9 thoughts on “WoT Console – Fortress Ferdinand rolls out

  1. in WOT PC version ~ it slowly moves into a bush then slowly advances forward, gets spotted + gets Arty focus as its in the open, then every enemy tank opens fire on it as it cannot move into cover fast enough

    then enemy Tier 10 + T9 tanks then press the 2 key some in frustration at good for a TD frontal armour, and ~ within a minute its back in the garage

    unless its Top tier, then its a God tank

    opposite of that ‘exiting’ WOT console PR video

    1. What? Ferdinand has good armor? Godly when top tier? Ferdi is probably the worst tier 8 TD in the game, it’s terrible.

      1. Years ago when I played it (with stock 88 instead of 105 until I got the 128 :P) it wasn’t terrible as it seems to be now… Well, back then there still was no gold ammo for credits though :/
        Still, having an elite IS-4 bouncing on my Ferdinand while facehugging was fun 😀

  2. Dark Horse comic tank again then? The model seems to have a 10.5 gun. But a quick look on the console stat page, it has 320 alpha, but 234 pen. Vs the 200 flat pen the 10.5 gun has here. Still not great in the PC meta. But on console it still works I suspect. As even the armor on it works there.

  3. Terrible garbage TD, inconsitent troll-ish armor, slow af, no camo.

    Whole line is terrible, the only one i thought was decent is the jagdtiger.

    1. JgPanther 2 is great though. And well, you don’t go down this line to get a good vehicle in the end, it’s only for the memes.

      1. what meme is that? hitting tracks and doing 0 dmg then getting penned by everything in your 20 second reload?

        JPE 100 is awful, if you want memes get the shitbarn/183, theyre also better in general and more memes.

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