Chimera Nerf

Today marks the beginning of the second Supertest round for the Chimera. The stats of this Tier VIII British medium tank have been adjusted based on the previous rounds’ results. In short, we’ve lowered its alpha damage to 440 points (down from 490 points) and revised its targeting and mobility parameters. The first version of the vehicle was able to survive in battle for too long, dishing out too much damage.

Why nerf?
Essentially, the first Chimera Supertest was a daring experiment: we wanted to see how a tough and mobile medium tank with a big alpha would fare. The answer is “too well”. 490 points of damage with a basic round, together with a comfy gun, great protection and speed make a Tier VIII medium quite imba. The first iteration of the Chimera was able to quickly aim at the enemies’ weak points and strike, avoiding return fire. It could score several painful hits in a row, while barely getting scratched. The results showed abnormally high survivability and damage per battle.

Its excellent aiming parameters and nice mobility also made the first Chimera too versatile tactically. It excelled both as an ambusher relying on alpha and as a mid-range fire support vehicle. Being equally good in two different roles is a bit too much for one tank, even if it has a cool name.

What are you going to do, exactly?
We’ll fine-tune Chimera’s alpha and its aiming stats. What we want to do is keep the signature features of the Chimera—high one-time damage, decent protection, and good mobility—and make sure that the targeting parameters are still comfortable. This tank shouldn’t be a universal super-soldier, but at the same time the process of shooting shouldn’t try your patience. The Chimera must stay a highly mobile sniper, making use of its alpha while playing at above medium range.

What is going to happen next?
We’ll see by the end of this Supertest.

20 thoughts on “Chimera Nerf

    1. im fine with the alpha nerf, but that aimtime is a deal breaker. How about nerfing (already useless)armor and mobility instead of aimtime?

  1. It would be OP even if it has 320 alpha and 200mm pen. That is more than pretty much any tier 8 MT regardles of their soft and hard stats.

      1. No, the rev is on another plattform having far less armor than the chimea bullshit, didn’t you read what I wrote. And yes rev is also unbalanced because it performs better than some, if not all tech tree mediums silly bob.

    1. that is because that tank as a TD its terrible, but as a turretless heavy it is OP

  2. On first view I didn’t notice the change to 440 alpha. But I got to say it now at least seems much more appropriate for a tier 8 medium.

    1. 440 alfa everybody happy :)))
      new formula for makin op stuff….u make it crazy op then nerf it a bit in just op state, people are happy
      gj wg

    1. yet the m4 rev is more mobile than the panther II and indien panzer, funny init?

      1. true m4 is okish the germans are bottom list a panther 8.8 (also a premium tank) is doing 650 dmg a game while the somua or the defender is doing 1300 so you can say 2 panther equals 1 defender/somua so wg isnt even able to balance their premium tanks not to imagin several hundreds of standard tanks

        And the new premiums will probably even outclass the best actuall premium tanks to make more money

        solution dont buy any new premium tanks or even spend any gold and play lower tier where you dont have to face that unbalance

  3. Test 1 : “we think it’s gonna be a nice tank, and we wont touch its signature 490 alpha, that’s what makes the tank special. Anything but that.

    Test 2 : “…soooo we brought the alpha down to 440. Twas too good.”

    Are they becoming self-aware ?

  4. Jepp, if you compare it to the rest of the tier 8 meds, it still stands out. Why not give it awful DPM? Just to balance the alpha – or lower that even more, as it still is more the almost all tier 8 HTs.

    Silly idea from the very beginning!

  5. Why isn’t this being marketed as a premium TD? Strip off the armor and you have a good analog to the turreted TD line.

  6. Suddenly WG stops making another Defender or Obj 268 v4, obviously because it is not russian. If it were a russian tank, then there would have been no problem to be this overpowered.

    1. makes sense to make their biggest communities happy first right?
      And the v4 gets nerfed a lot while the defender wont be sold because it was a mistake to release it but as premium cannot be nerfed now

  7. “We wanted to see how a tough and mobile medium tank with a big alpha would fare. The answer is ‘too well’.”
    Really? Who could have possibly seen that coming?

  8. All the other tier 8 meds in the game cry. Seriously Mobility armor and Alpha is a bit much for a tier 8 med. If you really want to introduce this, then it needs to happen with a re-balance of tier 8 meds. I still think this thing has too high pen for its alpha on such a mobile tank.

  9. So they nerf its stats from a Tier 9.5 level to Tier 9 and call it a day? Good job WG, good job.
    In the mean time don’t forget to compare Chimera to T-34-2, would you?

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