7 thoughts on “WoT Console – Mercenaries official teaser trailer

  1. I can’t believe it, the 90mm armed Shermans are finally being added to the game (console only) ,among others
    we have
    Sherman 90 (M4A3 Sherman with Pershing turret and 90mm M3 cannon)
    M36B1 (Shermans with the M36 TD turret and the same 90mm M3 cannon)

    then…there’s an odd thing, it seems like a IS-1 with a T29 turret and the mantlet and gun of a Tiger?? (88mm L/56)

    the other with the M10 turret and the british QF 25-pounder (for a moment I though it could be that Lef-somehing howitzer) would be interesting if it were mounted on a M10 hull, since they did modify the M10’s to install the 17pdr it would make sense that they might have tried the 25pdr as a test for a fire-support version for infantry, on a M24 hul it seems most likely fake

    the Pz.II seems fake as well, especially because it is based on one of the rarest variants and it seems to be mounting the Soviet 57mm gun (without all the recoil mechanism and stiuff)

    1. it says: “No RULES”… which might be a hint at the “fake” tanks, as in they are supposed to be “fake”. it might finally be a mode where you can “build” your own tank. or a mode where the best things of one tier are combined in one tank; IS hull, with t29 turret and the tiger gun = very strong tank.

      so wait for more info before you write something like that.

      1. well, since it’s console it is allowed because the market is different, in addition it is not the first fake or completely unrealistic tank added in that platform because you can play with the T22 (almost the same as a stock T20 in WoT) at rank 1 or 2, additionally it seems it will part of a new TT, but the “Sherman 90” and M36B1 are realistic

    1. clone? it’s not like WG never did anything similar in other platforms, both console and Blitz have unique vehicles and Blitz even has vehicles from other “universes”, on top of it all both last year WoT alloween special had something similar to these “Frankenstein” tanks, while AW adds new factions, rather than new vehicles, for their “story mode” which is something that WG will eventually have to add to WoT but it’s a long way from being a priority
      furhermore the “mercenary” Tech Tree was once a possibiity in regards to add vehicles from nations incapable of making their own TT’s, the reason is simply because it would eliminate the whole mess with the multiple nationalities, this might even happen in the future since they could have, for example, released Argentinian, Brazilian and Chilean premiums as part of the launch of the South-American server but they didn’t, these means those vehicles are still available for a possible mercenary TT, they could even add Iranian, Egyptian, Jordanian, North-Korean, etc… modifications of fairly common tanks

      conclusion: nope, does not look like copying from AW, just a case of the Console team knowing their market (we all know how high demand skins and stuff are for the console market, especially for shooters) and releasing what they think might increase the game popularity and, above all, profit

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