on the current release map. On Version B they are a bit taller, allowing for a shoot-out against enemy tanks sitting in the bushes across the road.)

Depending on these Supertest results we’ll decide what to do regarding Ruinberg. Make sure to follow the news and good luck in every battle!

15 thoughts on “Ruinberg Map Changes

  1. Stop, just STOP with removing buildings, cover and terrain features so we have only big open sniping lanes for TD’s everywhere. This doesn’t work on Erlenberg and it will not work on this map either.

    The map was fine as it was for good players, never felt that I was at a disadvantage from either side when fighting.

    1. TD’s and soft skin Tanks need places to go as well you know! its not like TD’s and LT’s have a fuck choice of maps to play with WG is it?
      WG makes these shit brawling City Maps for HT’s and heavy armour its Fuck You to every other class tanks
      Ruinburg actually was better Before WG potato brains starting messing around then fucking it up
      still a old dumb brawling City map ………..

    2. Ruinberg is probably the most unbalanced map…hard to choose between this and Mines. In high tier games north spawn wins almost every battle. I agree that these changes will not fix the actual problem of the map, but at the same time i cannot agree with “The map was fine as it was”.

      1. As I said, when I played winning was no harder on either side. I can’t help it that the average player has the tactical insight of a potato and thus doesn’t occupy the important field positions.
        Ruinberg is won from the field, not the city, so making the field an open shooting lane will actually FORCE everyone into the city which makes it worse for all classes not heavy.

  2. They nerfed TDs view range and after shot detection, now they make maps better for TD. As always, the problem is with different departments having zero coordination.

  3. Btw what is it with the 1st picture, just a gfx ‘artifact’ ? Seen it a few times now.
    It looks like if WG experimented with adding a shortcut on the southern corner of the central street.

    But this change ‘artifact’ is not seen in any of the other screenshots that look into that direction.

  4. The whole exercise is pointless. They design the maps to force us into going certain places. The maps should be open enough for us to come up with our own plans.

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