9 thoughts on “WoT Maps: Real Life vs In-Game

    1. I want to see real life artillery vs how this game portrays them.

      Shooting over buildings and anything, shells dropping vertically as if dropped from a plane.

      It is confirmed, people who play SPGs are child molesters.

      1. But… you looked like 25 and had an ID card that showed that age too.
        And you didn’t listen when I said no.

      2. It’s not hard to google for images of tanks hit by SPG’s. So be glad it’s not that close to real life. And most of the SPG’s can get a bigger arch then in game to really arc over buildings. So be happy about that too.

  1. Like how they show all or most of the Maps nobody I know likes that much, Paris is no 1 most hated in my clan,
    Ensk nobody likes

    Abbey is corridor city king
    Lakeville more they fix it more shit it is

    but then that’s the WG meta now less maps + maps they try hard to ‘fix them’ but make them shit

      1. I’ll still take it over Pilsen or Highway etc that they removed 2 patches ago. Paris is only terrible because no one still knows how to play field or the middle. As I see way to many camp there in a 7 vs 2 and 100% ignore the guns in the middle flanking the HT’s.

  2. Russian/Soviet maps gets extra good treatment. And Paris to aggravate the rest of us.

  3. All started going to shite with Severogorsk and they added loads of corridors…since then they have stuck their heads up their asses not listening just like Arty and mm. Arrogant nuggets

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